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Paintings & Photography by John E Keller
The paintings and drawings represent my interest in all things visual, nurtured through my formal training as an artist and by my parents who were both engaged in the beauty of this world. Travel with me, through these photographs, to my back yard in Arkansas, around the U.S., and overseas to Europe, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and China. Once you are viewing the contents of a folder, you can double click on any photograph and then enlarge the image with a menu at the bottom.
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John E. Keller Paintings
1. John E. Keller Paintings 
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Symmetree Series: Spring
2. Symmetree Series: Spring  (2019)
This series of images explores the symmetry of layered views of trees in the spring time of the year. Many interesting detail nuances appear in the creation of these images.
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Symmetree Series: Winter
3. Symmetree Series: Winter  (2019)
Trees in the winter may seem a bit desolate, with all of the leaves missing. However, I've found they make a great tool for creating surreal symmetric designs. In sharing several of these with my class titled "Photography for Visual Artists", one of the students said "symmetrees"...so that's what I named the series. I've learned which trees work the best and I can visualize, generally, what the final image will look like, but there are always serendipity surprises.
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Creative Photography
4. Creative Photography 
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Kenya_Mt. Oloonogot
5. Kenya_Mt. Oloonogot  (July 2019)
Mount Longonot is a volcano located near Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, Africa. It is thought to have last erupted in the 1860s and it's name is derived from the Maasai word Oloonong'ot, meaning "mountains of many spurs" or "steep ridges".
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Kenya_Ol Pejeta Conservancy
6. Kenya_Ol Pejeta Conservancy  (July 2019)
The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a 140 square mile wildlife conservancy in Central Kenya and located on the equator.
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Kenya_Great Wildeebeast Migration
7. Kenya_Great Wildeebeast Migration  (July 2019)
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Kenya, Africa_Sanctuary Farm
8. Kenya, Africa_Sanctuary Farm 
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Kenya, Africa_Great Rift Valley & Gorge
9. Kenya, Africa_Great Rift Valley & Gorge 
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Kenya,Africa_Maasai Mara
10. Kenya,Africa_Maasai Mara 
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Kenya, Africa Flora
11. Kenya, Africa Flora  (July 2019)
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Kenya, Africa_Nairobi
12. Kenya, Africa_Nairobi  (July 2019)
This folder contains images shot while traveling to several locations in  and around Nairobi, Maasai Mara, and several wildlife parks in Kenya.
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Grand Canyon, Arizona
13. Grand Canyon, Arizona  (May, 2017)
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Sedona, Arizona
14. Sedona, Arizona  (May, 2017)
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Maui_West Maui
15. Maui_West Maui  (May, 2017)
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16. Maui  (May, 2017)
Three other albums accompany this selection of photographs. They are: West Maui, Hana Highway, and Maui Flora.
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Maui, Hana Highway
17. Maui, Hana Highway 
These photographs were taken along the famous Hana Highway in Maui
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Maui Ocean Center Aquarium
18. Maui Ocean Center Aquarium  (May, 2017)
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Maui Flora
19. Maui Flora  (May, 2017)
In order to break up the photographs from Maui and to accommodate those who are more interested in flora than landscape, I have grouped the photographs that are fundamentally about flora into this album.
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20. Nebraska  (2009)
Several of these photographs were taken on my last trip back to my home state for the funeral of my father. The overgrown farm house and outbuildings were the home place where my four brothers and I grew up. It is long deserted now, but the memories are strong. The nostalgia of the Nebraska landscape lingers heavily in my mind, from the smell of sagebrush to the feel of the dry wind as it pushes the tumbleweeds across the fields, lodging them in countless miles of barbed wire.
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Boothbay, Maine
21. Boothbay, Maine 
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Bar Harbor, Maine
22. Bar Harbor, Maine  (August, 2015)
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Camden, Maine
23. Camden, Maine  (August, 2015)
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Kennebunkport, Maine
24. Kennebunkport, Maine 
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Portland, Maine
25. Portland, Maine 
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26. Flora 
These images represent a wide range of flora, a favorite subject that I inherited from my Mother's lifelong passion for photographing wild flowers of the plains states, particularly in Nebraska.
