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Welcome to my albums.
    Thank you for stopping by. My name is Linda, and I've been married for fifty-fours years, having one wonderful son, daughter-in-law and four exceptional grandchildren!
    Hobbies are varied and include my computer, digital scrapbooking, fabric design, reading and painting. I grew up watching my mother and grandmother doing crafts, so it seemed natural for me, as well.

    While I've tried miscellaneous crafts such as ceramics and sewing over the years, my heart seemed most content with decorative painting. I took a 4 week oil painting class in 1977 and was hooked! Besides that, I'm self taught via my hundreds of books, magazines and a few videos.
    In 1979, I was diagnosed with cronic-progressive MS, and gave up oil painting and went to non-toxic acrylic since I am only able to paint by mouth. Any painting I've done over the last ten years have been due to my friend, Isabel, patiently learning color names, terms and mixing. Thank you, Isabel!

    When I started this site, the majority of my albums were about painting, but I've now included other interests, as well.

    For the last six years, I've become interested in woodworking and building my own projects. I inherited some power tools from Hubby, bought several more of my own, and still maintain a wishlist!

    Since I am at a physical disadvantage, I give all the credit to my friend, Lupe, for bringing my ideas to fruition. I plan the projects, step by step, research and learn as much as I can about wood, tools, etc.. She then becomes my hands, good naturedly following instructions, as I guide her through the way I would do it. Thank you, Lupe!

    I'll include pictures of new projects as I can.

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Upholstery Projects
1. Upholstery Projects 
We've recently tackled some upholstery projects. Nothing seems too difficult if you watch enough youtube.com videos!
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Woodworking & Misc. Projects
2. Woodworking & Misc. Projects 
These are some woodworking and decorating projects, beginning in 2012. I'm having so much fun!
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Caitlyn's Big Surprise
3. Caitlyn's Big Surprise  (Christmas 2011)
This storybook was created based on a story I'd told Caitlyn for years. I only found out in 2011 that she thought it was real, inspiring me to put it in print.
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Oil Paintings
4. Oil Paintings  (1990-2017)
These are a few oils from the early to mid 90's. I loved the richness of color and texture but could no longer handle the solvents. Now,  into 2017, solvents and paints have been made safer, tempting me once again.

I have recently tried Genesis 'oils' and love them. They don't  dry until you're ready to  dry them. I'll add pics as I can.
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Misc. Acrylic items
5. Misc. Acrylic items  (1984-2011)
This album contains a variety of items, painted as long as 20 years ago to the present. Some of the older pictures were of poor quality, before scanning, but I'm pleased to have at least found a few.

I have given credit to a designer, when possible, but if anyone can help fill in the blanks, I'd be happy to add info.
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Grandchildrens' Growth Charts
6. Grandchildrens' Growth Charts  (2001-2005)
These are photos of growth charts that I painted for my grandchildren: Caleb, Conner, Cole and Caitlyn. Since it was difficult for me to work on a four foot board, I chose to work on "bite-sized" pieces, then attach to the larger board. The backing boards are 4 feet tall by 5 1/2 inches wide, and the pictures are painted on 1/8 inch birch, measuring 3" x 4" to 4" x 6".

Note: I didn't get pictures of Caleb's in progress. I'll post as soon as I can get pics of them on the wall.
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Family Craft Weekend
7. Family Craft Weekend  (Various)
Our family used to have these wonderful, annual "Craft Weekends" each fall. The ones I hosted were usually held during the weekend my husband went hunting--for obvious reasons! Mothers, daughters, daughters-in-law, and neices came together for a weekend of eating, crafting, painting, scrapbooking,  and--did I mention eating?

Some of us started crafting as early as Friday evening. Most of the gang was here by 10 a.m., Saturday, ready for a long day. That evening, we popped corn and watched movies before everyone started crashing on extra beds, couches, and the floor. The weekend often wrapped up with a Sunday afternoon of shopping--perfect!!  

We signed and dated our plastic tablecloths each year as a lasting momento. What fun!
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Clubhouse & Cottage
8. Clubhouse & Cottage  (Various)
This album is dedicated to doting grandparents everywhere, who truly understand the insane joy of grandparenting and the inability to say "No". LOL

Grandmothers really are just antique little girls, so the cottage has been too much fun! It has been two years in the works, but I'm actually very happy to finally get all the "stuff" out of my real house!

The Clubhouse was built in 2001 while we had one three-year-old grandson and twin one-year-old grandsons. No pictures were taken during construction, but I will get some during the remodel which has now been requested. Hmmmmmm First we need a theme....

I love being a Grandma!
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Pool Installation
9. Pool Installation  (Various)
Here's the progression of an inground pool my husband had installed in Sept. '05, fulfilling a life-long dream. I'm sure he'll have more time to enjoy it after retirement--hopefully, sometime soon.

If you've ever considered installing one, you may find the process interesting.
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