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About American Hairless Terrier: The American Hairless Terrier is an energetic, alert dog whose curiosity and intelligence make him easy to train. The ancestors of this breed were bred to hunt. The lack of coat makes the hairless variety unsuited for hunting, but both varieties still have a strong hunting instinct and the coated dogs are fearless, tenacious hunters with seemingly unlimited energy.

The American Hairless Terrier is an exceptionally friendly companion, getting along well with children, other dogs, and even cats. American Hairless Terriers enjoy human companionship immensely and will enthusiastically share any activity with their owners. The hairless dogs require protection from the sun and winter cold weather. American Hairless Terriers should not be sparred during conformation judging.

We raise, show, hunt, and perform with our Rat Terriers and American American Hairless Terriers! We have a large farm in which our dogs help with vermin control, but first and foremost, they are our pets and live in our home.

History: The first American Hairless Terrier, a female named Josephine, was born in 1972, part of a litter of purebred, coated Rat Terriers. The breeder, Edwin Scott, began to develop the breed from Josephine's descendants. Although he never used any dogs but Rat Terriers in his breeding program, it was always Scott's intention for the hairless dogs to be a separate breed. However, in 1999, when United Kennel Club recognized the Rat Terrier, Scott and his fellow breeders agreed to allow the hairless dogs to enter the UKC registry as Rat Terriers, hairless variety. Upon separation, all of the hairless Rat Terriers and all of their coated descendants, products of careful breeding to the finest coated Rat Terriers, were given the name originally chosen for the breed by Edwin Scott: American Hairless Terrier. While it may seem contradictory to have coated dogs in a hairless breed, it will be necessary for the foreseeable future to continue to include some Rat Terrier crosses until there are sufficient hairless dogs to maintain a separate and healthy gene pool. The American Hairless Terrier was recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 2004.

Phone: 785-620-7144

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This folder will contain albums of puppies and dogs available at Bellridge and also friends of Bellridge kennels.

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Kari Jepson ~ Kansas
Phone: 785-620-7144


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You can contact me with email or call us.

Kari Jepson ~ Kansas
Phone: 785-620-7144

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