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Deckers of the Gorge
Welcome to Deckers of The Gorge. We are located in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, in Oregon. If you're looking for a dog that hunts, has good temperament, and will be a loyal companion for life, you need to look no further; Decker Rat Terriers are an all in one kind of dog. We are not a kennel, and all of our dogs are family pets and companions. We will only have one or two litters a year, and all of our pups will be well socialized with other dogs, and with children. If you are interested in getting a pup, contact us at 541-490-9130 (Robert) or 541-490-9129 (Kara) or email us at rksalazar@qnect.net Thank you for visiting Deckers of The Gorge.
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