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The 2018 Trip.  Plans at this stage.  Actuals could be vastly different.
Date(s): 30/6/2018 to October 2018. Album by Alan Kerle. Photos by Alan Kerle. 1 - 12 of 17 Total. 621 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
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Day 1
Leave the Central Coast bound for Gundagai

Enlarge photo 2
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Still day 1
There is apparently a nice camp by the banks of the Murrumbidgee just out of town.
The first night is always legendary.

Enlarge photo 3
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Day 2
Potential Destination Swan Hill
Pioneer Village is on the list.
There are a couple of camping options.  Thanks Maurice

Enlarge photo 4
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Day 2, 3, 4??
Swan Hill
Then on to Mildura
Potential back roads to Renmark. No idea what is out there but the look takes us off the main roads for the first time and onto dirt so we can test things out while within reach of major centres.

Enlarge photo 5
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Day 5 maybe 6
Into South Australia
Options abound in terms of the route

Enlarge photo 6
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Day 6 + some
Maybe we get to Wilpena Pound.  Found this link...  A few walks in and around Wilpena Pound are on the list. Arkopena

The Flinders Ranges National Park was officially renamed on 12/2/2016 to incorporate the traditional Aboriginal name of the area. The park was renamed Ikara - Flinders Ranges National Park, incorporating the Adnyamathanha word 'Ikara' which is their name for Wilpena Pound and broadly means 'meeting place'.

Flinders Ranges Renamed in Recognition of the Aboriginal Owners


Al has Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary on his list, maybe two nites. One day to look around.

Leigh Creek,
Farina and the Bakery will hopefully be operating.

Enlarge photo 7
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Day ? By now who's counting
Will need to stock up.
Maree, William Creek, Lake Eyre, Oodnadatta Track to Witjira National Park (Dalhousie Springs and Mt Dare)

Enlarge photo 8
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Lots to cover here
Finke then to the Geographical centre
Back to Finke and NNW along the old Ghan route into Alice Springs where will visit about three times.
East to Ruby Gap
West to the West McDonald Ranges and the Namitjura Drive to the Mereenie Loop to Kings Canyon.
From there to Yulara and back to Alice to restock
North up the Stewart Highway
Devils Marbles

Enlarge photo 9
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More options in terms of the potential route. There was a great camp near Elliott called Longreach Waterhole at the Northern end of Lake Woods but it may be closed.

Destination King Ash Bay as we head east to Normanton and our 5 week mark


Enlarge photo 10
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After Normanton there are options everywhere.  At this point George may be leaving the group but we will see how we are travelling to his time line and ours.
We could go north to the Cape?
In any case we have to head south again at some point and there is interest in seeing the back roads of Queensland

Enlarge photo 11
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Is this bit optional, desired, of interest?

Do we have time?

I think we can do it.

Enlarge photo 12
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Heading south there are options everywhere.  I picked a few major towns and connected them with a line.
Here I go Mareeba, Atherton then to Hughenden

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