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What's New?

Our goal at ImageEvent is to provide a feature-rich experience to all our users. Below is a brief list of the most recently added goodies. Check back every now and then as there is always something new. We also welcome feature requests, in fact your feedback is an important part of developing new features. If you do not see something that you would like to have let us know, Click Here to send us your feedback.

    8/2/2013: Order by Date Taken
    • Sort pictures by date taken. Easily sort all the images by when the pictures where shot. The Date Information is taken from the EXIF data. Click on "Date Taken" in the Image Bar to rearrange.

    7/9/2013: Download Images
    • You may now easily download all your images easily. Simply select the images you like to download, and click on "Download". Pick the size you like to download (including Original). All images are downloaded to the folder of your choice. If you like to turn off this ability on all albums, go to Global Settings to disable. Also, all albums that have right click disabled, this feature will be turned off.

    7/9/2013: Order Multiple Prints at Once Easily
    • Now select to order multiple prints quickly. When ordering prints, select "Multiple Prints at Once" in the Order Prints interface. This makes it easier to order multiple of the same picture.

    7/9/2013: Use Arrow Keys
    • Easily use arrow keys to go to through your photos in album. Use arrow keys to go to Previous and Next photos.

    6/28/2013: Prints & Products Updates
    • Many new products have been added for you to order, and the interface for ordering products has been improved. You may now purchase from hundreds of items. We have new Apparel, Cards and Stationery, Gifts and Keepsakes, Photobooks, Photographic Prints, and Wall Decor.

    6/25/2013: New Easy & Mega Upload
    • Easy and Mega Upload have been updated. Easy Upload uses HTML5 and if not supported will use Flash. In Easy Upload, you can still revert to the original browse button version if you like. Mega Upload is completely updated.

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