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Enlarge photo 1
An ongoing Reference Album containing many of the questions posed by JR members and the answers provided. Starting June 2010


Enlarge photo 2


I purchased a lovely enamel bracelet at an antique show and am wondering if it is a Russian piece. There is a hallmark on the clasp that looks Cyrillic or Latin. Does anyone have an idea about the origin of the hallmark or the piece itself?

"It is indeed a Russian piece made in..."
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Enlarge photo 3

Unknown hallmark. It looks Cyrillic or Latin.

Enlarge photo 4
Tammy Grover
Bird Pin - Sphinx? Boucher?

Are there any known examples of later Boucher jewelry, say from the late 50's up, that just have a number and no signature? I have been looking everywhere, and all of the later Boucher pieces seem to be signed with the name also. Or am I just missing some with numbers only?

"Sphinx jewelry is excellent quality ..."
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Enlarge photo 5
Tammy Grover
Bird Pin Signature

Sphinx? Boucher?

"This looks like Boucher numbering."
"This looks like the numbering found ..."
"You may have a Sphinx... they are si..."
"I have an owl brooch that I listed a..."
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Enlarge photo 6
Mary Ann Docktor-Smith
Sterling Carved Bone Pin/Pendant

Carved bone goddess face and a single ruby set in the headdress. The piece is marked with a letter "D" in script with an
extra line forming the letter, and is also marked STERLING

"Is this by Sajen?"
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Enlarge photo 7
Mary Ann Docktor-Smith
Sterling Carved Bone Pin/Pendant Signature

Could this be Sajen or Far East/Bali? Is it newer?

"The signature looks like a ZD to me?"
"It's probably by a company called Ze..."
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Enlarge photo 8
Beth Carlson
Beaded Set

Any idea of a vintage for this beaded set? The black seed beads are really small, at least half the size of regular seed beads.

"Pieces made with seed beads were mad..."
"These remind me of American Indian s..."
"Hi Beth - I would say Bohemian. Y..."
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Enlarge photo 9
Beth Carlson
Backs of beaded set

Enlarge photo 10
Beth Carlson
Closeup of beaded set

"I also had purses like this from Gua..."
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Enlarge photo 11
Jan Gaughan
Pastel Screwback Earrings

Designer? Selro/Seleni? Hollycraft? Coro?

"I do not think they are Hollycraft b..."
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Enlarge photo 12
Vera Battemarco
Modernist Sterling and Ivory or Tusk jewelry  

All three are signed but I can't find anything on them.

Enlarge photo 13
Vera Battemarco

AIC signature on sterling & ivory or tusk pieces

Enlarge photo 14
Elizabeth Keep

Face of pendant - well made and lovely design - Maker? Date?

"Looks like a stained glass window"
"I just sold a pin/pendant that looke..."
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Enlarge photo 15
Elizabeth Keep
Back of pendant

Enlarge photo 16
Elizabeth Keep
Pendant signature
Marked France and capital S

Enlarge photo 17
Elizabeth Keep

Enlarge photo 18
Elizabeth Keep

Does anybody recognize the maker's mark for this dainty bangle?

"Try the Mystery Marks web page: http..."
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Enlarge photo 19
Elizabeth Keep
Fruit Basket Pin

Cold enamel, satin finished gold tone and very dimensional brooch -Maker & circa?

Enlarge photo 20
Elizabeth Keep
Back of pin

Clasp mounted on plate is not a repair but original to piece.

Enlarge photo 21
Elizabeth Keep
Side view to show wired fruit

Enlarge photo 22
Lilly Vittetow

Can anyone tell me the proper name for this type of bracelet? Age?

"I have heard them called "self ..."
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Enlarge photo 23
Elizabeth Keep

This is poured resin, not vitreous enamel.  Is it still considered plique a jour?  The sig is either PI or PT and I am wondering if that is newer or vintage?

Enlarge photo 24
Elizabeth Keep

Poured Resin Pin Signature

Enlarge photo 25
Shanti Forte

Cobra Earrings

Enlarge photo 26
Shanti Forte
Cobra Earrings

Does anyone recognize the signature?

Enlarge photo 27
Kathy Taylor
Multi-Color Brooch

Any ideas about age and/or maker?

"Could possibly be an unmarked Hattie..."
"Thanks, Kathleen! I shall follow up..."
"un marked Schriner"
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Enlarge photo 28
Kathy Taylor
Back of multi-color brooch

Enlarge photo 29
Kathy Taylor
Necklace and earrings set

Any ideas as to maker and/or age?

"These seem to be from late 60s early..."
"This looks from Czech (Tsjechisch)an..."
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Enlarge photo 30
Kathy Taylor
Backs of Necklace and Earrings

Enlarge photo 31
Nancy Hopper-Cady

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Enlarge photo 32
Nancy Hopper-Cady

I tested this for Bakelite and it's positive (this wood grain side). I have never seen anything like it... has anyone else?

Enlarge photo 33
Mery Becker
Portrait Brooch

Possible age?

"This is VERY lovely but I would not ..."
"This brooch reminds me of that style..."
"It also looks like a Pre-Raphaelite ..."
"It struck me that she looked sort of..."
"Do I see a tube joint with a newer c..."
"This is definitely not Mucha's work,..."
"Possibly an Irish connection? Those..."
"Ok the name for reverse carved glass..."
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Enlarge photo 34
Merry Becker
Portrait Brooch back

Enlarge photo 35
Vera Battemarco

The setting tests as 9 or 10k gold but the woven band seems to be gold over Sterling. It was together with a small group of Civil War era jewelry. The stone is glass, looks like a paste glass stone, not a rhinestone.

Age? Maker?

Enlarge photo 36
Shanti Forte
Guilloche Pin

The front piece is enamel..guilloche..the maltese cross moves.. the points are really spikes.. with an interesting back..size over 2 inches wide.

"I would love to know something about..."
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Enlarge photo 37
Shanti Forte
Guilloche Pin

Age? Maker?

Enlarge photo 38
Gayla Esch
Earrings Signed "Civilized N Savage"

Enlarge photo 39
Gayla Esch
"Civilized N Savage"

Does anyone have information on this company or know the signature?

Enlarge photo 40
Gayla Esch
Set signed "Zoom Zoom"

Enlarge photo 41
Gayla Esch
Set signed "Zoom Zoom"

Information on this company/signature?

Enlarge photo 42
Mesh Bracelet
Does anyone recognize the style or know anything about this bracelet?

"Maybe check out Kreisler"
"I have a mesh bracelet that is Weiss..."
"I previously had a similar one. It's..."
"Have seen Hobe' bracelets with simi..."
"I've had two similar pieces, both si..."
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Enlarge photo 43
Dianne Lavenburg
Genie Pin
Does anyone recognize this?

Enlarge photo 44
Dianne Lavenburg
Genie Pin back

Enlarge photo 45
Sharon Donson
Unsigned Beauty Necklace & Earrings
Any comments on the gold puffy sun disc shaped beads...where have I seen these before? YSL, Dior ??? How can I describe the glass beads?

"In regard to the important glass bea..."
"Thanks Deb!"
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Enlarge photo 46
Sharon Donson
Unsigned Beauty Necklace Back

Enlarge photo 47
Sharon Donson
Unsigned Beauty Earring Clips

Earring clips marked patent 2733491 date 1956.

Enlarge photo 48
Roberta Villanueva
Artisan Necklace

Anyone ever seen work like this before? Supposedly it was bought at a juried art show, but it is not signed.

"What a shame the artist didn't sign ..."
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Enlarge photo 49
Roberta Villanueva
Artisan Necklace

Back - Unsigned

Enlarge photo 50
Alison Gadberry
Rhinestone Bracelet

Possible Maker?

