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Castiel Growth Chart
1. Castiel Growth Chart  (April 10, 2016 to ???)
Here's a regular picture with Castiel as he grows, with a stuffed animal in the photo for a size comparison.  It's the same stuffed animal used when Celeste was born (Her growth album is below).  

Check back often and watch the stuffed animal slowly shrink...
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Family Life
2. Family Life  (April - November 2016)
Various activities as we watch Castiel grow up and Celeste become an awesome big sister!
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Christmas Photo Shoot
3. Christmas Photo Shoot  (November 2016)
First Christmas for Castiel, so we did a family photoshoot.  Black Friday special!
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Family Photo Shoot
4. Family Photo Shoot  (May 2016)
First family photoshoot with all four of us!
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Castiel's Birth
5. Castiel's Birth  (April 10, 2016)
We welcomed a baby boy into our family.  Castiel Won Len Henderson-Bang.  Castiel means "Protector of God".  His middle name contains both of his grandfathers names.
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Celeste's 5th Birthday Party
6. Celeste's 5th Birthday Party  (August 2012)
For her big 5.0, we hosted a party at Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay, CA.  A great place for birthdays as they have jumpy houses, pony rides, hay rides, train rides, a petting zoo and other fun stuff for toddlers.
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Celeste as a 3 Year Old
7. Celeste as a 3 Year Old 
It's GREAT being able to communicate with Celeste now (although this just means she knows we understand her needs and can no longer ignore them...)
UPDATED: December 2010
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Celeste Growth Chart
8. Celeste Growth Chart  (Birth to ???)
Here's a picture each month (and week) with Celeste as she grows, with a stuffed animal in the photo for comparison.  Unfortunately, I only found out about this during the 2nd week.  Check back often and watch the stuffed animal slowly shrink...

Weekly tracking at the bottom, which goes for her first 6 months.
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Celeste 2010
9. Celeste 2010  (March-August)
It's funny how a parent takes thousands of photos of their child during the first year, and then the number of photos dwindles rapidly.  Maybe early on a baby doesn't move alot?
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10. Houston  (February 2010)
The Henderson Clan gathered in Houston to remember Verna, who had passed away.  Family arrived from all over the country for this event.
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Celeste, and 2009
11. Celeste, and 2009  (January 2009 - December 2009)
Once she got her walking (dare I say running) legs, things went into overdrive.  Lots more work, but lots more fun!
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Grandparents in Toronto
12. Grandparents in Toronto  (August 2009)
Celeste took another trip up to Toronto to show her grandparents how much she had grown in a year.  At almost two years old, she was running around and interacting much more personality than before.
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Our Visit to Washington DC
13. Our Visit to Washington DC  (April 2009)
We took Celeste cross country to finally visit some of her relatives for the first time and see some touristy stuff in the DC area.  What a great visit for us all!
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Celeste starting her Second Year
14. Celeste starting her Second Year  (August 2008- December 2008)
Wow, once she started walking, it's been hard to keep an eye on her!  Anyway, there's so much more interaction and growth every day.  Can't wait to see what 2009 brings!
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Celeste's One Year Birthday
15. Celeste's One Year Birthday  (August 13, 2008)
In Korean tradition, the one year birthday is a huge deal.  So we dressed Celeste in her special one year outfit and had her determine her future.  We set out certain items that represent specific things in life, such as: rice (good health), sewing thread (long life), a small painting (artistic skills), a calculator (intelligence), a tennis ball (athleticism).  View the photos to see what she picked!
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Celeste 6-12 months ( Mar08-August08)
16. Celeste 6-12 months ( Mar08-August08)  (Feb 14 - June 13, 2008)
Celeste is getting active and still full of energy!  We're looking forward to her first steps, but we realize our workload will increase substantially!  Seeing her develop is the real reward. (Updated: August 20, 2008)
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Visting the Bang GrandParents
17. Visting the Bang GrandParents  (August 2008)
With so much free time over the summer, we also decided to visit the grandparents in Toronto.  We got Celeste's first passport for this trip!  And timing was great as my sister, Jina, was also planning to be up there at the same time.
