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Two Dogs at Play! Lucky the Maltese Shih-tzu belongs to my grandchildren and is staying here for a month while they are on holidays. Dusty is my Miniature Poodle. Between the pair of them, my garden has just about been destroyed and my back yard has never looked so untidy, so don't look at the background and just watch the dogs in action.

Album by gladysclancy. Photos by Gladys. 1 - 4 of 4 Total. 1332 Visits.
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Lucky Dominates Dusty
Lucky is the bossy dominant female and my poor Dusty is the one underneath with his back on the ground.

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Look at Lucky's Fangs
While you wait for the video to load, just look at Lucky's Fangs!

Enlarge MOV 3
Dusty Hides The Ball
Hear Gretel the hen cackle as Dusty hides the Ball in the pile of garden prunings.

Enlarge MOV 4
Dogs in Action
The neighbour is banging something in his workshop, a bird tweets overhead, and the Dogs provide the action!

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