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Then and Now Edit
Miss Jane Williams “Miss Willie” : Dean of Women
Mrs. Marcia Parr: Assistant Principal
"“Miss Willie”, as she was affectionately know, was a dynamic force at Tascosa High School from the moment the doors opened in 1958 until her retirement in 1980. For over forty years Miss Willie taught physical education, coached, served as counselor, and took up the gauntlet as Dean of Girls and Assistant Principal, but to thousands of teenagers she was simply FRIEND. Her loud drill sergeant bark terrified guilty students and could clear out a room in seconds but her compassion and care comforted and inspired those in need. A loyal Rebel, she wrote the words to the school song and helped THS establish its traditions and goals. Miss Willie would make girls get on their knees and would measure their dresses to make sure they were not too short. Faculty members who graduated and came back to teach at THS tell stories of how she still struck fear in them when she called their name, many even resorted to going a different direction or hiding when they saw her coming when they were students or even faculty members. . Many a high school boy would have rather dealt with the boy’s principal than have to see Miss Willie. Students who were late had to sign in tardy in her office, a sentence worse than one could imagine. Very seldom were students tardy more than once after dealing with Miss. Willie, yet she had a heart the size of Texas and would do anything for a student in need. Mrs. Marcia Parr has been at THS for 10 years as an assistant principal. Mrs. Parr is married to Steve Parr, head football coach and athletic coordinator at Palo Duro High School. They both graduated from Dalhart High School where they were high school sweethearts. It is the small town story of he was the quarterback and she was a cheerleader. Where Miss. Willie only dealt with females, Mrs. Parr is assistant principal for all students whose last names begin with Do to Ji. Her oldest son, Scott is the offensive coordinator for the West Texas A&M University Buffalos. He and his wife Kyla are expecting their 1st child in February. Her youngest son, Seth is married and is the head football coach and athletic coordinator at Caprock High School. He and his wife Ann have one daughter, Autumn May." --Admin, 03/19/09
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