"Could this be white topaz in gold or..."
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Enlarge photo 51
Alison Gadberry
Rhinestone Bracelet back

"I don't believe that is Fenichel. ..."
"Article on Fenichel can be found at:..."
"Alison, Fenichel did not use those c..."
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Enlarge photo 52
Alison Gadberry
Jeweled Enamel Stylized Animal

Does anyone recognize this?

"No, but it looks like it could have ..."
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Enlarge photo 53
Alison Gadberry
Jeweled Enamel Stylized Animal back

Enlarge photo 54
Rebecca Fransway

Would anyone call this unsigned clip Austro Hungarian Revival?
Please look carefully and note the pearls and the tiny white floral enameling.

Enlarge photo 55
Rebecca Fransway
Clip back

Enlarge photo 56
Judy Miller
Matisse necklace and Earrings

Does anyone have any idea what this Matisse set has for a design name?Not in the Copper Art Jewelry book.

"No idea what the official name is, b..."
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Enlarge photo 57
Deb bee

What does the design on this locket mean?

"It looks like a stylized vine and fe..."
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Enlarge photo 58
Delores Benedict

What would you call this pin?
I thought the bottom was a magnifier but it is not. It is just plain glass.

"Possibly to place a picture of a lov..."
"May have been a magnifier once and b..."
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Enlarge photo 59
Shanti Forte
Shoe Clips

These are a great size, 2 inches by 2 inches.. They remind me of the Pilgrim shoe design.  Any thoughts about these?

Enlarge photo 60
Shanti Forte
Snake Bracelet

The stone tests as semi precious- maybe a deep orange agate that has a slight black band in it.
Does this design look familiar?

"BloodStone,But not sure of maker"
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Enlarge photo 61
Connie Yore
Coral Set

Any information about this lovely set? Maker? Age?

Enlarge photo 62
Deb bee

From the look of this I was thinking Victorian. It says 1/20th 12K Gold Shell. Does that mean gold filled? And is it Victorian or Victorian revival?

"Yes gold filled 100% sure And most f..."
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Enlarge photo 63
Deb bee

I found it does have a very small mark inside of some figure mark(Maybe a bird) with arrows. I will try and see if I can get the mark picture but it's very small. The arrows go >figure mark<.

"All I can do Deb is direct you to Ch..."
"Could it possible be a U? ->U<..."
"Mystery solved, I'd say!"
"No, it's not Uncas. It kind of looks..."
"I'm pretty sure because of the marki..."
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Enlarge photo 64
Rebecca Fransway

H. Pomerantz brooch with smaller loops on back

Enlarge photo 65
Rebecca Fransway

H. Pomerantz brooch with smaller loops on back

Enlarge photo 66
Boucher Pin

I Know Boucher produced Pieces From Canada, but I have been unable to find any pieces with this mark.When I search Boucher Canada,I come up with pieces produced for the Avon Co.(Canada)
Also , since his wife continued operations in Canada, is this piece from that time period (70's)?

"I'm going to guess here, pure specul..."
"Yes it is a three digit number...053..."
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Enlarge photo 67
Boucher Pin back

Enlarge photo 68

This chain is 36 inches long,1/4 of an inch wide. Terminates in fobs/seals. How would you describe it? What was it used for? How was it worn?

Enlarge photo 69
Sue Weaver (Sue in UK)
Bright Necklace

This necklace needs restringing but what age and what is this stone? It feels like stone but dyed? Just love the bright colours that do not come off when cleaned.

"Sue, Howlite is one of the most comm..."
"This looks like a classic Czech harl..."
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Enlarge photo 70
Sue Weaver (Sue in UK)
Tiger Eye Necklace

A tiger's eye bead necklace small sized at about 30 cm with beads 7 mm. ?age and is this a child's necklace?

"You don't say what length the neckla..."
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Enlarge photo 71
Melissa Hatfield
Flower Ring

It is a more contemporary piece, beautifully made, very substantial. I have searched the web, but can't find one like it, and it is unsigned. Has anyone seen this before, or know the maker?

Enlarge photo 72
Melissa Hatfield
Flower Ring

"Beautiful ring Melissa...possibly Mo..."
"It is unsigned..I thought Monet sign..."
"I imagine they did but didn't know a..."
"Not after they were bought out and p..."
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Enlarge photo 73
Erin Buffaline

I have acid tested this brooch and the next one and both are silver, although I don't know if they are 925, 800 etc.

Enlarge photo 74
Erin Buffaline
Brooch back

"I looked but all I could tell was on..."
"The numbers on the brooch back are 9..."
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Enlarge photo 75
Erin Buffaline

The larger brooch looks like mother of pearl to me.  It has a tag on the back that reads "Made In XXXX" but I can't read what the "XXXX" is so maybe you'll know.  It looks like "Iran" or "Iraq" to me.

"The first one is probably from Iran ..."
"It is probably camel bone. I have se..."
"I have a bracelet like this and I pu..."
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Enlarge photo 76
Erin Buffaline
Brooch back

Enlarge photo 77
Erin Buffaline
Green Necklace

Age? Possible maker?
This necklace and the next set were from my great aunt so they are VERY old.

"I think this is czech peking glass a..."
"What a beautiful necklace! Without ..."
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Enlarge photo 78
Erin Buffaline
Green Necklace back

Enlarge photo 79
Erin Buffaline
Purple Necklace

No one has ever been able to tell me what the purple stones are and I would love to know.  You can “see through” them which is what I was trying to show with a few of the pieces.  The earrings had screw backs on them (which I still have).  I just changed them over to pierced so that I could wear them.  Anything you can tell me about this set or the green necklace would be great.

Enlarge photo 80
Erin Buffaline

Purple Earrings with Necklace #88

Enlarge photo 81
Erin Buffaline

Purple Ring with Necklace #88

"These 3 items do not look like a set..."
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Enlarge photo 82
Gayla Esch
Cat Pin

It looks really old to me, but it also looks a little like Siam Silver.  It has enamel on it, and is only signed "sterling". If anyone can estimate the age or tell me anything at all about it I would appreciate it.

Enlarge photo 83
Gayla Esch
Cat Pin back

Enlarge photo 84
Beth Carlson

What is this "bubble coating"?
Paint or enamel which has been coated with glass or plastic bubbles. The treatment creates a glowing effect under evening light conditions.

"Wow! This is beautiful! Looks almo..."
"The Czechs used to coat glass beads ..."
"The AB finish dates this after 1955...."
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Enlarge photo 85
Linda Vogue
Essex of Canada Crystal Necklace

Essex of Canada AB crystal necklace, very small - perhaps for child?

Enlarge photo 86
Linda Vogue
Essex of Canada

Essex of Canada necklace clasp
Any information on this maker?

Enlarge photo 87

These are drop dead beautiful earrings, anyone know who made them?

Enlarge photo 88
Earring Backs

These are drop dead beautiful earrings, anyone know who made them?

"Unsigned Haskell?"
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Enlarge photo 89
Star fish earrings

Enlarge photo 90
Star Fish Earrings

Can anyone read the signature on the star fish earrings?

"Is the last name on the starfish “Mo..."
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Enlarge photo 91
Gloria Barnhart

I think some one brought it back from a trip to Italy.
It measures 1 3/4 inches long.
What era do you think it is from?

Enlarge photo 92
Gloria Barnhart
Brooch back

"My best guess would be 50s or 60s. ..."
"It looks like pot metal and the clas..."
"Try doing a search for "Thailan..."
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Enlarge photo 93
Dianne Lavenburg
Unsigned Beauty Set

Any ideas as to maker/age?

Enlarge photo 94
Dianne Lavenburg
Unsigned Beauty Set backs

Enlarge photo 95
Dianne Lavenburg

This reminds me of Selro tho it is unsigned.  Nice, heavy construction, fold over clasp with design is what they used, floral detailing in metal.

