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1970 M70 7.65 pistol (7.65)
1. 1970 M70 7.65 pistol (7.65) 
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1988 Zc88 pistol (9mm)
2. 1988 Zc88 pistol (9mm) 
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1948 M48 Mauser Zrak Sniper (8mm)
3. 1948 M48 Mauser Zrak Sniper (8mm) 
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1959 59/66a1 SKS sniper variants
4. 1959 59/66a1 SKS sniper variants 
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M70B1 Fixed & B2 Folding Stock (AK47)
5. M70B1 Fixed & B2 Folding Stock (AK47) 
The Yugo AK line started in 1964 w/a milled receiver variant of the AK (M64). The M70B1 & M70B2 are the Yugo versions of the Soviet AKM & AKMS. There are some differences in the Yugo M70 compared to the Soviet AKM, most had a folding grenade sight on the gas port w/a gas shutoff, the gas tube was ventilated, the receiver cover was smooth without the reinforcing ridges of the AKM pattern, the wood was solid & didn't have "swells" in the lower handguard, the grip was a black plastic w/a thumbrest on the left, the receiver had the RPK style reinforcement under the chamber area on the right side & the receiver cover had a push button lock in the receiver in addition to the button on the rear of the cover.
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