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Help @ ImageEvent -- We strive to provide you excellent support!
Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. What options do I have to guest password protect and hide my albums?
  2. I want to order some prints, how do I order prints and products?
  3. I want to put my images in my auctions? How do I do that?
  4. How do I delete my photos?
  5. How do I purchase the Premium Package with a check or money order?
Customer Service
Email support available 7 days a week
Questions about albums, images, order, or customer support?
3 easy ways to contact us.
   1. Use our
online form. * This is the preferred contact
   2. Email: support@imageevent.com
       Please include username & email from registered address
   3. Phone: 7am-3pm Pacific Time M-F (408)739-1414

New Users. Go.
Creating an ImageEvent account
Word Verification
Choosing your Username that makes the URL
Logging into the website
Your registration information

Creating Album.
Describe album
Select guestbook or email a comment
Allow photo comments
Ability to order photo products and prints
Generate regular 1x or larger 2x thumbnails
Number of columns and number of photos per page
Selecting sizes to view photos in and default viewing size
Submitting album for review in public gallery
Album Security
Adding guest password to URL

Uploading or Emailing Images/Videos.
What is uploading
File formats supported and limits
Using Easy Upload
Using Mega Upload
Using FTP Upload
FTP with Internet Explorer 7
Send images by email
Automatic Image Descriptions
Which is the best browser to use
Sending in a CD or DVD for us to upload

Creating Folder.
Create folder
Describe folder
Create URL
Move existing album to new folder
Folder Security
Adding guest password to URL

Working with Albums.
Add descriptions and photo comments
Sign the guestbook or email a comment
Personalizing colors, background, border color
Viewing statistics
Rearranging albums
Deleting album
Add more images and edit your album

Working with Images.
Rotating images
Deleting images
Copying images to another album
Moving images to another album
Rearranging images
Adding images to auctions, eBay, or message boards
Downloading 1 or more photos/videos/documents at once
Share Albums. Go.
4 Ways to Share
Send Photo Album by Email
Invite friends and family
Adding photo album directly in your website
What is the URL and sharing it
Adding guest password to album URL
Sharing using the same guest passwords
Using your addressbook

Linking Albums.
Link your friends album in your account
What albums are not allowed to be linked

Searching Albums.
Search folders, albums, images by keywords

Working with Home page.
Password protect your home page
Change display name on home page and navigation
Add a personal message
Album listing type with preview of 1st thumbnail
Add 3 external links to your Home page

Buy Prints & Photo-Products.
Ordering prints and products
Prints and products available
Order from multiple albums
Selecting crop than fit when ordering to remove white bars
Entering discount coupons
Resolution guide
Scanning guide
Domestic shipping prices
International shipping prices

Account & Membership Packages.
Account packages and how to upgrade
Forms of payment
Pay with a check or money order
Pay with PayPal
When does the Trial Package Expire?
Maximum size image and file-types supported
Prefential customer support
Coupons: 10% general discount and 5 free glossy 4x6 prints
How do I cancel my account
Change name, password, and email address
Finding username and password
Can I purchase more storage?
Can you restore a removed account?

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