Enlarge photo 96
Dianne Lavenburg
Bracelet back

Enlarge photo 97
Cheri Van Hoover
Crinkle Brooch

Does anyone recognize the hallmark on this brooch? It sure seems like I ought to know who it is because it looks very familiar, but the name just isn't coming to me.

Enlarge photo 98
Lorna - Jewelry Addiction

Is anyone familiar with a G.R. Peck? That name is attached to this decidedly odd and huge neckring/pendant. The pendant is about 4 1/2" long and 3" wide. The green cab is plastic, thank goodness, or think how heavy it would be!

Enlarge photo 99
Lorna - Jewelry Addiction
Peck ? signature

"there is a GR Peck Designs listed in..."
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Enlarge photo 100
Nicole St-Pierre
Pansy Pin

Any information on this pin would be appreciated.

Enlarge photo 101
Nicole St-Pierre
Pansy Pin signature

"Maybe Victoria Conys Daughters jewel..."
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Enlarge photo 102
Delores Benedict

Enlarge photo 103
Delores Benedict
Earring signature

Does anyone recognize the signature? Thanks!

"Looks like a conjoined M and C to me..."
"It could be Mary Chavez from San Fel..."
"It could possibly be Marsella or Mar..."
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Enlarge photo 104
Sue Stahl
Cameo front

Any information would be appreciated.

"Have you tested the face of the blac..."
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Enlarge photo 105
Sue Stahl
Black cameo back

Enlarge photo 106
Sue Stahl
Cameo front

Any ideas as to age, maker, material?

"Carved shell cameo, probably gold or..."
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Enlarge photo 107
Sue Stahl
Cameo back

Enlarge photo 108
Kathy Taylor
Necklace Set

Nice green er/necklace set. Can't say as I recognize the specific design, but it has a Hollycraft, Florenza or even Coro look to me.

"Nice green er/necklace set. Can't sa..."
"Another thought, it may be a Selro/S..."
"Thanks, Linda. I was thinking Selro..."
"Just to say I have exactly the same ..."
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Enlarge photo 109
Kathy Taylor
Necklace Set backs

Enlarge photo 110
Kathy Taylor
Necklace Clasp

Enlarge photo 111
Cat Thompson
Blue Bead Necklace

I have a blue plastic bead necklace and earrings set my MIL bought in Europe during her grand tour in 1949. She bought these in Italy (still have the receipt) could they possibly be bakelite? They are relatively heavy, make a clunk sound- not molded. The necklace and earrings are a slightly different hue (perhaps because the necklace actually touches your skin).

Enlarge photo 112
Cat Thompson
Blue Bead Necklace Clasp

Enlarge photo 113
Kathy Small
Italian Silver Bracelet

Sterling silver Italian chain bracelet. I went through
the sites and was unable to find this chain design.

Enlarge photo 114
Kathy Small
Pendant with Vendome hangtag

"I have never seen your pendant howev..."
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Enlarge photo 115
Wendy K
Elephant Pin

I thought it was one of kind- fixer upper, but this the 2nd one I found with same pin back)

The Elephant is made of Plastic, Lucite.Elaborate design is carved/ stamped into plastic
The Plastic is translucent.

"Any idea how old it is? It looks ne..."
"I have no idea of the age of the ele..."
"Strange pin back. This one is a stum..."
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Enlarge photo 116
Wendy K
Elephant Pin back

Enlarge photo 117
Karla Wacker
Cameo Ring

Possible age?

"Re: the habille cameo ring..this typ..."
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Enlarge photo 118
Karla Wacker
Cameo ring marks

Enlarge photo 119
Karla Wacker
Cameo bracelet

Age? Maker?

Enlarge photo 120
Karla Wacker
Cameo bracelet

Enlarge photo 121
Karla Wacker
Cameo bracelet

This says LS & Company

"The L.S. & Co. mark appears in my 19..."
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Enlarge photo 122
Karla Wacker
Amethyst clamper

Age? Maker?

"Someone mentioned that this may be f..."
"the bangle bracelet has an Edwardian..."
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Enlarge photo 123
Karla Wacker
Amethyst clamper

Age? Maker?

Enlarge photo 124
Karen in New Zealand
Trifari Brooch

It is marked Trifari patent
pend, but I can't find the patent. I have looked on Mr Katz site, but can't find it. I think it would have been made around 1951-52. Can anyone help?

Enlarge photo 125
Beverly and Linda
Fishel Nessler Company

We are wondering if we can narrow down the date of this piece by the simple logo it has?

What would you call the style of this brooch?  Egyptian Revival?  Blackamoor?

What about the finish?  It looks like brass on the back.

Any other info and comments would be appreciated!

Enlarge photo 126
Beverly and Linda
Fishel Nessler Company Brooch

"First of all, you did a beautiful jo..."
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Enlarge photo 127
Elizabeth Keep (Betsy)

This is a hard enamel ring of the number 18 - is there some significance to the number? The hallmark is clear but I can't locate it anywhere.

"Betsy, Your "18" ring remi..."
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Enlarge photo 128
Elizabeth Keep (Betsy)
Ring - Hallmark and Sterling

Enlarge photo 129
Elizabeth Keep (Betsy)

Ring design is a bear paw inside an arrowhead on textured background.  Is there a term for this style of hammered texture?

Enlarge photo 130
Elizabeth Keep (Betsy)

Left to right hallmarks appear to be a bird, an oil well bobbing thing and the letter R inside a diamond. The other side of the shank is marked sterling in English.

Enlarge photo 131
Elizabeth Keep (Betsy)

Glass sets in silver ornate open back band - size 7 as is will close to a 5-1/2.  it is marked 1000. Any idea as to its nationality and does this indicate pure silver or something else - alas no maker's marks to be seen.

Enlarge photo 132
Pat H.
One odd bead bracelet

I seem to remember that there is a designer that includes
one odd colored bead in each of their pieces. The reason
I ask is that I have this turquoise beaded bracelet that has a single pearly bead.

"I think it's one of the European des..."
"It is indeed Langani that uses the b..."
"Beadwork done in Middle Eastern (or ..."
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Enlarge photo 133
Kathy Taylor
Wrap bracelet and earrings

Small long seed beads are copper in color, twisted with a gold toned chain. This is a memory wire type bracelet with dangle beads on back.

"The bracelet almost looks like a lov..."
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Enlarge photo 134
Kathy Taylor
Wrap bracelet earrings backs

Each earring has 2 bead dangles.  Marked Pat. Pend.

Enlarge photo 135
Kathy Taylor
Brooch & Earring set marked Garicraft

Anybody heard of this company?  I have Googled, RCJ, etc.  Any idea of age?

"Garicraft set looks sort of 60's to ..."
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Enlarge photo 136
Kathy Taylor
Garicraft brooch back

Enlarge photo 137
Kathy Taylor
Amber/Topaz Necklace & Earring Set with crescent icing

Unsigned Eisenberg, Weiss, Jobber?

"The first set I have no idea, but it..."
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Enlarge photo 138
Kathy Taylor
Amber/Topaz Necklace back

Enlarge photo 139
Nona Grampp
Necklace with beautiful clasp

Could this possibly be Gripoix? It's not signed. Would this be considered "poured" glass?

"The stones in the clasp I would cons..."
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Enlarge photo 140
Norma Adams
Silvercraft Brooch

The beautiful brooch in the bad pictured is marked "Silvercraft" on a plaque. The brooch is beautiful - no dull stones or anything.
Does anyone know about Silvercraft?

Enlarge photo 141
Norma Adams
Silvercraft Brooch back with signature on plaque - lower left

Any help is appreciated.

