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American Hairless Terriers

A hairless dog you say?!!! Well,they have their spot in the animal kingdom and here is why: Descended from the Rat Terrier back in the early 70's, they were a surprise to the original breeder: Edwin Scott. The story goes that Mr. Scott was a breeder of Rat Terriers, when his dog Josephine produced the first litter of hairless puppies. Mr. Scott then bred Josephine to one of her offspring and the hairless Terrier took off from there. There are no bad health issues associated with this particular hairless gene. Unlike some other hairless breeds the AHT has a full set of teeth. If you are an allergy sufferer, this may be the dog for you. I have successfully placed several dogs with allergy families which is very satifying for me. Please give me a call or email for more information.

 Rat Terriers- we still have a few Rat Terriers that we breed and show and hunt!

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<B>Our boys</b>
1. Our boys  (July 7 , 2012)

Welcome to our AHT and Rat Terrier boys albums, Please enjoy see our photos.

I can't say enough about these little guys and their sweetness!!!! Please click on their pictures to view their individual albums
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<b>Our Girls</b>
2. Our Girls 

Welcome to our AHT and Rat Terrier Females Album.
It is dedicated to our hairless and Rat Terrier girls
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Happy New Owners
3. Happy New Owners 
This album is dedicated to the pups that have gone on to become conformation champions plus those that win other competitions as well! Plus, those that are just great family pets!
We are so very proud of all of them!
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