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2013 Garden
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Enlarge photo 1
These are the first pictures of the garden for 2013. Plants in the cages are tomatoes. In the background are potatoes. Half are white russet potatoes and the other half are red kennebecs.

Enlarge photo 2
From this angle you can see some cabbages, radishes, and garlic.

Enlarge photo 3
This old guy is adding pine needles over all the tender plants because we were warned it would freeze that night. It was 35 degrees with a howling wind when this photo was taken.

Enlarge photo 4
You can see that I covered all the tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes with pine needles which I gathered from one of my pine trees.

Enlarge photo 5
Thank goodness I covered the plants. This is the damage done to one of the potato plants which I purposely left exposed just to see if my efforts made a difference. Temperatures only got down to 31-32 degrees but there was a frost on the ground the next morning and any part of the plants that got any frost on them died.

Enlarge photo 6
All my potato plants ended up remaining healthy, in spite of the frost, because I covered them with the mulch. I will leave the pine needles around the plants to control weeds. If you look carefully, you can see where some of the frost got through the pine needles but not enough to hurt the plants. Even the plants which got frozen will come back but they will be a couple or three weeks behind the healthy ones.

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