Enlarge photo 142
Carol W

The beads appear hand made, and I think it is silver (will get a friend to test it for me). The pendant is inlaid with crushed turquoise and mother of pearl and is HUGE (3 1/2")
Anyone ever seen anything like it?

Enlarge photo 143
Carol W
Silver Necklace/Pendant back

Enlarge photo 144
Gayla Esch

Has anyone seen this before?

Enlarge photo 145
Gayla Esch
Brooch signature

Enlarge photo 146
Gayla Esch
Sterling earrings

Enlarge photo 147
Gayla Esch
Sterling Earrings signature

Is that an H or is it a specific mark.

Enlarge photo 148
Vera Battemarco
Big Blue Flower Pin

Have you seen this huge 4" long flower before? The center is a pretty large blue Rivoli stone.

"I don't know who made it but I don't..."
"I don't think it is D&E other than t..."
"I have that also...anxious to hear w..."
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Enlarge photo 149
Vera Battemarco
Big Blue Flower Pin Back

Enlarge photo 150

I just got this Flamand bakelite compact bracelet, and the design is the same as the Josephine Baker ZouZou bracelet, but the persons name inside is one I can't decipher. I know they made these for different actresses/movies, but every combination I googled for possible names has not determined who this is.

It looks like Sarina Hotive or similar.

"I know a great deal about this type ..."
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Enlarge photo 151
Bracelet signature

"I have no clue, but the first letter..."
"Could the first name be Larissa or L..."
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Enlarge photo 152

Does anyone have an idea of age for this jet necklace. At least I am pretty sure it is jet and not glass as it is lighter weight and not cold like glass.

"Guessing from the length, it could b..."
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Enlarge photo 153
Betsy in Maine

The silver Phoenix is my big mystery. Any help is appreciated.

Enlarge photo 154
Betsy in Maine

Back of pendant signed Saigon

Enlarge photo 155
Gloria Barnhart

Demi Set

The necklace and earrings are not marked but the box they are in is marked admiration creators of fine jewelry.  Could that be the maker?  What would you call this style?  What about its age.  I was thinking 1950's.

Enlarge photo 156
Gloria Barnhart

Demi Set Box marked Admiration
Creators of Fine Jewelry

Enlarge photo 157

Red and Clear Rhinestone Earrings

Does anyone recognize the design? They have clip backs, gold-tone, and, as seen in the pic, red and clear rs.

"The rhinestone ribbons remind me of ..."
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Enlarge photo 158
Nicole St-Pierre


It's marked P&M Paris.
Does anyone have know who was behind these initials? It looks like the Cardin futuristic designs

Enlarge photo 159
Nicole St-Pierre

Necklace signature

Enlarge photo 160
Gayla Esch

Necklace & Earrings Set

I can't find a maker on it.  It has the feel of 1960's - 70's to me, but maybe even 1980's based on the estate sale I found it at.  It drives me nuts, because I keep thinking it has to be "something"....yes, maybe I just need to resign myself to an "unsigned beauty."

Enlarge photo 161
Gayla Esch

Necklace and Earring Set backs

Enlarge photo 162
Linda Kripke

It is a black plastic cuff with carved mother of pearl cameos set in sterling.
Could this be Italian?  I was thinking post 1980s.  I really don't know.

Has anyone seen bracelets like this before?  Is it unusual or not?  Would appreciate all opinions.

"No..But Id love to have it..Would yo..."
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Enlarge photo 163
Linda Kripke

The Roman woman cameos are Mother of Pearl. The carved Mother of Pearl cameos are set in a sterling edging that definitely looks hand hammered.
The black cuff is a polished plastic, maybe lacquered.

Enlarge photo 164
Melissa Hatfield

Glass Bead Necklace

This necklace is very heavy glass with unusual shaped beads. The largest bead is 14mm. the clasp is a screw in clasp. Date and type of beads???

Enlarge photo 165
Melissa Hatfield

Clasp on Glass Bead Necklace

"In my experience this type of clasp ..."
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Enlarge photo 166


Just wondering if anyone knows the maker of this unsigned beauty. I think it looks a little Mazer-ish, no idea if they used tags at one time.

Enlarge photo 167

Necklace back

Enlarge photo 168
Delores Benedict


Found this gorgerous necklace that I think is czech.
Any ideas and how old would you think it is.

"We need to see the back to give you ..."
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Enlarge photo 169


This is a pendant necklace by the K&L company that I am not able to find anything about so would be happy for any info especially when it was made.

Enlarge photo 170

Pendant signature

Enlarge photo 171
Rebecca Fransway

Unsigned Beauty set

I've heard this set is Florenza, but it seems a bit like Selini or even hollycraft. Unsigned beauty but surely a designer piece; it is very heavy, substantial, well made with interesting stones among right ab stones.  Has anyone seen this, or any of its' parts, in a book,or has anyone found signed pieces?   It is massive and gorgeous!

Enlarge photo 172
Rebecca Fransway

Unsigned Beauty back

Enlarge photo 173
Karen Beuning

Trifari Set

I have been researching a Trifari set I got the other day and I
can't find this set or any pieces that may have been in the same "line".
Is anyone familiar with this? Is there a name for this style?

"I have never seen that set. It is v..."
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Enlarge photo 174
Vera Battemarco

Snake Bracelet

I have this snake bracelet, flexible, 14k Gold Filled. I cannot find out who made it - there is a maker's mark. Do you recognize it?

I am trying to date it properly too...

Enlarge photo 175
Vera Battemarco

Snake Bracelet signature

Enlarge photo 176
Vera Battemarco

Charm Bracelet

I have this gorgeous, beautifully made charm bracelet with pressed glass Buddhas, gold coins, one large Carnelian color watch fob, enameled heraldic shields, faceted Turquoise color glass cabochons and large odd shaped Baroque pearls.

It feels like it should be signed Freirich, Goldette, Coro or something, the quality is excellent. It has a large spring ring so I am thinking it dates from the 60s. Have you seen one like this?

"You might also research "Art&qu..."
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Enlarge photo 177
Delores Benedict

Green Necklace

This is a gorgeous sterling silver necklace but not sure what the stone would be. They are emerald green and holding up to light you can see your finger. They are cold to the touch.It has a push in clasp almost hidden -
look at top left.

"Given that they are cold, my guess i..."
"Look up green onyx, maybe that is wh..."
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Enlarge photo 178

Rhinestone Set

Does anyone recognize this set or is it just another unsigned pretty? The only mark is Pat Pend on the ear clips.

Enlarge photo 179

Rhinestone Set back

"No idea who made the set but PAT PEN..."
"Thanks, Robin! I do know the set was..."
"Beautiful set! I hope that Kathie Da..."
"I just noticed, while sitting at my ..."
"I have never seen Selro done in all ..."
"Wow Gorgeous set, could it be Floren..."
"My guess would be German constructio..."
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Enlarge photo 180

Necklace and Earrings

First I would like to know if there is a name for these glass stones. They remind me of bullets..not sure why. They are red. The pearl like drops are also glass and the gold tone is matte, maybe 80's matte gold. The clasp is broken. Someone did suggest it may be European but going to see if anyone else has any ideas. It is very well made and heavy. Thanks to anyone who looks.

"Cabochon or Gripoix is the name fo..."
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Enlarge photo 181

Necklace and Earrings backs

Enlarge photo 182
Amy Baker

Little Heart Pendant with Blue Stone

I am leaning toward glass. My Mystery is the Mark on the Bale..and on the chain. It's a bit  unusual in the way the necklace attaches to the O ring with an oblong thick catch. Necklace is not new, but not real old either.Bale seems large for the small pendant, but the joining  rings are the same color and thickness. Bale is thick, with a thick raised oblong cartouche with 0G9 or DG9 depending on how you turn it. Using a loupe the bale looks hand crafted to me.The spring ring clasp is well made.It's not attached properly to the chain -it came off the spring ring catch and whoever just slipped it on the O ring itself. Oblong ends on the chain are marked on both sides CZ  and 925, and on each end. The O ring is also stamped 925. I realize the chain may not be original to the pendant..  
the only CZ I found was CZ for the Italian Province of Catanzaro., but it does not have the other required marks.

