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Cascade Bill's Photo Albums
Please feel free to peruse the photo albums below.  There are over ten thousand pictures here ranging from many years of backpacking trips, my childhood, to fun with the grandchildren.  Because of the large number of photo albums, I have placed them in folders to better organize them.  Just click on the folder "thumbnail" to get to the albums.

If you want to add a comment to any of the photos just click on the thumbnail to enlarge it, and then click the "Add Comment" link that appears at the bottom of the photo.  You can also sign the Guestbook at the top of any item to send a general comment.

Since I started putting up these photos back in the 1990's, when dial-up modem speeds limited image sizes, I am slowly going back and updating the old images to higher resolutions.

-Cascade Bill

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1. Family Photos  (April 7, 2009)

Mooseker Family Photos

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2017 - 2020 Photos
2014 - 2016 Photos
2010 - 2013 Photos
2004 - 2009 Photos
2002 - 2003 Photos
Evan's Band Concerts
Parker's Media Class Videos
Parker's Scout Troop 2009-11
Evan's Cub Scouts 2010-11
Andrew & Kyle's Eagle Ceremony
Mud Bay Memories 1979-1982
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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2. Backpacking Trips  (1980-2018)

Backpacking Trips
Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers

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"What Scouting Should Be"-
Wallpaper Photos

Troop 24 Kickass Trekker Reunions
2012-2019 Trips
2005-2011 Trips
2001-2004 Trips
1999-2000 Trips
1998 Trips
1997 Trips
1996 Trips
1980's Trips
Leaving the Ramon Lakes, Pasayten Wilderness
Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers: "The High Adventure Troop" Alumni Backpacking Trips
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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3. Sue's Quilts - Labor of Love  (May 23, 2016)
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Sue's Quilts
A Labor of Love


Sue Mooseker working on Parker's Quilt
October 2010

A photo album containing pictures of the quilts that Sue has made over the years. New ones will be added as they are done.

A lot of her recent quilts have been quilted by Adrienne Reynolds (Artichoke Quilts), whose Facebook page is HERE and her webpage is HERE.

-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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4. Little Rascals  (40's & '50's)
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Little Rascals of 100 Springs

Little Rascals of 100 Springs

Growing up at 100 Springs, Pennsylvania in the 40's and 50's

Click Here to check out my story , "The Raccoon" - a tale from my 100 Springs Childhood

-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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5. French River 1954-1956  (1954-1956)
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Vacations on the French River, Ontario
at the Sand Beach Lodge

Mother - On the Beach for a Shore Picnic

Photos were taken with my old Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera. It's been 50 years or more since these pictures were taken, but the memories of those times are especially vivid. The Sand Beach Lodge closed a few years ago, and at the time it looked much the same as it did way back then. Here's the link from the Wayback Machine:

Sand Beach Lodge

-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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6. Class of 1961  (1959-2011)
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Tyrone Area High School
Class of 1961 Memories

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or link below:

High School Memories
55th Reunion - August 26-27, 2016
50th Reunion - August 12-13, 2011
45th Reunion - July 28-29, 2006
30th Reunion - August 9-10, 1991

This Webpage is dedicated to the memories of the Tyrone Area High School Class of 1961. It's been more than 50 years since we graduated, but we have not forgotten each other. Here you will find photos and videos from our High School years and from the many reunions we have had. I'll be adding material from past reunions as I can get them scanned and edited. Keep checking back or see the "Tyrone Area High School Class of 1961" group on Facebook. I hope you enjoy reliving the good times we've had!

Cascade Bill Mooseker

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7. SEAW Wind Commentary Slides  (May 31, 2003)

SEAW Wind Commentary Slides

This album contains the slides from Bill Mooseker's presentation at the ASCE Conference in Seattle.    I've changed the slides to a basic black and white layout to be more printer friendly.  Click on the thumbnails to get a larger image to view or save to your hard drive. The default size is 800 X 600 but larger sizes are available (originals are about 1600 X 1200).
-Cascade Bill

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Cascade Bill's Homepage
Troop 24 - The High Adventure Troop
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