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18. DisneyWorld!!!  (July 2008)
It was probably a bit early in Celeste's life to fully experience Disney, but we had time to go in the summer, so why not!
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Another Trip to Houston
19. Another Trip to Houston  (July 2008)
With Elana off for the summer, she took advantage of some frequent flyer miles to take Celeste down to Houston to visit the Henderson grandparents and the Bang inlaws.  Everyone was looking forward to seeing Celeste again!
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Family Vacation in Las Vegas
20. Family Vacation in Las Vegas  (June 10-17, 2008)
We headed to Las Vegas to meet up with my sister and her family for a week of vacation.  Her kids were also dying to see Celeste again, so why deny them?
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Celeste at 6 months (or thereabouts!)
21. Celeste at 6 months (or thereabouts!)  (January-March 2008)
It's amazing to see her grow physically, but even more to see her become more inquisitive and develop a personality.  It's too bad we can only show you the picture part of that growth!
(Updated: March 15, 2008)
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Celeste 2007 (first 4-5 months)
22. Celeste 2007 (first 4-5 months)  (Aug-Dec 2007 (Updated Jan 2))
Well, it's taken me a while to post new photos, but the little girl just doesn't give us much time for a social life!  Anyway, here are some cute photos.  Check out the next album, which shows a growth comparison.
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Our new baby!
23. Our new baby!  (Aug 13, 2007)
When my wife woke me up at 3am and said "my water broke", I then realized, there was no turning back!  Here are some photos of her through the pregnancy, and finally, lots of shots of the our little addition, Celeste.  Enjoy, but I'm sure I'm enjoying this alot more than y'all!
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24. Tokyo  (June 2007)
During my last month at work (before moving to a different company), I went to Tokyo to wrap up loose ends and properly exit my duties over there.  It was a sad trip, as I had enjoyed working with our Japan Office co-workers and also was captivated by the Japanese culture.  I'll be back...
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The Baby Shower
25. The Baby Shower  (May 31, 2007)
With our first baby expected in August, Elana's co-high school teachers and friends threw us a baby shower.
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Big Sur 2007
26. Big Sur 2007  (April 6-8, 2007)
For our first "Babymoon" (the honeymoon after you're pregnant, but BEFORE the baby), we went back to one of our favorite places: Big Sur.
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My Bathroom Remodel
27. My Bathroom Remodel  (December 06-January 07)
Okay, so I normally wouldn't post these types of photos, but: 1) Many people couldn't believe what I managed to do in my spare time with basic tools, 2) I'm darn proud of it!!!  Only my wife helped me take out the wall-to-wall mirror, but other than that, no one stepped foot in the room until it was done.
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Belfast and Dublin
28. Belfast and Dublin  (November 2006)
With one last business trip to Europe before the end of the year, I decided to stay a bit and explore.  First, I'd never been to Belfast, so that was cool (especially wearing a flak jacket on the tour bus-just kidding), and then I took the train to Dublin to visit an old friend.
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California Central Coast
29. California Central Coast  (Sep 2-4, 2006)
Time for a nice drive down the California Coast.
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Hong Kong and Japan
30. Hong Kong and Japan  (August 2006)
On my way back from vacationing in China, I managed to take care of some business in Hong Kong and Japan.  Since it was my first trip to either location, I snapped a few photos.
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The Summer in China
31. The Summer in China  (July-August 2006)
With Elana already over in China teaching English, I decided to go join her to do some site-seeing before heading to Hong Kong and Tokyo for business.  I just wish we hadn't gone in the scorching summer over there!
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Mountain Biking in Tahoe
32. Mountain Biking in Tahoe  (July 2006)
Well, it's been a while since I really "roughed" it out on the mountain biking trails.  So, this time, I wasn't about to miss out hitting the hills with the same group from the Moab 2002 trip.  Ride on!
