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Delilah and Jason's Wedding
1. Delilah and Jason's Wedding  (October 13/14 2018)
Perry and Laura hosted a beautiful dinner, at their home, the day before the wedding. Here are some photos leading up to and including the wedding ceremony.
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Garden 2016
2. Garden 2016 
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Support the Troops
3. Support the Troops 
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Old photos of Matt and James
4. Old photos of Matt and James 
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Stump Grinder Teeth
5. Stump Grinder Teeth 
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2013 Garden
6. 2013 Garden 
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Matt's Alaska hiking trip
7. Matt's Alaska hiking trip 
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Alaska wilderness hike
8. Alaska wilderness hike  (July 20 & 21, 2012)
This was a hike on the Crow Pass trail. The trail traverses a route between Girdwood and Eagle River, Alaska. It is beautiful from start to finish. Matt and I hiked this trail over a two day period. The trail is about 26 miles. We each had forty pounds in our backpacks. The photos in the album were nearly all taken on the first day because it poured rain on the second day and we didn't take pictures because of the rain and we were exhausted.
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End of chemo party
9. End of chemo party  (03/17/2011)
Tanya's co-workers threw an AWESOME "End of chemo" party for her at work. She was totally surprised and elated by it all. Pictures were taken with the phone camera so they aren't all that great.
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Texas Tag and Specialty Company
10. Texas Tag and Specialty Company 
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Alaska Photos
11. Alaska Photos  (July 2010)
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John/Don/DJ's places
12. John/Don/DJ's places 
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Jayson Fulks
13. Jayson Fulks 
Pictures of Jayson when he was in his first couple of years of life.
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Crete & London
14. Crete & London  (October 2008)
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In Charleston with JesseJames
15. In Charleston with JesseJames  (03/15/2008)
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Matt's school bus conversion project
16. Matt's school bus conversion project 
Matt bought this bus at a public auction. He is converting it to a motor home. He has gutted the interior and repainted it, tinted the windows, and painted the outside as well. He has also taken out a lot of the electrical wiring on the inside which he doesn't need. He wants to convert it so he can run vegetable oil as well as diesel.
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Revenge Against Yellow Jackets
17. Revenge Against Yellow Jackets  (October 14, 2007)
Saturday, as I was weed eating, in the yard, I was suddenly attacked by yellow jackets.  By the time it was over I was stung 13 times.  I found their nest, in the ground.  Here is the aftermath of the ordeal.  You can click on any photo to enlarge it and you can set the size you would like to enlarge the photos.
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Powered paragliding at sunset
18. Powered paragliding at sunset  (9-26-2007)
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So long - farewell
19. So long - farewell 
I rode my bicycle, alone, across America this summer. Here are a few pictures of my first day on the road. You can follow my journey at www.grandpalosthismind.com for photos and stories of the wonderful people and places I encountered along the way.
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Superbowl Sunday
20. Superbowl Sunday 
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Christmas 2006
21. Christmas 2006  (12/25/2006)
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Saturday flying
22. Saturday flying  (07/08/2006)
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Lazy Days of Summer
23. Lazy Days of Summer  (07/06/2006)
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Love Letters Between Momma and Daddy
24. Love Letters Between Momma and Daddy  (Sometime after 1939)
Love Letters Straight From the Heart . . Keeps Us So Near While Apart . . .
Separation during war is especially difficult. Daddy and mama married September 3, 1939.  We miss them terribly, but we have their memories.  Many of these letters have no dates unless I've written something on the first page of the letter that "might" give a date line. I know they were from WWII. These from daddy to mama.
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At the ball game
25. At the ball game  (06/27/2006)
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Weekend trip to Texas
26. Weekend trip to Texas  (06/16/2006)
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Delilah's Quinceanara
27. Delilah's Quinceanara  (06/17/2006)
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Another Dirt Bike Race
28. Another Dirt Bike Race   (06/11/2006)
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Powered Paragliding - Matt OKC, OK
29. Powered Paragliding - Matt OKC, OK  (05/17/2006)
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Vera's Prom
30. Vera's Prom  (04/28/2006)
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Cheer banquet
31. Cheer banquet  (03/04/2006)
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Odds and ends
32. Odds and ends  
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Ashley's baby shower ...
33. Ashley's baby shower ...  (November 12, 2005)
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Vintage Family Photos
34. Vintage Family Photos  (1960's --- 1970's)
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35. Ksenia  (November 2005)
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Vera wins art award
36. Vera wins art award  (November 6, 2005)
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For Olga
37. For Olga  (Uploaded November 5, 2005)
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Picnic 07/09/2005
38. Picnic 07/09/2005  (July 2005)
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Vera's art projects
39. Vera's art projects  (2005)
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Weekend at Womble
40. Weekend at Womble  (October 22, 23, 24, 2004)
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Labor Day Weekend at Palo Duro Canyon
41. Labor Day Weekend at Palo Duro Canyon  (September 4, 5 & 6, 2004)
I went to Palo Duro Canyon for some weekend mountain biking and mountain climbing and hiking in the canyon.  These are some of the pictures.
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