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RaganRat Holy Moses Hawkin Dog
Hunting Dog, Falconry
Owned by the Besosa Family

The pics are Mo in hunting gear. When Brent  breaks out the collar and blazer Mo freaks out to get into it! Mo started his formal basic obedience training and he is a quick learner. Mo is being trained to hunt with a red-tail Hawk.  Brent reports that Mo is getting really good at using his nose and if they don't make the squirrel tail drag somewhat challenging he will wind it and be at the tree in seconds ... "he chases anything that moves, he should be an outstanding hunter and just what we were looking for in our man, hawk, dog team!"

Brent plans to spend lots of time in the field this upcoming fall as they will have two Redtails to hunt with.
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Enlarge photo 1
MO in uniform hunting gear.
14 weeks old.

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Enlarge photo 4
The Reverend
Red Tail Hawk

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Enlarge photo 19
Rev and his handler/trainer/owner.

Enlarge photo 20
A young Hawk

Enlarge photo 21
Rev's tail is not red yet as he is a young bird.

Enlarge photo 22

Enlarge photo 23
I've been blessed in my life to meet interesting people and form friendships because of my dogs. We had a wonderful family visit our farm in April 2009. The Besosa family and their Red Tail Hawk "Rev"...(Reverend) came to learn about the wonderful Rat Terrier breed, and as a bonus, I learned about falconry. Brent is the President of the 4 Outdoorsmen Ministries, Producers of "God's Great Land Of The Wild" TV Series, Producers of "The Gospel On Series" Evangelistic Video Tracts for Fisherman and Hunters and "In The Field" Wild Game Event Harvest Ministry. You can learn more about their ministry at www.4outdoorsmen.net . Please enjoy the beautiful pictures of "Rev".

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