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Lake Comanche Camping
33. Lake Comanche Camping  (June 3-4, 2006)
It's nice to get away to the country every now and then.  This time, it was a short drive to Lake Comanche for a weekend camping trip with some of Elana's co-workers and their kids.
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Chicago and a Wedding!
34. Chicago and a Wedding!  (May 27-29, 2003)
Our friends Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) and Adrianne Curry (America's Next Top Model) got married in her hometown of Joliet, Illinois.  So, Elana headed up for the weekend and decided to meet up with other friends and family in the Chicago area while we were there.
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35. Maui!  (April 9-15, 2006)
Free trip!  Well, at least the accomodations.  Elana was selected as teacher of the year in her district and won a week in Hawaii.  We just had to get there, but what a better way to use frequent flyer miles!
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Bob and Ann's Wedding
36. Bob and Ann's Wedding  (March 4, 2003)
Well, I've always wanted an excuse to spend a weekend in Riverside, California...and here it is!

An old friend, Bob was getting married and decided to have it down in Riverside.  Elana and I even got to sit at the head table!
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NYE...Las Vegas Style!
37. NYE...Las Vegas Style!  (December 31, 2005)
After a relaxing Christmas with my folks in Canada, we headed to Vegas for NYE.  It was a kind of last hurrah before going back into the work world, full time...
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The Twelve Bars of Christmas
38. The Twelve Bars of Christmas  (December 2-5, 2005)
Every Christmas a group of friends get together and bar hop around NYC, hitting 12 bars in 8 hours.  That's a good enough reason for Elana and I to fly cross-country for the weekend!  And, we took in some other sites while we were on the "right" coast.
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39. Carmel  (November 24-27, 2005)
Last Thanksgiving, we spent the time relaxing in Yosemite.  This time, we figured we'd hit the beaches.
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SoCal Roadtrip
40. SoCal Roadtrip  (Nov 10-13, 2005)
With some friends getting engaged, Elana and I decided to head down to visit them in LA.  And why not make a road trip of it?  Santa Barbara, Venice Beach, and the likes...
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Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards
41. Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards  (October 9, 2005)
Elana and I won a free wine tasting in a silent auction at a Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser in SF.  So, we invite ten friends who were willing to make the trek to Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Naturally, we invited our south bay friends!
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42. Yosemite  (October 1-2, 2005)
After Rockin' the East Bay for September, it was time to get out to nature.  And what a better way than to spend a weekend in Yosemite.
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The Rock-O-Matics!
43. The Rock-O-Matics!  (September, 2005)
Well, September was a busy month for my band.  We played every weekend, from Alamo, to Concord, to Danville, and finally Pleasanton.  I guess we can consider that our first tour!
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44. Portugal  (Aug 5-7, 2005)
With a bit of time to spare before heading back to the states, we decided to stop by Oporto, Portugal.  We both like port wine, so why not take the 3 hour bus ride down for a couple of days?
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The Camino de Santiago
45. The Camino de Santiago  (July 23-Aug 5, 2005)
We spent 10 days trekking across northern Spain through 110 degree heat and pouring rain, staying in small bunks in monasteries (albergues) and carrying 25 pound backpacks.  200 miles later (with very sore feet) we arrive in Santiago, to see the remains of St. James.  And this is supposed to be relaxing?
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46. London-Netherlands-Madrid  (July 16-23, 2005)
Before we began trekking the Camino de Santiago, we decided to take in some other familiar European sites before the grueling event.
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Memorial Day Yosemite Trip
47. Memorial Day Yosemite Trip  (May 27-30, 2003)
It seems like every year, we head to Yosemite over Memorial Day, to be overwhelmed by the tourists.  And also, to let Alan blow us off, as always.  Oh wait!  He showed up!
