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Buckhorn Achilles
1. Buckhorn Achilles 
Please welcome Buckhorn Achilles! Achilles is an all around outstanding male. He has great hunt and has already proven to be a sire of good hunters. He comes directly from some of the oldest Decker lines you can find, and we are excited to continue this line. Thank you to Juan Mendoza for letting us have him, and to George Palmer for doing the breeding that created this wonderful dog.

Sire: Humphrey's Buddy
Dam: Buckhorn's Badger
DOB: 03/05/2011
Weight: 35lbs
Registries: AKC,NRTR, DHTR
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Oaker Mountian's Rueger
2. Oaker Mountian's Rueger 
Rueger is more than our dog, he is our companion, and a part of our family. He is super loyal and just wants to do whatever his people are doing. Wether that means hanging out at home, going for a walk, or hunting for critters. Rueger is just an all around terrific dog, and we are lucky to have him.

Sire: Brownking's Gus
Dam:  Decker's Hunting Terriers Lola
DOB: 05/29/2010
Weight: 28lbs
Registries: AKC, UKC, NRTA, DHTR
PLL Normal/Clear through OFA
2180 Visits
12 Images
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