Enlarge photo 183
Amy Baker

Little Heart Pendant with Blue Stone

"When I googled dg9, I got an area in..."
"I've had a few newer rings with the ..."
"When you turn the bale upside down, ..."
"One way it reads OG9 more like DG9..."
"I thought I saw 585! Trick of the li..."
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Enlarge photo 184
Pauline Connors

West Germany bead necklace

These gorgeous blue beads have me stumped.  They feel like glass, yet they are pure white inside.
Chalkware? Porcelain?  There are seams suggesting a mold.
The faceted red beads are plastic.
Any information leading to more research or if you happen to know what these are any help would be appreciated.

Enlarge photo 185

RAVA Mouse Brooch front

I have this cute little brooch that is marked sterling and Rava. I have not been able to find out who Rava is.

Enlarge photo 186

RAVA Mouse Brooch back

Enlarge photo 187

Blumenthal pocket watch booch/pin

I have a B. Blumenthal pocket watch brooch/pin. I have found informtion on B. Blumenthal & Co. but, nothing that I am sure about on B. Blumenthal. Is this also part of the B. Bluementhal & Co. or something completely different? I have attached a picture of the front of the brooch/pin and the back to show the Mark. I appreciate any information.

Enlarge photo 188

Blumenthal pocket watch brooch/pin

Enlarge photo 189
Melissa Hatfield

Etched Glass Drop

This lovely etched glass drop is large and features an etched heron on the back. It was almost impossible to photo. Is this art deco, and if so what would it have hung on?

Enlarge photo 190
Melissa Hatfield

Etched Glass Drop

Enlarge photo 191
Melissa Hatfield


These large glass disks are dinensional and have an AB like finish. Were these just worn on a chain? Age?

Enlarge photo 192
Melissa Hatfield


Enlarge photo 193
Vera Battemarco

Glass Art Deco Brooch

Can't find anything quite like this pendant brooch with glass frame and initials. I would say is custom made but is there a name for the particular style and any idea who might have made it?

Enlarge photo 194
Vera Battemarco

Glass Art Deco Brooch back

Enlarge photo 195
Judy in England

Domed Purple Stone Brooch

This is a gorgeous purple stone, like the purple veil
in Dragon's Breath.
Maker? Age?

"NOT Dragon's Breath AKA Mexican Opal..."
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Enlarge photo 196
Judy in England

Domed Purple Stone Brooch back

Enlarge photo 197
Barbara J.

Deep Purple Parure - Possible Selro?

This is an unsigned set I purchased at the Portland Antique Show four years ago. It's made of copper with deep purple lucite cabochons and pink rhinestones.

Enlarge photo 198
Barbara J.

Deep Purple Parure - backs

Enlarge photo 199
Barbara J.

Deep Purple Parure Necklace Clasp

Enlarge photo 200
Linda Kripke

Wirth of California Pin

A very unusual pin with a large light amber/beige glass stone surrounded by pave set fiery aurora borealis rhinestones.

"These are prong set stones, NOT pave..."
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Enlarge photo 201
Linda Kripke

Wirth pin back

Back construction.  The pin is signed Wirth of California.
Has anyone ever heard of this company?

"I have had several variations of the..."
"Also the Wirth pin looks to be a job..."
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Enlarge photo 202
Dawm Vennekohl

Tribal Pendant

I remember something about Louie Armstrong's social club with pieces similar to this and it is driving me crazy. He is huge, about 3 inches.Thanks.

Enlarge photo 203

Blue Necklace

I'm re-visiting this again. The style of bead is interesting.. from my opinion and handling it.. it's pre-50s.

Enlarge photo 204

Blue Necklace

The chain looks 30s could it be 40s although the war was going on ??

"It's a real beauty. The construction..."
"The melon beads that I believe to be..."
"It IS a beauty! My question is about..."
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Enlarge photo 205
Barbara J.
Deco Bracelet

I am curious if anyone could give me some input to the maker and type of stonein this bracelet. It is marked ?.W sterling and at the other end it is stamped N.S. or S.N. I also realized it can be folded over to decrease the size. A feature that I have not come across in older jewelry.

"I think it says SW and I checked my ..."
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Enlarge photo 206
Barbara J.
Deco Bracelet signature

"It's a gorgeous bracelet! It looks l..."
"It looks like S W Sterling to me...B..."
"Your bracelet is beautiful and very ..."
"I see what you mean but I think that..."
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Enlarge photo 207
Gloria Barnhart

What is the material of the cameo. From the back it looks like some kind of shell. From the front it looks like glass.
It is marked 925 and then letters that look like a stutter mark.  It looks like ddfftt to me.
The stones around the edge are what look like marcasites to me.  Are they? I have no clue about the age.  Please cameo experts, HELP!!!!!!!
I love how the hair is done.

"The cameo is made from a thick piece..."
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Enlarge photo 208
Gloria Barnhart
Cameo Back

"Yes those look like marcasites aroun..."
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Enlarge photo 209
Gloria Barnhart
Cameo Mark

Enlarge photo 210
Linda Vogue
Carved Shell Mother of Pearl Bracelet

I think it is interesting, and probably a travel souvenir. Does anyone know where it might have come from? or age? The carving is of a tiger(I think) then 'Evelyn' and flowers with vine around to the end tip. It is fairly small, although I can get it over my hand to wear.

Enlarge photo 211
Linda Vogue
Carved Shell Mother of Pearl Bracelet

Enlarge photo 212
Gloria Barnhart
Butterfly brooch

The mark is TC with a copyright mark. I know it is probably new but I would love to know who they are.I found one place with no examples that suggested it might be Tania's Creations.  So, does anyone know who this company is?

Enlarge photo 213
Gloria Barnhart
Butterfly Brooch

Enlarge photo 214
Heather Alexander
Cameo Brooch

Has anyone ever seen something like this before? It might have a diamond chip set into the hand painted illustration and the gold might be real without a marking.OK, I have now found it to be stamped ITALY K18.  The little illustration is signed MORA or MOGA. I am still uncertain as to whether it is ivory.

"Hard to tell from the pic but it cou..."
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Enlarge photo 215
Butterfly Brooch

I got this from a lot I bought and I've tried to find out about it, but can't seem to find info on when it was made. It looks very old. Hopefully you can all help me identify it.

Enlarge photo 216
Butterfly Brooch back

Enlarge photo 217
Gloria Barnhart
New Brooch

Please tell me who you think it is made by. Thanks for any help.

"So many different companies used tho..."
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Enlarge photo 218
Gloria Barnhart
Brooch back

Enlarge photo 219
Barbara Diddle Czech
Multi-Colored Brooch

I just wondered if any of you might have an idea on when it was made.  It is not signed, but was there anyone in particular that made these.

Enlarge photo 220
Barbara Diddle Czech
Multi-Colored Brooch back

"It might be Czech. I have a similar ..."
"Look really close at the pin stem. L..."
"I just inspected each inch of it, no..."
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Enlarge photo 221
Gayla Esch
Siam Sterling Royal Barge - The Golden Swan

I was at an antique store, and decided the price was right, so I picked it up.  The dealer was excited that I purchased it, went to a history book and showed me a picture of it.  It's a Thailand Royal Barge, which can be seen at the Royal Barge Museum.  This particular barge is called 'The Golden Swan" or the Thai name is Suphannahong.
Most online sellers just refer to these barges as 'asian boat" or ship.  It's marked Siam Sterling.

