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Hatz Classic #149
I was building a Hatz, but then I saw a 1946 Stinson 108 for sale and just had to buy it. So, I sold most of my Hatz project and I'm working on a Pietenpol instead. I'm leaving my Hatz photos available in case they help others.
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Cleaning out
1. Cleaning out 
Stuff I'm either selling or giving away. I have all receipts, letters and documentation.
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Building my Hatz Classic
2. Building my Hatz Classic  (April 27, 2012)
I always wanted to build an airplane. I like the old time open cockpits and bi-planes of the '20's and '30's. I couldn't decide between the Hatz CB-1 and Hatz Classic. Since I'd like to fly around the country with my wife (soulmate), I thought the Classic would be more comfortable due to improvements to the seat design. I also like the Pietenpol, and I might build one someday for plain old fun flying around the neighborhood.
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Building Ribs
3. Building Ribs  (April 27, 2012)
Building ribs should be fun and will take a few months. The Hatz has 5 full length ribs (20 total). It has 3 ribs forward of the aileron area (12 total) and then another one near the wingtip (four total).
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Metal brackets, lugs and other
4. Metal brackets, lugs and other 
Making various metal parts.
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Center Section
5. Center Section  (February 26, 2013)
It's now February, 2013. While I'm building ribs, I'll start gearing up to build the center section. This is the section over the cockpit...the fuel tank is in it also.
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Top Wings
6. Top Wings 
Building the top wings.
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Bottom Wings
7. Bottom Wings 
Building the bottom wings.
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On Hold
8. On Hold  (July 10, 2014)
I wanted to have a cross-country plane, then I planned to build a Pietenpol for a fun 'local' plane. I came across a 1946 Stinson 108 and bought it. So now that I have a cross-country plane, I'll pack the Hatz stuff away for now and build the Pietenpol.
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