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27. Fauna 
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28. Arkansas 
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Paris, France
29. Paris, France  (August, 2005)
I hope to add some photos to this folder, but most of my photos of Paris (and Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, and half of a summer in Europe) were lost when a computer was stolen, as we were leaving to catch our International flight home. The lesson learned...always back up your photos.
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Hocking Hills, Ohio
30. Hocking Hills, Ohio  (Summer 2014)
On a trip to Ohio to visit our son in Columbus and go to a wedding in Lancaster, we were able to visit Hocking Hills State Park. What a pleasant surprise!
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Luxor to Cairo: Views from the train.
31. Luxor to Cairo: Views from the train.  (Fall, 2011)
The early morning light provided great photography, on our overnight train from Luxor to Cairo.
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Panorama Photographs
32. Panorama Photographs 
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Helena, Arkansas
33. Helena, Arkansas 
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park
34. Great Smoky Mountains National Park 
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35. Sunrise/Sunset 
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36. Structures 
Structures, that is, buildings, parts of buildings, or other man-made structures that have interesting aesthetic qualities.
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37. Winter 
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38. Fireworks 
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39. Clouds 
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40. Aerial 
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Rural Hunan Province
41. Rural Hunan Province  (May, 2013)
These photographs were taken from the car, as our driver took us from Loudi City to Xinhua County and the famous Ziquejie Rice Terraces.
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Great Wall
42. Great Wall  (May, 2013)
The Great Wall of China dates from as early as the 7th century BC. The majority of the existing wall dates from the renovation of pre-existing walls and new walls that were built during the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368–1644).
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Terracotta Army
43. Terracotta Army  (May, 2013)
The Terracotta Army or the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, are near life sized depictions of the armies of Qin Shi Huang, first Emperor of China. It is near Xi'an, Shaanxi province. The three pits contain approximately 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses, and 150 cavalry horses. Many are still buried in the pits near by Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum.
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Langshan Mountains, China
44. Langshan Mountains, China 
Langshan Mountains is a National Geological Park in Hunan Province, China, and famous for its unique Danxia landform.
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Rice Terraces
45. Rice Terraces 
These two-thousand year old terraced rice fields are very out-of-the-way for non-Chinese tourists. This is a beautiful convergence of man's resourcefulness in God's creative splendor. Ziquejie Terraces were begun during the Qin Dynasty, the first imperial dynasty of China which lasted from 221 to 206 BC.
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Ziquejie Terraced Rice Fields-Raw Photos
46. Ziquejie Terraced Rice Fields-Raw Photos 
The photos in this album are un-edited RAW images. The blank XMP "images" are what are called "sidecar" files, with data that is tied to the images. It is best to go to the Edited Ziquejie Terraced Rice Fields album to view these photographs. This folder is for Cloud storage purposes.
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Forbidden City, Beijing, China
47. Forbidden City, Beijing, China  (May, 2013)
An invitation to teach Watercolor in Loudi City, Hunan Province, China gave me the opportunity to visit Beijing for a couple of days. The Forbidden City was one of the places we visited while in Beijing.
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Summer Palace - Beijing, China
48. Summer Palace - Beijing, China  (May, 2013)
The Summer Palace, begun in 1122 near Beijing, was a retreat area for the Emperor.
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49. Florida 
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50. Israel  (November, 2011)
Of the thousands of photographs I took in Israel, this is a small sampling. Eventually, I'll upload more.
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Egypt: Sinai
51. Egypt: Sinai  (November 15-16, 2011)
Perhaps the highlight of the fall semester in Greece, Israel and Egypt were the two days we spent making our way through Sinai. Beautiful Desolation! The desert is awesome. The overnight hike to the top of the traditional Mt. Sinai, in order to be there for sunrise, though grueling, was a tremendous experience.
