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 - Amarillo. Tx. Tascosa High School Class of 1963  

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Album by rx. Photos by Las Memorias 1963. 1 - 59 of 59 Total. 8490 Visits.
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Enlarge PDF 1
1-THS55 Reunion Announcement.pdf Edit
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Enlarge PDF 2
2-Recreation Rates 2018.pdf Edit
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Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 3
3-55THS Attendance Registration Sheet.docx Edit
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Enlarge photo 4
55th Logo Edit
September 2018 Edit

Enlarge photo 5
50th Logo Edit
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Enlarge photo 6
Neil Hess Edit
dies at 85 June 9 2016 Edit
"Neil Hess, formative figure of dance..."
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Enlarge photo 7
Coach-Kyle-Obit Edit
January 30, 2016 Edit
"A terrific individual, coach and men..."
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Enlarge photo 8
Dr Lendon "Lindy" Smith Edit
March 2 2015 Edit

Enlarge photo 9
Diane Weidling Edit
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"Diane Brack Weidling, 65, of Amarill..."
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Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 10
James May (Dana Hoving's Husband) Edit
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Enlarge photo 11
Texas State Championship Team Edit
Article appeared in Pioneer. Edit

Enlarge photo 12
Championship Trophy Edit
Congratulation Mark!! Edit

Enlarge photo 13
Mark Yarbrough Edit
Reunion was the scene of a long overdue accolade to Mark as Texas State Track High Point Champion Edit

Enlarge photo 14
Ginger Witcher Edit
Jones Witcher's Sister graduated class of 64 Edit
"Virginia “Ginger” Lynn Witcher Rawli..."
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Enlarge photo 15
Bob Hatton Edit
Apparently Bob has lots of articles in the paper. Check em out. cutnpaste (ctrl c) link below into your browser address bar (ctrl v) Edit
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Enlarge photo 16
Sid Bayless Edit
Charles Sidney “Sid” Bayless, 79, of Amarillo, died Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012. Edit
"Sid was born Aug. 19, 1932, to Charl..."
"He sparked my interest in chemistry."
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Enlarge photo 17
Sue Ann Hayes  Gatlin Edit
July 17 1945   October 21 2011 Edit
"A genuine lovely lady and sweet clas..."
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Enlarge photo 18
cannon Edit
Mr. Cy Buchanan: Associate Principal (T-Z)

Left to Right at the canon: Mr. John Smith: Assistant Principal (Jo-Ol)

Mr. Jonathan Lloyd: Assistant Principal (A-Di)

Mr. Drew Perkins: Assistant Principal (Or-S)  No relation to the 1st Mr. Perkins

Enlarge photo 19
Lynch-Pulliam Edit
Mr. Howard Lynch: Tascosa High School’s First Principal

Dr. Lynn Pulliam: Current Tascosa High School Principal
"In the 50 year history of Tascosa Hi..."
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Enlarge photo 20
Then and Now Edit
Miss Jane Williams “Miss Willie” : Dean of Women
Mrs. Marcia Parr: Assistant Principal
"“Miss Willie”, as she was affectiona..."
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Enlarge photo 21
Raymond Perkins Edit
Mr Perkins ran a tight ship. I believe Dennis Eubanks kept up with him until his death. Edit
"In mid May '63 He expelled me for mi..."
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Enlarge photo 22
Hall of Fame Edit
THS announces two new members to the Tascosa High School Rebel Hall of Fame: Mrs. Darleen Russell: Faculty Member from 1958-1979

Mr. Gene Gifford: Class of 1959
"From left to right: Mrs. Grace Vacho..."
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Enlarge photo 23
45 th Reunion Edit
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"Seated 1. Rhenda Fuqua Beeson 2.Pa..."
"Standing ; first row 1. Carroll Gat..."
"1.Rob Pendleton 2.Dennis Eubanks 3..."
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Enlarge PDF 24
http://oldfortyfives.com/CarsWeDrove.htm Edit
cut n paste url into your address bar..Site is no longer up. Edit

Enlarge photo 25
40th reunion picture Edit
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"Seated on floor; left ot right 1...."
"Seated; left to right 1. Sue Haye..."
"Standing; left to right 1. Carrol..."
"Back row; left to right 1. Rob Pe..."
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Enlarge photo 26
40th 18 Edit
Susan Robertson, Patsy Cain Warnick, Judy Kay Jupe Fine Edit

Enlarge photo 27
Group Pic  3  @ 25th Reunion Edit
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"Picture was taken at our 25th Year R..."
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Enlarge photo 28
40th 19 Edit
Judy Kay Jupe Fine, Tommy Fine, Johnny Weidling, James Baker Cheryl Swearengen Edit

Enlarge photo 29
40th 12 Edit
Carrol Gatlin and Sue Ann Hayes Gatlin Edit

Enlarge photo 30
40th 13 Edit
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Enlarge photo 31
40th 14 Edit
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Enlarge photo 32
40th 15 Edit
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Enlarge photo 33
40th 16 Edit
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Enlarge photo 34
40th 17 Edit
Bob and Lanna Hatton Edit