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Ski Weekend in Colorado
48. Ski Weekend in Colorado  (March 25-27, 2005)
So, now that I've got my ski legs after two years, why not jump right in and use 'em?  And since I'm working in Denver, it's pretty simple to drive over to Vail for the weekend.
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Las Vegas
49. Las Vegas  (February 25-27, 2005)
After taking the first ski trip in 2 years last week, it was time to do a different kind of trip.  And since Elana and I had this "free weekend" coupon for the Flamingo, we hopped on a plane, making sure we left our credit cards and cash at home...
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Skiing Tahoe
50. Skiing Tahoe  (Feb 18-21, 2005)
After missing the last two ski seasons, I was more than ready to hit the slopes again!  My friend Mitra flew from Houston for a ski trip, so off we were to Heavenly!
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Holland, once more before I leave...
51. Holland, once more before I leave...  (Jan 2005)
So, now that I knew I was leaving the project in Europe, I decided to make the most of my last two weekends.  So, I was off to take in the sights, visit friends in Munich and attend one, final send off party.  Thanks ECT for the memories!
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Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
52. Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands  (December 18-30, 2003)
For the second part of our honeymoon, we decided to forego the frigid cold mountains on the Inca Trail, and the non-stop mosquitos of the Amazon.  We finally got smart and headed to the warmth of the Equator (and crossed it 12 times!)
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London Calling!
53. London Calling!  (December 2004)
Since most of the US based staff on this project (I'm working in Holland for all you people who don't keep up on my life) missed the US Holiday Party, we opted to hop over to London for the weekend and crash the UK Holiday Party, and take in some sights.
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54. Paris  (November 5-7, 2004)
Why not take advantage of a nice, non-working weekend in Europe and jump on a train to Paris?  It's just three hours away on the high speed Thaly's train.
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Barb and Lance's Wedding
55. Barb and Lance's Wedding  (October 23, 2004)
My famous gourmet chef friend, Barbie, was finally tying the knot, so I couldn't miss heading to Houston for this one!  Congratulations you two!
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Waterloo and Bastogne
56. Waterloo and Bastogne  (October 17, 2004)
For history buffs, we spent the weekend exploring two historic battlegrounds.  First, we stopped at Waterloo, where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by the Duke of Wellington from Britain and General Bl├╝cher from Prussia.  Then, we headed to Bastogne, where the WWII "Battle of the Bulge" occurred.
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Antwerp and Brussels
57. Antwerp and Brussels  (October 10, 2004)
A couple of us took advantage of the weather and drove out to Belgium for some sightseeing.  Antwerp was about an hour drive, with Brussels another hour after that.
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Our Honeymoon - Part 1
58. Our Honeymoon - Part 1  (August 11-24, 2004)
For Part 1, we decided to explore Peru, starting off exploring the Amazon and then hiking the Inca Trail.  Not your typical honeymoon.  Part 2 will be in the Galapagos Islands.
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In Search of the Loch Ness Monster...
59. In Search of the Loch Ness Monster...  (August 7, 2004)
Since I had a free weekend in Europe, I just had to take advantage of one of those discount airlines popping up.  And since my friend Alan was working in Scotland, why not fly over for a visit?
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Wedding Day!
60. Wedding Day!  (June 26, 2004)
Our big day!  Yay!  Just some candid shots that some folks took at our wedding.  Enjoy!
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61. Stockholm  (April 17, 2004)
Using a cheap airline, Patrick and I decided to escape the project for a weekend and head to Stockholm.
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Preparing for the Big Day!
62. Preparing for the Big Day!  (April 9, 2004)
With the wedding just two months away, it was time to take care of some final planning details.  Afterall, our "officiator" wasn't even official, yet, and we weren't sure if everyone would fit in the church or reception room.  And why not have a bit of fun in Yosemite while we're there?
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Brielle Day - April 1st!
