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Puppies and Planned Breedings
In this folder you will find current puppies and/or planned breedings, and occasionally we will post litters from other breeders as well.
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Dakota x Achilles 8-7-2018
1. Dakota x Achilles 8-7-2018 
Deckers Dakota and Buckhorn Achilles had 3 pups born in 8/7/18. These are BIG pups. Female will be 30-35lbs abs the males 35-40lbs.

Female - Reserved M&J

1pick Male - HS
2pick Male - Chad
3rd pick Male
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Willow x Achilles 8-07-18
2. Willow x Achilles 8-07-18 
Lil Ranchin and Buckhorn Achilles had 7 pups on August 7, 2018. Females should mature at about 25-30lbs and males 28-40lbs. Calico’s and Red heads are likely in this cross.

1st pick male - Reserved WA
2nd pick male - Reserved HS
3rd pick male - Chad

1st pick female - Reserved TH female #4
2nd pick female - Reserved DE
3rd pick female - available
4th pick female - available
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