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Pet Care Links
(Links page designed by Carmeta @ Warren Mountain Rat Terriers)
After searching for a pet health insurance that looked like a GOOD deal, we decided that Embrace would make a good choice. This program covers breed related health issues, catastrophic illness and injury and also has a wellness/dental care program. Prices for Rat Terrier dogs start at a low monthly rate of less than $15, and go up based on a custom coverage selected by you. Don't take my word for it, click on the link below to get a quote!

Pet Medication and Supplies

TSCpets.com - Buy Pet Meds and Pet Supplies at Low Prices.

Dog got gas? Bad breath? Itchy fur? Just wanna be pampered and enjoy a good bubble bath? Check out the spa products at Happy Tails, Spa Grooming and Health supplies. An L.A. based company with a host of wonderful products!

Great site for a variety of natural supplements & treatments for many conditions your pet may have. If you are into holistic pet health, check these guys out!

Prevention is the best medicine for your pet's health.

I saw a television infomercial for these new indoor doggy potties. I had to giggle, but then thought that this might be an interesting way to house break puppies! So we're going to give it a try. The price is fairly reasonable too!

Looking for a great gift? Want to capture your pet in a unique way? I love the Moses Art site, they do great work! Also check out All Pets considered, you can search products by breed name, and find some really cool gifts that way too!

Pets Supplies and Gifts for Pet Lovers

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Biscuits & Bath is located in NYC. They have 6 different locations. Jen Trujillo is the Health, Wellness & Prevention director she is kind, gentle and Rat Terrier savvy. She and her dear mother, Kathy have purchased puppies from us in the past. What a wonderful family! If you visit Jen @ Biscuits and Bath, tell her I said hi! :)

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Biscuits & Bath locations. Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Riverside BLVD, Murray Hill, Greenwich Village & Tribeca.
Vet care, Dog sitting, grooming & more!

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