I wonder if they were actually purchased in Thailand at the Royal Barge Museum Gift store?

Enlarge photo 222
Gayla Esch
Siam Sterling Royal Barge- The Golden Swan back

Enlarge photo 223
Cindee Lee

Possible Schreiner set

The 5 mm rhinestones are definitely chaton-cut rhinestones inverted and have the "donut-hole" on the bottom which shows the top of the chaton-cut rhinestone. Although this is a clear diamente rhinestone set, I still believe it to be a Schreiner set. To all the Schreiner collectors and experts...am I wrong? Does this pass the Schreiner test or not? Any input is greatly appreciated.

"The necklace does not have the usual..."
"It does not necessarily say Schreine..."
"I am also thinking not Schreiner as ..."
"Hi Karla...No, it's not a foldover....."
"Your set does not look like any D&E ..."
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Enlarge photo 224
Cindee Lee

Possible Schreiner Set back

Enlarge photo 225
Nicole St-Pierre

Brooch from Charlene (JR Auction)


Enlarge photo 226
Nicole St-Pierre

Brooch back
Japanned or gunmetal?

"Looks to be Japanned unsigned Schrei..."
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Enlarge photo 227
Lilly Vittetow


Enlarge photo 228
Lilly Vittetow

Earring Backs

Enlarge photo 229
Sue Weaver

I have a brooch that I think can be identified to a maker?

Enlarge photo 230
Sue Weaver

Brooch back

Enlarge photo 231
Gloria Barnhart

Trifari Set

It is marked Trifari with a crown symbol over the T, Pat Pend.  There is no copyright mark.  I have looked through my ref. books and online.  I think it is from the early to mid 1950s.  I would love to know if there is a name for the set.
Thanks to any that respond.

Enlarge photo 232

835 Silver Brooch

I need some help identifying this brooch. I'm thinking it's Scandinavian, but it's only marked 835 KH.
Does anyone recognize the makers mark?

"Don't know the answer Carol, but go ..."
"Thanks Robin - I did look on that si..."
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Enlarge photo 233

835 Silver Brooch

Enlarge photo 234

835 Silver Brooch signature

Enlarge photo 235
Vera Battemarco

Modernist Flower Atomic Style Brooch

Found this great fun vintage brooch. It looks to be from the 60s. Have you seen it and can it be a designer piece?  The color is Neon Orange lol It's a hoot!

Enlarge photo 236
Vera Battemarco

Modernist Flower Atomic Style Brooch back

Enlarge photo 237
Deb Bliss
Odd Pin

I picked up a strange pin. It is made of some sort of plastic in a filigree design and painted gold. There is a spot where the gold is missing and it shows red underneath. Any ideas?

"If it is plastic I am wondering if i..."
"It actually looks to me as if it cou..."
"It is definitely molded plastic. But..."
"Really, it's plastic? The gold color..."
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Enlarge photo 238
Deb Bliss
Odd Pin back

Enlarge photo 239
Linda Vogue
Earrings with Funnel Element

These earrings look unworn to me but don't know if they are vintage or contemporary. They are unsigned and have glass prong set stones and one on each earring has a funnel looking element. I've looked in my books and online and haven't found any with this element. Am wondering about age and possibly maker?

Enlarge photo 240
Linda Vogue

Earrings with Funnel Element backs

"thought I'd add this element isn't a..."
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Enlarge photo 241
Jesse Moore

Sterling Earrings

Wonderful pair of Vintage Signed Sterling Earrings... Measures 1 and 1/4 inches wide and 1 and 3/8 inches long. I'm not sure what the stones are that are inlaid in the top, but I believe they are... 1. Coral 2. Black Onyx 3. Turquoise 4. MOP (Mother of Pearl) Am I correct or do you think they might be something different.

Enlarge photo 242
Jesse Moore

Sterling Earrrings with mark

I have searched google and eveywhere else that I can think of including the 925-1000 site and I can not find out what this signature is on the back of the earrings, does anyone know for sure... I was thinking these were Native American, but I'm not sure... Any help would be greatly appreciated...

"I believe you have the stone id corr..."
"This is a great link for NA marks. ..."
"It looks like onyx"
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Enlarge photo 243

Copper Necklace

I need help with identifying the maker.

Enlarge photo 244

Copper necklace back

Enlarge photo 245
Jesse Moore

Signed Mexico Sterling Pendant

I do know that it is from the Taxco region because it has the "Eagle 3" mark, but what is bugging me are the three initials that follow the 925 stamp on the back of the pendant... Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Enlarge photo 246
Jesse Moore

Signed Mexico Sterling Pendant

Bale is marked "MEXICO" and the back of the pendant has a partial "Eagle 3" mark and 925 with 3 initials "J H M" or "J M M"... Anyone have a clue as to who those initials might refer too... I looked on the 925-1000 site and did not see it there and I don't have any books on Mexico Sterling Marks

"Your mark looks like a JMM to me.. I..."
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Enlarge photo 247
Sue Weaver

Hummingbird Brooch
Sphinx or Boucher?
Just come to list this hummingbird brooch. Have seen it on eBay UK as a Sphinx one. Not totally convinced I ran a check and saw it listed in the US as a Boucher!

"It might be D'Orlan, too, as they ha..."
"I am not convinced it is either as a..."
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Enlarge photo 248
Sue Weaver

Hummingbird Brooch back

It has the numbers 9997 on the back and nothing else. Well made and very pretty.

Enlarge photo 249
Gloria Barnhart

Bracelet and Earrings

This is one weird bracelet and earrings.  I have never had a set like this before.
Does anyone have an idea who made it?

Enlarge photo 250
Gloria Barnhart

Bracelet and Earrings backs

Enlarge photo 251


I wouldn't even know where to start looking for info because I don't know what era it's from. It is a very interesting piece. Not sure if I am reading something that isn't there but on the ring it looks like there's an S with a line across. Thank you!

Enlarge photo 252

Bracelet with signature

Enlarge photo 253
Dianne Lavenburg

Bracelet and Earrings Set

Does anyone know anything about this bracelet?  I assume faux stones.  See the snake.

"I'm usually a lurker when it comes t..."
"The bracelet reminds me of some Gold..."
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Enlarge photo 254
Dianne Lavenburg

Bracelet and Earrings Backs

Enlarge photo 255
Dianne Lavenburg

Memory Wire Bracelet

On page 87 of Cathy Gordon's book, there is a similar bracelet in all pink (part of a set).  Cathy remarks that the pin and bracelet were purchased as unsigned Haskell, but the necklace is signed Czech.  Similar sets have been found signed "Japan".  She remarks the set has the characteristics of Haskell, but is it?   What do you think?  Maybe there is no definitive answer but thought I would show it to the group and ask.

Enlarge photo 256


It appears to be a brass with carnelian, jade and rhinestones. Can't decide if it is Victorian or Czech. Any help is appreciated!

"This looks like a Lidz of NYC to me...."
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Enlarge photo 257

Pendant back

Enlarge photo 258
Gayla Esch


My husband says it's czech...and at first I thought maybe yes - but the woman who sold it to me is an antique dealer, and she said it was brass and very old victorian.  NO, it doesn't look victorian...maybe Nouveau....but is it czech or is it from one of the eastern indian countries???  This is just one of those pieces I'm not totally comfortable being able to ID.

Enlarge photo 259
Gayla Esch

Necklace back

Enlarge photo 260
Gayla Esch

Memory Wire Bracelet

I've had this memory wire bracelet for a while, and every time I pick it up I think, "who made this?"  It's so well made and so HEAVY and so beautiful!  I just keep thinking that someone must have the matching brooch, necklace, earrings or something that is signed and can tell me something about this bracelet.

Enlarge photo 261
Vera Battemarco

Genie Pin

Just wondering if anyone might know who made this Genie.

