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My Art
Although I consider many of my photographs to be "Art", I have designated some in the Art category, along with traditional media; watercolor, oil, acrylic.
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John E. Keller Paintings
1. John E. Keller Paintings 
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Creative Photography
2. Creative Photography 
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Symmetree Series: Winter
3. Symmetree Series: Winter  (2019)
Trees in the winter may seem a bit desolate, with all of the leaves missing. However, I've found they make a great tool for creating surreal symmetric designs. In sharing several of these with my class titled "Photography for Visual Artists", one of the students said "symmetrees"...so that's what I named the series. I've learned which trees work the best and I can visualize, generally, what the final image will look like, but there are always serendipity surprises.
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Symmetree Series: Spring
4. Symmetree Series: Spring  (2019)
This series of images explores the symmetry of layered views of trees in the spring time of the year. Many interesting detail nuances appear in the creation of these images.
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