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Our Girls

Welcome to our AHT and Rat Terrier Females Album.
It is dedicated to our hairless and Rat Terrier girls

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'PR' Bellridge's What Ifs
1. 'PR' Bellridge's What Ifs  (October 19, 2017)
This is "Ravin". She is simply a beautiful black/tan,white hairless girl will mature around 15 inches 17 to 18 lbs.
DOB: July 25,2017
Sire: AKC CH UKC GRCH Bellridge's Utah Gold

Dam: UKC CH Rizen Sun I Was The One

Breeders: Kari Jepson, Shana Bokelman, and Marnell Lowe

Owner: Kari and Gary Jepson

OFA: clear by parentage for PLL, DM, and PRA
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Pyxis So Zoomi
2. Pyxis So Zoomi  (July 2, 2016)

Welcome Broma to the household...She is a coated American Hairless Terrier. Chocolate Trindle and white.

Broma has 1 major in AKC towards her Championship


DOB: March 27, 2016

Sire: CH UR01 KVK's Three Piece Suit

Dam: UR01 Streaking Bare Shandymonium

Breeder: Jennifer Sider

Owner: Kari Jepson

OFA's and other health testing: PLL- clear Coated carrier of the hairless gene per UCDavis PRA-PRCD-Normal

Canine Health Check panel all clear for 150 genetic illnesses

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GRCH 'PR' Bellridge's First Make A Roux
3. GRCH 'PR' Bellridge's First Make A Roux  (February 1, 2014)
Roux is a Rat Terrier and goes back to some of my earlier Ratties. She is a delight and we are planning to show conformation  and performance Rally and lure coursing with her.
DOB: 4/27/13
Sire: 'PR' B'ridge's Dewy @ Osborns
Dam:CH Bur-Way Let Your Hair Down
Primary Lens Luxation per OFA- clear
Degenerative Myelitis per Genesol-clear
Hip Dysplasia-RAT-51G33F-VPI-Good
Elbow Dysplasia-RAT-EL338F33-VPI-Normal
Congenital Cardiac-RAT-CA802/33F/P-VPI-Normal
Patellar Luxation-RAT-PA1069/33F/P-VPI-Normal
Legg-Calve Perthes-RAT-LP485/33F-VPI-Normal
Endocrine study: thyroid normal
Genetic testing: clear for 150 canine diseases
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AllAround Royalty's No Reservations
4. AllAround Royalty's No Reservations  (January 9, 2017)
Zeta is our new puppy from Jessica Warren at All Around Royalty Kennel. She will be around 18 lbs at maturity and is a black brindle.
DOB:November 8,2017
Sire:VHK's Saturday Whispers AARB FirePrZuko
Dam: Whispermoon's Neytiri Princess@ AARB
PLL and PRA-PRCD clear by parentage
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