Enlarge photo 262
Vera Battemarco

Genie Pin back

"How cute! reminds me of ART or Golde..."
"I'm going to go with Florenza."
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Enlarge photo 263


enameled with no markings. I have no idea as to the who, where or when. It came is a big mess of stuff, down at the bottom and, amazingly, was undamaged. I love the little flower accents on the rings holding it together. I have seen the same type of accents on jewelry from Siam but my bracelet is totally unmarked. I would greatly appreciate any info as to its pedigree.

Enlarge photo 264

Bracelet back

Enlarge photo 265
Beth Carlson

Sterling Silver Courting Couple Bracelet

No idea on the age, I mean it is definitely an antique. I would guess 1940's or earlier. The gentlemen's costume is somewhat timeless--top hat and cane and long coat, although it looks late 1800's to me, but the girl's dress is short for that time period--although she reminds me of Little Bo-Peep. The little flowers on the edge look also like a Victorian detail. But, it could be later. Any one else have any ideas?

Enlarge photo 266
Tracy Green

Jensen Style Sterling & Baroque Pearls Arts & Crafts Necklace

Have tried with no luck to find the possible maker or country of origin of this circa 1900 collar necklace with Arts & Crafts style leaves and buds/berries around the baroque white pearls. The only mark is "925" impressed on a rectangle on the back.  The box clasp has a four-petal or quatrefoil applied ornament--might this be a clue as to maker or country? I'd have to assume this was either not made for export or made for export to other than the US since by 1891 it would have had to have been marked with country of origin.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Enlarge photo 267
Tracy Green

Jensen Style Sterling & Baroque Pearls Arts & Crafts Necklace

"I might have thought it was Scandina..."
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Enlarge photo 268
Vera Battemarco

Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

Anyone seen the mark on this set of pearls, necklace and bracelet?  I wish it was Mikimoto but I don't think it is...

Enlarge photo 269
Vera Battemarco

Pearl Necklace & Bracelet Signature

Enlarge photo 270
Gayla Esch

Is this a Selro or Selini Bracelet Back?

The style of the bracelet doesn't remind me of what I would think was Selini, but I have been through tons of sites and I can't find a similar back to this one.

Enlarge photo 271
Gayla Esch

Is this a Selro or Selini Bracelet Back?

Enlarge photo 272

Florenza Earrings

Is there a specific name for the cabs in these Florenza earrings?  They are translucent but have an iridescent finish.

Enlarge photo 273

Brooch & Earrings Set

Is this a real set or a "marriage"? Colors of stones are identical as far as I can see but the stones used in the earrings are a different shape--I guess that shouldn't matter.

Enlarge photo 274
Carol Wills Laurito

Horse Head Pendant

The pendant is signed on the back with a copyright symbol and SIR-R. I can find nothing about this designer/company and so thought one of the group might be able to figure it out.

"The closest I could come up with is ..."
"That's the closest in Rainwater's bo..."
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Enlarge photo 275
Carol Wills Laurito

Horse Head Pendant Signature

Enlarge photo 276
Rita Perloff

Enamel Bracelet

Enamel bracelet, unusual as it has a white background but
sort of transparent is the best way I can describe it, then each link has a raised and very detailed enamel flowers. There is a mark on the clasp--can't make it out thought. Anyone recognize the technique/style?

Enlarge photo 277
Rita Perloff

Enamel Bracelet Back

Enlarge photo 278
Rita Perloff

Enamel Bracelet mark

Enlarge photo 279
Dianne Lavenburg


1. Do you think it is commercial or an artisan piece?  Note the close-up of the sterling mark which appears commercial.  However, there appears to be a another scribble on the back of the stone next to it which really doesn't make any sense...perhaps somebody just scratched it, but it's curious.

2. Also on the close up, notice that the metal isn't joined straight together.  Do you think it was a break and repaired?  It does not move at all and I can't see a solder mark.  It's another reason I question if it is a commercial piece.

3. What era do you think this is. It strikes me as mid century but if it's artisan, it could be any time.

Enlarge photo 280
Dianne Lavenburg

Bracelet marked sterling & a scribble?

Enlarge photo 281
Betsy in Maine

Marius Hammer Brooch

Marius Hammer Brooch with mystery stone - blue with speckles and Black with black fissure and what appears to be pyrite speckles when viewed under magnification.  Googled half the night and could not find a similar one.

Enlarge photo 282
Betsy in Maine

Marius Hammer Brooch

Enlarge photo 283
Nicole St-Pierre


Large bracelet-glass-resin
Ever seen this? Sign on every pannel.

Enlarge photo 284
Nicole St-Pierre


Signature or not? It is on the back of every panel.

Enlarge photo 285
Melissa Hatfield

Blue Glass Necklace Set

Can anyone help me with the age or maker of this gorgeous set?  The blue glass is heavily faceted and has a purple flash. It is foiled. The back has a lovely pattern. Is this old, or a newer copy of an older piece? If old, what would be the age? thanks for any help!

Enlarge photo 286
Melissa Hatfield

Blue Glass Necklace set

Enlarge photo 287

Red Dress Clips

I got these two dress clips that are absolutely gorgeous. They are
unmarked. I have gone through all the pictures on the patient sites and also googled. I am wondering if they originally were Coro duettes that lost their
duette back. Or are they someone else, or just unsigned beautiful clips.

Enlarge photo 288

Red Dress Clips

"Wow, I didn't see these. At first l..."
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Enlarge photo 289
Amy Baker

Scrolled Bar Link Chain Necklace

36" Chain is marked in two area's  Sterling with what looks like a letter M in a circle. it  has a scrolled Vine leaf design on the bars  and of course not original to the 1971 SC "Wisteria" necklace .. The bars tested positive for sterling.  If someone has time to  take a look and  help me with a date I certainly would appreciate it.. I am guessing 1940's - 50's.  link below..

"It sure is a pretty chain! That desi..."
"Yes, the 925 silver site is my all t..."
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Enlarge photo 290

Hummingbird Pin

In need of help for a mark at the back of a pin I recently purchased. i have searched online including the RCJ site. On here there was a question about LP jewelry but it was geared towards Lucien Piccard but there was no mention of what mark he uses.

Enlarge photo 291

Hummingbird Pin Signature

Enlarge photo 292
Nicole St-Pierre

Copper Bracelet

Truly would like to identify age and provenance of a wide copper bracelet.

Enlarge photo 293
Nicole St-Pierre

Copper Bracelet

"The Bracelet is AWESOME... I love th..."
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Enlarge photo 294
Gloria Barnhart

Demi Set

Isn't this an over the top demi?  The brooch measures 4 1/4 inches by 3 inches.  The earrings measure 3 inches by 2 inches.  I can not read the mark.  It looks like the first letter is a K and the last looks like an N.  Please take a look an see if you can read the mark.

Enlarge photo 295
Gloria Barnhart

Demi Set Signature

Enlarge photo 296
Andie Haynes


I scoured my books and all the reference sites, etc. I did find one Ruby Lane listing of a sterling mate with hallmarks but they don't know the origin either. Mine is gold plated and there are no hallmarks. Although my photos don't show it, the gold plating and enamel do show wear/age.

Any idea of the origin (or any other info) would be greatly appreciated.

Enlarge photo 297
Andie Haynes

Brooch back

Enlarge photo 298
Gloria Barnhart

Necklace with signature seen in next photo

I know this is a newer necklace but I would love to know who made it.  I don't even know where to start to look up this mark.  It is the letter A with what looks like two wings.
Has anyone seen this mark?  Thanks for any help.

