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What's New?

Our goal at ImageEvent is to provide a feature-rich experience to all our users. Below is a brief list of the most recently added goodies. Check back every now and then as there is always something new. We also welcome feature requests, in fact your feedback is an important part of developing new features. If you do not see something that you would like to have let us know, Click Here to send us your feedback.

    9/12/2015: Updates to Uploaders
    • Many fixes and updates. Now supporting Microsoft Edge browser for uploading.

    4/21/2015: New Uploaders
    • We have updated Easy and Mega Uploaders. With Easy Upload you may now upload entire Folders at once.

    9/8/2014: Optimized Easy and Mega Uploading
    • Memory usage has been optimized when adding a large number of files to the upload pane. Issues with older Safari browsers and Internet Explorer have been fixed.

    7/11/2014: Easy and Mega Uploaders Updated
    • We have fixed issues with some compatibility issues with some browsers. We have enhanced the uploading speed and memory usage.

    6/24/2014: Spam Checking
    • We are using multiple databases to check for spam and known spam bots. IPs are checked from stopforumspam, spamhaus and google. This should help from spam happening to albums.

    6/22/2014: FTP Server Updated
    • Updates to FTP server include faster uploading and many fixes.

    6/2/2014: RAW File support updates
    • Updated RAW files for better quality processing for conversion to JPEG images for display for web. Updated raw file support for manufacturers of: Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic.

    5/31/2014: Faster Backend: Faster Copying and Moving Files
    • We have updated the backend storage systems to enable faster copying and moving images between albums. You will notice an improvement in speed.

    5/24/2014: Easy and Mega Upload Updates
    • Many fixes with both Easy and Mega Upload. Easy Upload is now more memory-friendly when uploading multiple images.

    5/16/2014: Larger File Limits
    • Premium customers can upload images/videos up to 50MB each. Power Premium or Premium customers with Large File Support can upload images/videos up to 500MB each. Contact us know if you need even larger size support.

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