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Mt. Sinai, Sinai Peninsula
52. Mt. Sinai, Sinai Peninsula  (November 2011)
On our bus trip from the southern tip of Israel, through the Sinai Peninsula, in reverse route of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. We stopped overnight at the base of the traditional Mt. Sinai and at 1:00 A.M. we began our ascent of the mountain on a path that had been roughly hewn out for such pilgrimages. We arrived near the peak at about 4:00 A.M. and waited in an unheated tin hut, with temperatures in the 20's F., for it to get light enough for our final ascent to the summit, for sunrise.
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53. Egypt  (November 15-22, 2011)
As the visiting faculty person for the Fall 2011 Harding University in Greece (HUG) International Program, my wife, Sally, and I were able to travel through the route of the Exodus in Sinai, visit the sites in and around Cairo, Luxor, and Abu Simbel, and take a three-day Nile cruise. I hope you enjoy these images.
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Egypt, Cairo to Aswan
54. Egypt, Cairo to Aswan 
Most of the photos in this folder were taken in the early morning, from the train, as our overnight train ride from Cairo to Aswan drew to a close. In some photographs, what appears to be smoke in the air is actually dirt on the windows of the train, which apparently had not been cleaned for decades.
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Upper Egypt
55. Upper Egypt  (November, 2011)
Unlike what we typically think of "upper" being north on a map, "upper Egypt" is southern Egypt, a reference to the elevation. Obviously, the Nile runs south to north and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. So "upper Egypt" is close to Sudan, in southern Egypt.
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Upper Egypt, Nubia
56. Upper Egypt, Nubia 
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Edfu, Egypt
57. Edfu, Egypt 
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74 Images
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Luxor, Egypt
58. Luxor, Egypt 
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Nile River
59. Nile River 
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60. Greece  (Fall 2011)
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Florence, Italy
61. Florence, Italy 
849 Visits
151 Images
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Assisi, Italy
62. Assisi, Italy 
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37 Images
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Venice, Italy
63. Venice, Italy 
879 Visits
56 Images
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Cinque Terre, Italy
64. Cinque Terre, Italy 
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Isle of Capri
65. Isle of Capri  (Summer 2008)
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Sorrento & Amalfi Coast, Italy
66. Sorrento & Amalfi Coast, Italy  (Summer 2008)
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67. Switzerland  (Summer 2005)
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Art from Pompeii
68. Art from Pompeii 
Photos taken at the National Archaeological Museum, Naples
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San Marino
69. San Marino  (Summer 2008)
These photographs were taken on a day-trip from Rimini to San Marino the summer of 2008.
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70. Sicily  (Summer 2008)
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Padova (Padua), Italy
71. Padova (Padua), Italy  (Summer 2008)
Not far from Venice, and a good place to spend the night if you're on your way to Venice, Padova is home to some significant art.
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Bay of Naples
72. Bay of Naples 
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From the Train: Rimini to Florence
73. From the Train: Rimini to Florence  (Summer 2008)
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From the train: Assisi to Florence
74. From the train: Assisi to Florence  (Summer 2008)
It's quite a challenge to capture a good landscape, which there a lot of in Italy, from the window of a moving train. Typically, one only has seconds to get the shot.
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From the Train: Lyon to Geneva
75. From the Train: Lyon to Geneva  (Summer 2008)
These photographs were taken at the end of our summer 2008 trip to Europe.
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76. Kauai  (January, 2011)
These photographs were taken on our 40th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii.
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77. Oahu  (January, 2011)
These pictures were taken while celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in Hawaii.
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78. Baltimore 
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79. Princeton 
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Minnesota Boundary Water
80. Minnesota Boundary Water 
These photographs were taken during the summer of 2006  when two of my brothers, David and Allen, and I spent the good part of a week in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota.
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New York
81. New York 
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