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Art In The Time of Corona
1. Art In The Time of Corona  (January 3, 2021)
A collection of famous art masterpieces both classical and modern recreated during the corona virus lockdown and beyond, using costumes, props, and "found" items.
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52 Images
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HeroesCon 2019
2. HeroesCon 2019  (June 17, 2019)
One of the largest comic conventions in the South East, and an annual favorite with the 501st Carolina Garrison
224 Visits
39 Images
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Twilight Costume Photo Shoot
3. Twilight Costume Photo Shoot  (November 2009)
A weekend photo shoot showcasing costume recreations from the "Twilight" films.  Photos courtesy of Jeff Hawley, Joe Iglesias, Jennifer DeVoll, Rachel Wyman, and Cheralyn Lambeth.
5129 Visits
59 Images
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Harry Potter Costume Photo Shoot
4. Harry Potter Costume Photo Shoot  (November 2009)
A weekend photo shoot showcasing costume recreations from the "Harry Potter" films.  Photos courtesy of Jeffrey Hawley, Joe Iglesias, Rachel Wyman, Jennifer DeVoll, and Cheralyn Lambeth.
412 Visits
48 Images
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Battlestar Galactica
5. Battlestar Galactica  (April 16, 2009)
Costume/prop recreations and event photos centered around the Battlestar Galactica series
687 Visits
20 Images
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6. "Twilight"   (March 24, 2009)
508 Visits
18 Images
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FarPoint 09
7. FarPoint 09  (February 16, 2009)
Members of Luna-C, Old Line Garrison, Garrison Tyranus, Garrison Carida, the NorthEast Remnant and the Carolina Garrison gather for this annual convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland
638 Visits
21 Images
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MarsCon '09
8. MarsCon '09  (January 16-18, 2009)
Members of Luna-C, the 501st Carolina Garrison, the Ohio Garrison, and Garrison Tyranus participate in this annual "relax-a-con" in Williamsburg, VA
1017 Visits
36 Images
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Princess Leia Boot Tutorial
9. Princess Leia Boot Tutorial  (December 9, 2008)
A brief photo/instruction guide on constructing a pair of Princess Leia boots from "Star Wars:  A New Hope"
6571 Visits
18 Images
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Richmond Ukrops Holiday Parade
10. Richmond Ukrops Holiday Parade  (December 6, 2008)
Members of the 501st Carolina Garrison join members of Garrison Tyranus and the Rebel Legion for this annual holiday event
9215 Visits
57 Images
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"300" Costume tutorial
11. "300" Costume tutorial  (October 2008)
A 3-day, 30-dollar, 300 costume!
1483 Visits
30 Images
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Halloween 2008
12. Halloween 2008  (October 2008)
Photos from the various Halloween events throughout the month!
10283 Visits
50 Images
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Pottery Barn Kids Events
13. Pottery Barn Kids Events  (September 7, 2008)
The 501st Carolina Garrison appears at Pottery Barn Kids stores throughout North Carolina to promote their new line of Star Wars home decor
7180 Visits
48 Images
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Star Wars:  Clone Wars Pre-Screening
14. Star Wars:  Clone Wars Pre-Screening  (August 12, 2008)
The 501st Carolina Garrison greets the press and other attendees at a pre-screening of the new Star Wars animated movie in Charlotte, NC
1626 Visits
9 Images
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Star Wars Celebration Japan
15. Star Wars Celebration Japan  (July 19-21, 2008)
A gathering of Star Wars celebrities and fans in Tokyo, Japan.
8468 Visits
133 Images
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