Enlarge photo 35
THS #40 012 Edit
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Enlarge photo 36
40th 1 Edit
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Enlarge photo 37
40th 2 Edit
Doug Rankin & Brenda Pugh Edit

Enlarge photo 38
40th 3 Edit
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Enlarge photo 39
40th 4 Edit
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Enlarge photo 40
40th 5 Edit
Mark Yarbrough and Lanna Fritsch/Hatton Edit

Enlarge photo 41
40th 6 Edit
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Enlarge photo 42
40th 7 Edit
Lynna Wilson/Wood and Jones Witcher Edit

Enlarge photo 43
40th 9 Edit
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Enlarge photo 44
40th 10 Edit
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Enlarge photo 45
40th 11 Edit
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Enlarge photo 46
Mike Lynch Family Edit
On the left top is Jason (oldest son) and his wife Jennifer. Their son is on my knee. He is Austin,age 5. Wife Ann is holding Thomas "Bo" Lynch ,son of our youngest son Barry (far top right) and his wife Judy. Jason is a lawyer and Barry is the regional Credit Union Examiner. Ann is retired teacher. I am doing various odd jobs. Edit

Enlarge photo 47
Don & Joann Woroner
3608 Knapp Road, Ocean Springs MS 39564
228-547-9296 (Cell)

Enlarge photo 48
Len Bussey Edit
Len and Linda and 6 of 11 Grandkids (Range from 15yearsto 2 years old) Edit
"Life is good! All our grandkids but..."
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Enlarge photo 49
James Baker Family Edit
First Row Graham (yawning) Emily, Madi, Second Row Brandon (oldest son) Michelle, ME, Carolyn(THS66)Amber, Derek (next son) Kaleb.  This is at Halloween at our house. Missing is Jason(youngest son at TTU) Edit

Enlarge photo 50
Linda ("Kitten") Foster Amar 2005 Edit
Hard to see, but I'm wearing a black leather fringed jacket with red inlaid roses. I took up motorcycle riding at 46 and this is one of my riding jackets.  After a couple of crashes, I cut back to a Honda 150 scooter--at this point, it's about gas mileage! They get about 80 mpg. Edit

Enlarge photo 51
Alberta Wesley Fiant Family Edit
This was at my youngest daughters wedding last year when we got all 5 daughter, husbands, and 14 grandchildren together.  I am the one in the orange in the middle.  The ex, Terry Gerhardt, also managed to get in the family picture.  He is the one on the right in a suit. My husband Bill, is the gentleman just above the bride.  I don't think that you want me to name all the rest of them.  I am very proud of my family and just wanted to show them off! Edit
"Thank you Alberta... Now you get to ..."
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Enlarge photo 52
Karen Sharp and  daughter, Kerry Lionadh Edit
One classmate said we are clones. LOL I would love for more classmates to join us on the website. It's great to see everyone across the years and miles. I am in Ottawa, Canada so would the lower 50 let me hear from them? Karen Sharp Levesque Edit

Enlarge photo 53
Jack Tomlinson Edit
Here is mine.The beard comes and mostly goes...  It annoys the wife, but with so much white hair among the blond it annoys me too.  Only the grin never changed.
 lol...Jack Tomlinson, Maryland
"Jack, you look great! The years have..."
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Enlarge photo 54
David Ater Edit
Ok,OK...David Ater does exist....
and I'm not really this serious...but I do have hair...and no wisecracks about the color (or lack thereof...). Peggy and I are still in Santa Fe and part-time in Vancouver, BC.
So when is the next gathering?  I really, really will try....
Best to all.

Enlarge photo 55
Genelyn's Cannon Ray's Family Edit
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Enlarge photo 56
Dennis Eubanks Family Edit
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"Thanks so much for Posting your pict..."
"Dennis! Great photo! Congratulatio..."
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Enlarge photo 57
RexFamily Edit
Goff: The 100th most common name in the US and moving up. My bride of 43 yrs passed calmly of melanoma April 22, 2011. Truly a kind loving spirit. Edit
"The baby's name is really not Prince..."
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Enlarge photo 58
Pepperony Edit
Acquired as orphaned 5 week old.
Try's more then any pet we've seen to be well mannered and obedient. Mixed rat terrier/chihuahua. Died June 4 2015

Enlarge photo 59
saturday Edit
Acquired 2002 from a feral field liter. Calm, gentle and loving. Odorless too. Shares, plays with three dogs. Leukemia Oct 3 2017 Edit

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The older I get, the more I enjoy memory lane.  Great way to keep posted on everyone.
Bonnie Todd Bevill, Thu, 27 Jun 2013 8:22PM
Rex, you have a great web site. Talk about a walk down memory lane. Thank you for all the hard work.

Chuck Speed
Chuck Speed | http://chuckspeed.com, Mon, 21 Sep 2009 8:01AM
Love the Pics. I am so computer illeriate,I"ll never be able to do this, BUT I can access them!
Candy SHAW(Loomis), Fri, 13 Oct 2006 9:22AM
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