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2007 Wood Fired Forms
1. 2007 Wood Fired Forms 
Thank you,
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Mexico '08
2. Mexico '08  (January 5-14, '08)
Some of my friends and I joined a travel group organized by Dr. James Horn of Educational Travel Services.  The itinerary was largely a walking tour of the world class museums of Mexico City and Cuernavaca.  Along with grand views of colonial architecture and vast collections of Mexican art, we were treated to spectacular meals in exclusive restaurants. The following collection of images represents some of the visual experiences we had.  Digital photos by Jim and Pat Reno are included with mine for this album.  Any one wishing to learn more about many excellent travel opportunities with Prof. Horn may contact him directly at


Having traveled with Jim four times I can highly recommend his services.
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Marvin's Garden
3. Marvin's Garden 
Over the last few years I have shared a vegetable garden with my best friend and partner Tina Rausa. We are a good gardening pair since I love to plan, reseach, design and plant. Tina loves to harvest, cook and put up for later.  Gardening has become a passion for both of us.  We are totally commited to raising organic food for our own use throughout the year.  As an artist, I am also commited to appearance of the plantings.  I enjoy the colors, and textures of the mingled plants. The following pictures, taken over a couple of years are roughly organized by season.
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4. Minis  (Summer '07)
I have begun creating a collection of small size fish heads to be fired in different atmospheres.  The first group were fired in the Corning Anagama.  Others have been fired in Carl Shanahan's Soda kiln.  Most recently I have been firing some in the SUNY, Fredonia Raku kiln.  Another group swam in the heat of Norm Wheeler's Train kiln at his studio in the Georgian Bay, Ontario.  I will add to this album as other kilns are used.  
These small forms, 5" to 8" long are pure inventions.  They continue my interest suggesting personality and attitude and humor in a small ceramic art form.  These pieces are designed to either hang on the wall or sit on a table or desk. Since they are most effective in groupings, I invite collectors to start a school of their own! The Minis range in price from $50 to $100 when purchased directly from me.
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Sabbatical Exhibit
5. Sabbatical Exhibit  (July 3, 2006)
The Emmitt Christian Gallery in the Rockefeller Arts Center at SUNY Fredonia was the site of an exhibition mounted as the visual component of my Sabbatical Report.  This show featured the pieces created first out of terra cotta and fired here in Fredonia, the pieces transported Flagstaff, AZ to be fired in connection with the NAU Wood Firing Conference, and the pieces subsequently fired in the anagama kiln at Corning Community College.  This album portrays the installation of these works in a gallery setting.  Individual views of the works from each setting can be viewed in their own individual albums at this site.
Any questions regarding the work may be addressed to me via email: mabjurlin@excite.com
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Century: Shaping Form Over Time
6. Century: Shaping Form Over Time  (August 2006)
From August 28 - October 2, 2006 I exhibited new work in the Davison Gallery at Robert's Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York.  My fellow exhibitors were Carl Shanahan and Bill Stewart.  Together we have taught ceramics in SUNY colleges for over 100 years!  Thus the title of the show.  This exhibit gave me a first look at gallery presentation of my new terra cotta sculpture based upon fish forms.  There are no titles for individual views since this album just illustrates the exhibit as a whole.
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CCC Anagama, Fall Firing
7. CCC Anagama, Fall Firing  (July 3, 2006)
Fred Herbst, professor of ceramics at Corning Community College, vary graciously invited me to be among the participants in a wood firing in their beautiful small Anagama kiln.  This fall firing turned out to be exceptionally good.  All together the loading, firing, cooling and unloading cycle took 12 days with 5 days of continuous stoaking to reach and maintain cone 12.  All of my pieces were put into the kiln as bare clay.  Thus all of the surface qualities were contributed by the process of the firing itself.  I was extremely happy with the results on my work.  Thank you Fred!

This album shows 4 versions of Sweetlips.  All of the untitled pieces at the conclusion of the album are small inventions and not based upon a paticular species.  They are meant to be displayed in groupings of any number on a wall or tabletop.
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NAU International Wood Firing Conference
8. NAU International Wood Firing Conference  (October, 2006)
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, hosted an International Wood Firing Conference in October of 06.  The conference was preceeded by 10 days of firings in 8 kilns.  The conference was attended by folks from 11 countries and about half of the states of the US.  This album documents the pre-conference firings during which more than 43 cords of wood were consumed.  Some of the firings lasted up to 10 days days including cooling and unloading.
At the conclusion are photos of the pieces I had in the preconference firings. Both sides of each piece are illustrated.
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New Work, Summer '06
9. New Work, Summer '06  (July 3, 2006)
This collection of terra cotta forms is based upon actual fish found in many parts of our planet.  The forms interest me because they reflect both symmetry and asymmetry and because they are hydrodynamic.  The fish form is designed to travel gracefully through the water like a sailboat hull.  There is a great symplicity and economy of form, yet there is subtlety and complexity.  And, in the marine world there is endless variety of form.  The pieces are intentionally left unglazed in order to feature the terra cotta clay.  All of the photographs in this album show the sculptures in an indoor, "virtical" orientation.  However,  they are primarily intended for display out of doors in a garden setting. Alternatively, they may be mounted on an exterior wall and are designed to accomodate this installation. They may be left outside throughout all seasons.
All works are for sale.  The prices for each sculpture are listed.  There is a 20% crating and shipping surcharge to any address in the continental U.S.  Please call Marvin Bjurlin at 716-679-0200 to make arrangements.
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Professional Work in Ceramics
10. Professional Work in Ceramics  (July 20, 2004)
The Albums in this folder illustrate my recent work in stoneware and terra cotta.
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SUNY Fredonia Projects
11. SUNY Fredonia Projects  (May 12, 2004)
The albums in this folder feature student work, both handbuilt and wheel thrown as well as various kiln building projects.
In addition, one album features the In Sight / On Site, Sculpture on the Fredonia Campus project and another the Carnahan/Jackson residency of Adriaan Rees
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Travel Experiences
12. Travel Experiences  (May 12, 2004)
Selected images taken during recent trips abroad are gathered in individual albums for each trip.
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Family and Personal Fun
13. Family and Personal Fun  (May 12, 2004)
In this folder are albums featuring my grandkids Teddy and Cyrus at each of the time I have seen them since their birth.  
Also included are albums showing fun on the water and on the road.
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