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M70B1 Fixed & B2 Folding Stock (AK47)
The Yugo AK line started in 1964 w/a milled receiver variant of the AK (M64). The M70B1 & M70B2 are the Yugo versions of the Soviet AKM & AKMS. There are some differences in the Yugo M70 compared to the Soviet AKM, most had a folding grenade sight on the gas port w/a gas shutoff, the gas tube was ventilated, the receiver cover was smooth without the reinforcing ridges of the AKM pattern, the wood was solid & didn't have "swells" in the lower handguard, the grip was a black plastic w/a thumbrest on the left, the receiver had the RPK style reinforcement under the chamber area on the right side & the receiver cover had a push button lock in the receiver in addition to the button on the rear of the cover.
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Enlarge photo 1

M70B2 top, M70B1 bottom
The B2 folder is one of the Century Arms rifles w/a DCI receiver, the B1 is a pre-ban Mitchell Arms import. This rifle came w/a wood grip as on the M76 sniper, has no grenade launcher sight & has a scope rail on the left side.

Enlarge photo 2

B2 & B1 stock views
Still looking for info as to whether the wood grip & no launcher sight were ever military "issue" on these rifles.

Enlarge photo 3

B2 & B1 muzzle detail
The launcher sight is raised on the B2 in this pic, rotating the sight up activates the gas shutoff.

Enlarge photo 4

B2 & B1 butt detail

Enlarge photo 5

B2, stock folded, & B1 left views

Enlarge photo 6

B2 & B1 left view

Enlarge photo 7

Yugo bolt hold open in magazine
The Yugo AK variants had a "bolt hold open", this was actually part of the magazine follower, the rear on the left side was flat & raised & held the bolt open on an empty mag. This pic is of the top rear of a Yugo mag on left & a Romanian mag on right.

Enlarge photo 8

Yugo bayonet
The Yugo M70 bayonet was a 2nd pattern AKM w/the square grips/pommel but the plastic was black as was the scabbard. These are very similiar to the East German version, the Yugo variant uses a brown leather hanger & a green web wrist strap opposed to the gray of the E German. The bayonet illustrated is a matching number bayonet/scabbard set.

Enlarge photo 9

M70 hilt, strap & hanger detail

Enlarge photo 10

Yugo bay serials

Enlarge photo 11

Yugo acc
Bayonet/scabbard set, Mitchell Arms manual, reproduction Yugo grenade launcher muzzle device, Yugo sling & a military M70 plastic grip. The Mitchell pre-ban guns came w/an M76 style wide wooden grip.

Enlarge photo 12

Yugo Manual

Enlarge photo 13

Yugon Manual page

Enlarge photo 14

Yugo Mitchell gun & accs
This view is withe the wooden grip these guns were imported with.

Enlarge photo 15

Yugo R  wood grip

Enlarge photo 16

M70B1 fixed stock right view
View of the Mitchell w/military plastic grip.

Enlarge photo 17

M70B1 w/bayonet affixed

Enlarge photo 18

M70B1 butt right view

Enlarge photo 19

Right side view of cover latch lock
This button locks the recoil spring & upper receiver in place & is specific to Yugo AK's.

Enlarge photo 20

Yugo R mkg

Enlarge photo 21

Yugo R Actn wood grip

Enlarge photo 22

M70B1 action right
Note the RPK style reinforcing ridge under the bolt

Enlarge photo 23

Reinforcement ridge detail pic

Enlarge photo 24

M70B1 forend right

Enlarge photo 25

M70B1 muzzle right
Most military M70's had a grenade launcher sight affixed to the gas port (see pics of the underfolder) when the sight was raised the hinge blocked the gas port for safety. The grenade launcher itself was a seperate muzzle attachment which simply replaced the slant brake on the muzzle. The pre-ban Mitchells had neither.

Enlarge photo 26

M70B1 muzzle left

Enlarge photo 27

M70 front sight
A view of the front sight of the Mitchell rifle, note these rifles were equipped w/night sights front & rear which folded up/down, this view shows the night sight folded down (not in use), it's the cross shaped section below the the front sight post.

Enlarge photo 28

Yugo Front sight w/night sight up
Here's a view of the front sight raised (in use) showing the luminescent dot, note the open portion that the sight folds into when down.

Enlarge photo 29

M70B1 forend left
The Yugo M70 (Yugoslav version) of the Soviet AKM w/stamped receiver used different handguards, the Soviet guns had finger "swells" on the sides of the lower guard for grip, the Yugo version used the earlier flat sided guards as the Soviet AK47.

Enlarge photo 30

Rear sight, night sight down.
A view of the rear sight w/the night sight folded down (out of use)

Enlarge photo 31

Rear sight, night sight up
A view of the rear sight w/the night sight up (in use) showing the 2 luminescent dots.

Enlarge photo 32

Rear sight

Enlarge photo 33

M70B1 action left side
Note the scope rail affixed to the receiver, info from AKE is that this is a military rail used for scope mounting on the these rifles.

Enlarge photo 34

Yugo L Actn wood grip

Enlarge photo 35

M70B1 scope rail detail pic

Enlarge photo 36

Receiver cover lock button, left side

Enlarge photo 37

M70B1 stock left
Also note position of rear sling swivel on side of receiver, on most other AKM variants (full stock) it was on the buttstock, the placement on the receiver is a carryover from the earlier AK47 milled rifles & is another difference between the Yugo AKM variant & the Soviet, to my knowledge the only other AKM variant (European) that uses this arrangement is the Hungarian AMD65/69.

Enlarge photo 38

M70B1 left side

Enlarge photo 39

M70B1 left with bayonet affixed

Enlarge photo 40

Yugo set w/accs

Enlarge photo 41

M70B2 (folder) right view
The launcher sight is up in this pic

Enlarge photo 42

M70B2 right side w/bayonet affixed

Enlarge photo 43

M70B2 w/stock folded

Enlarge photo 44

M70B2 stock detail right side

Enlarge photo 45

M70B2 action w/stock folded
The buttplate on the stock can be rotated so the stock can be opened or closed w/the mag in place

Enlarge photo 46

M70B2 stock folded bottom view

Enlarge photo 47

M70B2 action right
Note the high quality of the receiver & it's attention to detail following the original M70B1 receiver in the previous pics.

Enlarge photo 48

M70B2 muzzle right w/bayonet affixed

Enlarge photo 49

M70B2 w/bayonet

Enlarge photo 50

M70B2 closeup of launcher sight up
When the launcher is up it blocks the gas port for safety.

Enlarge photo 51

M70B2 muzzle left side

Enlarge photo 52

M70B2 forend & gas port left side
The ventilated gas tube is apparent in this pic, another difference between the Yugo M70 rifles & the Soviet AKM pattern, the AKM's did not have the ventilated gas tube.

Enlarge photo 53

Markings on M70b2 sight base

Enlarge photo 54

M70b2 grip area
A good pic of the distinctive Yugo grip, w/the thumbrest, the stock folding hinge, sling swivel & the receiver cover lock button

Enlarge photo 55

M70B2 stock left side

Enlarge photo 56

M70B2 left view w/stock folded

Enlarge photo 57

M70B2 left view

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