Enlarge photo 299
Gloria Barnhart

Necklace - possibly newer - signature A with what looks like wings

"I just acquired a gold tone ribbed b..."
"You might look up the Marshal Metal ..."
"You might want to look up the Marsha..."
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Enlarge photo 300

Brass Necklace

I wonder if anyone would take a look at this necklace and tell me if they any any idea as to when or where it was made. I do not know where to look. Also would it be at all accurate to describe this as Egyptian influence or revival?

Enlarge photo 301

Brass Necklace clasp

Enlarge photo 302
Linda Vogue

Wrap Around Earrings

Approximate age?  Name for this design?
Matte black hammered metal in a paper Christmas tree garland style.  Three rows of prong set clear rhinestones - 28 RS total on each earring.

Enlarge photo 303
Nicole St-Pierre

"Glass" or "Crystal" Necklace

Not sure at all about this old "glass" necklace; how can you tell if it's crystal? It's heavy but has a very simple pewter and brass clasp. How old could it be?

"You mean if it is Quartz Crystal? Or..."
"Thank you very much for your info......"
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Enlarge photo 304
Nicole St-Pierre

Sherman Senator Cuff Links

Also, does someone know if Sherman used fake stones or genuine for its Senator cuff links line?

Enlarge photo 305
Sue Weaver

Sarah Coventry Brooch

I have a Sarah Coventry brooch signed GB. Have looked at all the usual sources but have been unable to identify its name/date or whether anything else was made to match. Anyone able to help?

Enlarge photo 306
Mary Ann Wilson


I have had this set for years and have not been able to find any info about it at all. I have ongoing searches at Google Alerts & Ebay and I often check on RL etc. I've searched  many different ways(moonstone, opalescent, faux opal...) to no avail. It is very well made and heavyweight and in great condition, in my opinion.

Enlarge photo 307
Mary Ann Wilson

Parure back in goldtone

"Possible Hobe? Weiss?"
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Enlarge photo 308
Nicole St-Pierre

Necklace Extender

I have a necklace with an extender I've never seen and wonder if it could be from Austria or else? Not signed. The rhinestones are set high on extender.

Enlarge photo 309
Nicole St-Pierre

Necklace extender set

Enlarge photo 310
Gloria Barnhart

Coro Necklace

I am trying to figure out the age of this Coro necklace.  It is marked Coro Desc. Pat. Pend.  The last three words are hard to see because it is plated over the words.

Enlarge photo 311
Gayla Esch
Made in Italy Bead Necklace

I've had this necklace for weeks now, and I just can't think of who makes it and I can't find a similar one on line.

Enlarge photo 312
Gayla Esch
Made in Italy Bead Necklace clasp

Enlarge photo 313
Delores Benedict

How old do you think this is?
Mother of pearl shell with what I think is brass elephant heads.
It is a slip on bangle.

Enlarge photo 314

Turtle Chatelaine

"You have some really nice pieces the..."
"I have a set - brooch and earrings w..."
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Enlarge photo 315

Turtle Chatelaine

Enlarge photo 316

Possible Boucher?

Enlarge photo 317

Possible Boucher?

Enlarge photo 318
Linda Vogue
Green Bracelet

Is there a name for these goldtone metal beads that looked pinched? Are they even called beads?

Enlarge photo 319
Amy Baker

gold-'21 Necklace

Newer contemporary, very well made.  Marked on a raised oval cartouche "gold-'21" ( just as I have typed and all in lower case)
Measures 17 inches.
Any information is appreciated.

Enlarge photo 320
Amy Baker

gold-'21 signature on cartouche

Enlarge photo 321
Jesse Moore
Grasshopper Pendant/Necklace

Chain measures 20 inches from end to end and the pendant measures 1 and 1/4 inches from end to end and 3/4 inches tall including the oval jump ring.

Enlarge photo 322
Jesse Moore
Grasshopper Pendant/Necklace

Signed on the back "IMAH Plata 925 M"... At first I thought it was silver plated, but I did a search on http://925-1000.com in the forums and found the same pendant, but the pendant on the forums also had "MOR"... I found out that the work PLATA in spanish means "Silver"... It also stated that this is NOT from Mexico, but more than likely from Spain... Anyone have any other info or possibly a site where I can look at Spain Hallmarks???

"It could be from any Spanish speakin..."
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Enlarge photo 323
Rebecca Fransway
Unsigned Beauty Necklace

This necklace is an unsigned beauty but obviously a designer piece. Does
anyone recognize the end-piece on the necklace chain
or otherwise know who the designer might be? If so, thank you. I would
love to find the earrings or bracelet!

"It is from the 1950's designer, Hous..."
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Enlarge photo 324
Judi Bolan
Gold Glass Bead Necklace

The crinkled glass beads are a golden color, maybe gold foil inside?? barrel clasp...I just thought the beads were so different than most I have seen...any ideas??

Enlarge photo 325
Nancy Cox
Mark on Cross

Is this mark familiar to anyone? I don't think it is Mexican but am not sure who else uses 925.

Enlarge photo 326
Nancy Cox
Mark on Cross

I assume it is sterling silver but it doesn't react like silver, more like pot metal. BTW, I didn't put all that silver polish in there. I have to get it out!

Enlarge photo 327
Unsigned Demi

Any help would be appreciated. The earrings do have a Pat Pend mark.

Enlarge photo 328
Unsigned Demi Backs

Enlarge photo 329
Silver Bracelet

Does anyone know this maker's mark? The silver hallmarks link doesn't show
anything, either do my silver books.
It's the word Silver then an L in a circle then Mexico.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Enlarge photo 330
Silver Bracelet

". . . perhaps an arts & craft-y sty..."
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Enlarge photo 331
Sterling Silver 925 Shell Earrings

Measures 1 inch wide by 3/4 of an inch in length. Lightweight, Hollow . . . Marked "ND 925" on the back of both earrings. According to 925-1000 website these could be either from Thailand Early 1980's or could possibly be Danish in origin: Danish Silversmith who used this "ND" mare were: http://www.925-1000.com/denmarkN.html Just scroll down to the "ND" marks... The earring clip backs are ones I have seen before, but not too many. . . I bought them at an Etstate Sale in Little Rock... Anyone else have any info...

Enlarge photo 332
Sterling Silver 925 Shell Earrings

Enlarge photo 333

I picked up this small bracelet on the weekend and have been trying to do some research. I have found something very like it online. The person selling the similar item thinks theirs might be a Lea Stein. I have never had any thing Lea Stein and know very little about this creator. I would welcome any opinions.

Enlarge photo 334
Carole in Indiana

Is there a name for this particular type of hinge?

Enlarge photo 335
Dianne Lavenburg
Dress Clip

It is as found, very dark, dirty, some missing rhinestones in the earrings, but I just could not pass him up, but who is he?  Who made him?  First thought was Joseff but I think all Joseff piece were signed...no?  So, I don't have a clue.  Should I clean him?  Is he brass?  Any ideas?

Enlarge photo 336
Dianne Lavenburg
Dress Clip back

Enlarge photo 337


This necklace has glass beads that on one half of each side of the bead has tracing in the glass that remind me of the way a log looks when you take the bark off and you can see the paths made by little critters.The person who gave me this necklace claim these marks are hand carved in the production process. This seems unlikely to me. Should I just call these art glass or is there a better name?

Enlarge photo 338

Necklace closeup

Enlarge photo 339

Orange Bead Necklace

This necklace has some sort of plastic beads and a really neat neck closure that I have not seen before. Is there a name for this? I am leaning to swivel clasp but I am wondering if there is a correct name.

Enlarge photo 340

Orange Bead Necklace Clasp

Enlarge photo 341
Tess in TN
"Strange Juliana"

Is this D&E/Juliana? Interesting construction. I would appreciate any information about this beautiful, unusual piece.

Enlarge photo 342
Tess in TN
"Strange Juliana" backs

Enlarge photo 343