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My Planes
I started building a Hatz Classic April 2012. I wanted a comfortable cross-country plane for my wife and I. My plan was to build a Pietenpol for simple fun flying in the area after the Hatz was complete. Since we're not getting any younger, I bought a 1946 Stinson 108 so we can start traveling now. I will sell the Hatz project and start the Pietenpol. If you have a question, email me: tinmotion at yahoo dot com.
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Wall Art
1. Wall Art 
Photos of wall art I made. I have no plans to make more (difficult and time consuming). I might selling them. Click on a photo, and you'll see viewing size options on the bottom. Questions? Email me: tinmotion at yahoo dot com
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My Pietenpol Project
2. My Pietenpol Project  (July 10, 2014)
I'm documenting the construction of my Pietenpol. This also helps me remember how I accomplished some tasks.  Click on any photo and you'll be able to choose different sizes for viewing. I've written comments under many photos.

I'm providing links (bottom of this page) to the sites of other builders and resources.

If you have a question, email me: redroof at protonmail dot com.
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Hatz Classic #149
3. Hatz Classic #149  (July 10, 2014)
I was building a Hatz, but then I saw a 1946 Stinson 108 for sale and just had to buy it. So, I sold most of my Hatz project and I'm working on a Pietenpol instead. I'm leaving my Hatz photos available in case they help others.
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My Stinson Voyager
4. My Stinson Voyager 
Photos of my 1946 Stinson 108 (pre-1). $45,000. You can email me at redroof at protonmail dot com if you have questions. Plane is based (in a hangar) at 50PA, Pegasus Airpark in Northeast PA maybe 18 miles North of Allentown.

As of 1/13/21...TTSMOH-98, Eng TT- 2,129, TTAF-3,605

Maintenance is recorded using the adlog system.

STC SA906NW Li'l Red Aero Oil Cooler
STC SA2128CE Peterson Aviation Auto Fuel
STC SA1495GL AeroFabricators Seat Belt Kit# H-700-114
STC SA00433NY Airwolf Oil Filter Kit AFC-K010
STC SA343WE Mr. Cooper 8:50X6 tires and tubes

ADS-B out
LED Taxi/Landing lights
Aero Flash 156-0003 strobe lights
Transponder-Narco AT150
King KX-155/KI-208
ELT-AmerKing AK-450
Intercom at all seats.
Cigarette lighter power plug.
Brakes on pilot side only.
Brakes were bled/O-rings replaced.
Gear struts removed, cleaned and serviced.
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