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Professional Work in Ceramics
The Albums in this folder illustrate my recent work in stoneware and terra cotta.
Date(s): July 20, 2004. 1 - 3 of 3 Total. Shared
Recent Pottery by Marv Bjurlin
1. Recent Pottery by Marv Bjurlin  (November 21, 2001)
These images of recently completed pottery illustrate the direction I have been exploring in clay over the past 5 years.  The pieces are made of a porcelaneous stonewere highfired in a reduction atmosphere.  The pictures were taken with a Nikon 990 digital camera.
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Terra Cotta, Yard Goods and More
2. Terra Cotta, Yard Goods and More  (July 16, 2004)
Beginning in the summer of 2004 I have begun to show and sell one-of-a-kind works in the terra cotta medium.  These pieces, ranging from table top works to large garden sculpture, are created in a spirit of fun and whimsey.  If you wish to communicate with me regarding this work please forward an email message.
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Fish Fountain
3. Fish Fountain  (September 18, 2004)
In September of 2004 a landscaping project was completed at a private home on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution.  This project, designed by Kreidler Design of Cincinnati, included a rock lined pool holding "Big Fish 2" converted into a fountain.  Please contact me for further information about the project and its designer.  716-679-0200
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