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Paintings & Photography by John E Keller
The paintings and drawings represent my interest in all things visual, nurtured through my formal training as an artist and by my parents who were both engaged in the beauty of this world. Travel with me, through these photographs, to my back yard in Arkansas, around the U.S., and overseas to Europe, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and China. Once you are viewing the contents of a folder, you can double click on any photograph and then enlarge the image with a menu at the bottom. There are several main folders, with many sub-folders nested in them.
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My Art
1. My Art  (July 26, 2020)
Although I consider many of my photographs to be "Art", I have designated some in the Art category, along with traditional media; watercolor, oil, acrylic.
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2. Places  (July 26, 2020)
This folder contains various geographic locations in the U.S. and around the world.
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Subject Themes
3. Subject Themes  (July 26, 2020)
This folder contains subject themes such as; clouds, landscape, water, flora, fauna, etc.
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