63. Brielle Day - April 1st!  (April 1, 2004)
Each year, on April 1st, the city of Brielle (in The Netherlands) celebrates their independence from Spanish rule.  In 1572, the Dutch attacked and took over the fort city of Brielle.  This was the beginning of the campaign, which eventually liberated the entire Netherlands.
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Paris! Paris!
64. Paris! Paris!  (February 2004)
Since Elana was still visiting me in Holland, I took her on the high speed train to Paris for the weekend.  A romantic Valentine's Day weekend in the red light district of Amsterdam the prior weekend didn't quite cut it, so this was my makeup plan!
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65. Amsterdam  (February 2004)
Elana came out for a visit, and we met up in Amsterdam.  We checked out a couple of museums and saw the sites.
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Vegas Baby!
66. Vegas Baby!  (January 2004)
Elana bought a Miata on eBay, so we headed to Vegas to pick it up.  Why not make a weekend out of it?
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Brugge, Belgium
67. Brugge, Belgium  (January 2004)
Since I was working in Holland, why not take a weekend trip to Belgium?  Here's a small, quaint city, Brugge.
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Happy New Year 2004!
68. Happy New Year 2004!  (January 2004)
Why not get the band together and invite over some friends for a fun evening?
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Christmas 2003 in Canada
69. Christmas 2003 in Canada  (December 2003)
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Thalys to Paris
70. Thalys to Paris  (December 12-14, 2003)
Shortly after getting settled into life in Holland, I realized a good friend from Houston was working in The Hague (also in Holland).  She really wanted to see Paris, so we took the Thalys high speed train to Paris for a weekend.  And, a good friend of mine (lives in San Fran) has an apartment in Paris (next to Notre Dame) and happened to be there for the weekend as well.  Woo hoo!
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Living in Holland
71. Living in Holland  (November 2003)
For my job, I was assigned to a project in Holland, working at a container shipping terminal (ECT) near Rotterdam.  Here are some pics from around the neighborhood.
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Yosemite for Thanksgiving
72. Yosemite for Thanksgiving  (November 2003)
Another trip to Yosemite, this time to pop the big question!
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My Visit to Houston, Aug 2003
73. My Visit to Houston, Aug 2003  (August 2003)
Since I spent 10 years living in Houston, it was time to go back and visit and introduce my (soon-to-be, shhh!) Fiance, Elana.
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Big Sur
74. Big Sur  (July 2003)
Elana and I spent July 4th trekking down to Big Sur and Carmel.  What beauty!
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Downeyville Mountain Biking
75. Downeyville Mountain Biking  (July 2003)
Well, there aren't any good action shots as the terrain was too rough.  But what a downhill workout!
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76. Wigapalooza  (June 2003)
Bill and Jim's big Wig Party 3.0!
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Yosemite Trip - May 2003
77. Yosemite Trip - May 2003  (May 2003)
So, after Alan Harris bailed on us, we still put together a trip to Yosemite for Memorial Day.  Check it out.
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Black and Selinidis Wedding
78. Black and Selinidis Wedding  (November 1, 2002)
Two good friends were getting married down in Houston so I headed down.  Especially since I was an usher, and a chance to roast, uh toast, them...
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Chip and Danelle Wedding
79. Chip and Danelle Wedding  (September 2002)
An old friend, Chip Sherwood was FINALLY settling down.  So, there's no way I was going to miss this event!
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Cabo San Lucas
80. Cabo San Lucas  (May 2002)
Since I was between jobs, working on my novel, I was looking for anything to distract me.  So, when my friend Anne-Marie said she was heading to Cabo for Memorial Day, and looking for company, it didn't take long for me to cash in some frequent flyer miles!
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Moab Mountain Biking
81. Moab Mountain Biking  (April 2002)
A bunch of us hard core mountain bikers shipped out gear out to Moab for a few days of grueling hill climbing (and wipe outs).  Upon arrival, we did a short training ride, during which 8 of 11 of us drew blood.  That doesn't paint a pretty picture for the rest of the trip!
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