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Dogs 2007

My Dogs and their doggy Friends.

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Clancy's 8th Birthday
Clancy is a Miniature Poodle who was born in Karratha, Western Australia on 11 July 1999. His Father was White and his Mother was Black in colour. Clancy came to live with me at 7 weeks of age. A few weeks later he had his first flight when we moved to a new home near Perth.  Clancy bravely survived a vicious attack by a Pit-Bull X which came into our yard. His best friend is Molly and he has a new playmate named Dusty..

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Molly is a Terrier X
Molly's origins are unknown because my daughter got her from K-9 Rescue in Mandurah, Western Australia. Molly is an energetic and loveable dog who enjoys playing with balls..

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