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Art In The Time of Corona
A collection of famous art masterpieces both classical and modern recreated during the corona virus lockdown and beyond, using costumes, props, and "found" items.
Date(s): January 3, 2021. Album by Cheralyn Lambeth. Photos by Cheralyn Lambeth. 1 - 24 of 52 Total. 1 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
"Spring (Jeanne)," Edouard Manet, 1881
Inspired by the Getty Museum Art Challenge, this piece was quickly recreated with items found around the house.

Enlarge photo 2
"Self Portrait, Yawning," Joseph Ducreux, 1783
Another Getty-inspired recreation

Enlarge photo 3
"Mona Lisa," Leonarda da Vinci, 1517
One of the most famous paintings in art history, this one was a definite choice for the collection

Enlarge photo 4
"Girl With Pearl Earring," Johannes Vermeer, 1665
Another well-known and simple portrait quickly created from items found around the house

Enlarge photo 5
"Arrangement in Grey & Black No 1," James McNeill Whistler
Better known as "Whistler's Mother," this 1871 painting was another easy recreation made with "found" items. The cap was created from a pinned pillowcase.

Enlarge photo 6
"George Washington After the Battle of Princeton," 1779
Painted by Charles Willson Peale, this recreation photo was actually taken on the battlefield at Yorktown.  Photo assist, Richard Siebigteroth and Cynthia Hardesty

Enlarge photo 7
"The Crystal Ball," Jon William Waterhouse, 1902
Suggestion of Natalie M. Kurczewski

Enlarge photo 8
"Allegory of Vanity,"  Trophime Bigot, 1630
Multiple "found" items went into the creation of this piece, including "Ed" the skull, courtesy of Tina McSwain/Charlotte Area Paranormal Society

Enlarge photo 9
"The Scream," Edvard Munch, 1893
During lockdown, it was definitely a challenge to find an open public bridge on which to take this photo.

Enlarge photo 10
"Cherubs from the Sistine Madonna," Raphael
This masterpiece was created by Raphael (Sanzio) between 1513 and 1514; the reproduction here is the first in the gallery to feature more than one subject in the photo.

Enlarge photo 11
"Magdalene With the Smoking Flame," Georges de  la Tour 1640

Enlarge photo 12
"The Last Supper," Leonardo da Vinci, 1498
One of the gallery favorites, this piece was recreated (appropriately enough) over Easter weekend 2020. Each pose was individually photographed and then stitched together in editing.

Enlarge photo 13
"The Farewell of Telemachus & Eucharis," Jacques-Louis David
Another artwork from the Getty Museum, the reproduction of this 1818 painting was created in the same manner as The Last Supper. Suggestion of David Skirmont.

Enlarge photo 14
"Hand With Reflecting Sphere," M.C. Escher, 1935
Also known as "Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror," this piece was recreated using a gazing ball from the backyard garden. Suggestion of Alan Chafin.

Enlarge photo 15
"Washington Crossing the Delaware," Emanuel Leutze, 1851
By far the best and most elaborate piece in the gallery, this recreation was constructed in the same manner as The Last Supper, taking each pose individually and stitching them together in digital editing.  Suggestion of Richard Siebigteroth.

Enlarge photo 16
"Portrait of the Hon. Elizabeth Booth," Francis Coates Jones
This 1769 painting currently hangs in the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, and has always been a personal favorite.

Enlarge photo 17
"The Persistence of Memory," Salvador Dali, 1931
This piece was created on the kitchen table using a combination of made items (the clocks, painted on fabric and cut from posterboard) and found objects including a bedsheet, fabric, and a stick/pebbles from the back yard. Suggestion of Stasi Betts.

Enlarge photo 18
"Freefall," Helene Frankenthaler, 1992
This contemporary piece was recreated using various colors of fabric hanging from a door. Suggestion of Laura Haywood-Cory.

Enlarge photo 19
In the Style of Jackson Pollack
While not a recreation of a specific Pollack work, this piece was created digitally to capture the artist's iconic style.

Enlarge photo 20
"Portrait of Suzanne Le Pelletier de Saint Fargeau,"1804
Another work by Jacques Louis-David. Suggestion of David Skirmont.

Enlarge photo 21
"Love Letter to Levi-Strauss," Gina Gilmour, 1976
Hanging in the North Carolina Museum of Art, this work was created by a fellow North Carolinian.  Suggestion of Roxie Ray.

Enlarge photo 22
"Flaming June," Sir Frederic Leighton, 1895
Suggestion of Jess Elliott

Enlarge photo 23
"American Gothic," Grant Wood, 1930
This photo is the second attempt at recreating this iconic work, this time using an actual pitchfork (on loan from Val Baker). Shot on location at Historic Rosedale, Charlotte NC; photo assist, Jennifer DeVoll.

Enlarge photo 24
"When the Blue Evening Slowly Falls," Frank Bramley, 1909
Suggestion of Natalie M. Kurczewski

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