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When entering these pages you will be overcome by the beauty, grace, strength, intelligence, and prey drive of the Decker Terrier. This is truly one of the few dogs that are content to be out tromping through the mud with you or just snuggling in your bed.  Decker Terriers are bred to hunt, but also make great companions and wonderful pets for children.  They are an all around great family dog and are most content when they are with their human family. At times they might have their nose to the ground but, they will always only be a few steps in front of or behind you.

We are located in rural community in the Pacific Northwest. Our hometown is Ellensburg, Washington. We are in Central Washington, just a couple hours drive from Seattle. We plan on breeding our Decker Terriers in hopes to offer some outstanding dogs. Our breeding program will be a small one and all of our dogs will be our house pets.  All adults and upcoming puppies/litters will be raised around small children and well socialized.  Thanks again for visiting our site.
Mike and Pam Clemons
(509) 312-4000



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1. Available Puppies 

Jazzy has 4 gorgeous piebald puppies 2 boys and 2 girls. This will be her last litter before she's retired.


Full moon Jazzy @ NWD - and -Rueger of Oaker Mountain

Call or e-mail for information.

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Available Deckers
2. Available Deckers 

Adult Decker Rat Terriers available



At this time we are looking for the right home for one of our adult deckers.  

This will be an applications process and must be approved by our family before consideration would be given for placement.

All of our dogs are raised in our home from puppies and are part of our family.  This decision will not be an easy one, but sometimes life presents us with challenges that requires us to make changes,

If you would like more information, please e-mail us and include the following: Information about yourself, your home, children and or animals living with you (if applicable), and your surroundings.  If we determine that you are a good fit for our adult decker we will provide you with the information about them.  This will allow us to recieve undiminished information about potential families and help us find the right home for our pet.







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Basil is a standard breed Rat Terrier.  Rest in Peace my sweet Basil ...

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