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Colt Model 727 carbine
After the 723 Colt developed the 727, this model is even more confusing for collectors/builders than the 723! Most references, photos etc of 727's seem to show a carbine w/A2 upper & 14.5" M4 profile barrel w/m203 cuts but I've seen photos & references of carbines w/late A1 type uppers & thin profile 14.5" barrels id'd as 727's also!, to further complicate things the 727 has been id'd in a couple references as the model Colt developed for the Govt. of Abu Dhabi which in turn led to the XM4 series for the US & eventually the M4! It appears that for a collector/builder the features that "make" a 727 are pretty much left open to personal preference just like the 723! This 727 replica is built using an NDS A1 lower, Colt A2 upper, 1/7 14.5" M4 profile barrel w/M203 cut w/extended A2 FH permanently pinned for legal 16" length & a standard non F marked FSB. These carbines (727's) are also period correct for a "Black Hawk Down" build as far as I've been able to ascertain.
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Enlarge photo 1

727 right, retracted
727 shown w/stock retracted (closed). This replica uses an NDS A1 lower, Colt FCG, bolt/carrier, Colt A2 upper, Colt 1/7 14.5" M4 profile barrel w/extended A2 FH permanently pinned, standard non F marked FSB, original Colt 6 hole HG's, Colt "fiberlite" stock, 2 position tube assembly, early castle nut & standard carbine buffer.

Enlarge photo 2

727 stock extended

Enlarge photo 3

727 Stock
Colt mil-spec "fiberlight" stock retracted, you can slo see the "standard" A2 style small round FA button.

Enlarge photo 4

727 action right
NDS a1 type lower receiver, Colt A2 upper w/standard rifle rear sight & A2 grip, all Colt FCG w/"tick" mark selector (replica markings haven't been added at this point).

Enlarge photo 5

727 port door open

Enlarge photo 6

727 forend
The 727's used the original early style Colt "slim" 6 hole HG's.

Enlarge photo 7

727 FSB marking
The 727 used the standard rifle rear sight & non F marked FSB.

Enlarge photo 8

727 muzzle
This replica has the extended A2 FH w/peel washer permanently fixed for 16" legal length. Barrel work was done by heatNbeat.

Enlarge photo 9

727 pinned extended A2 FH
A closeup of the extended A2 FH & peel washer permanently pinned on the barrel.

Enlarge photo 10

727 left side muzzle
The use of a 14.5" barrel & extended FH maintains proper fit of the bayonet to the carbine.

Enlarge photo 11

727  left FSB
727 carbines used a standard rifle type FSB (non F marked) as opposed to the later flat top M4's.

Enlarge photo 12

727 left forend

Enlarge photo 13

727 left action
727's can be found w/A1 or A2 lowers, all would be marked "Colt M16A2" as far as I've been able to ascertain at this point. Replica markings haven't been added at this point to complete this replica.

Enlarge photo 14

727 rear sight
The 727 (& earlier 723 carbines fitted w/the A2 upper) used the standard rifle rear sight w/the wheel marked 8/3 as opposed to the M4 flat top carbines which had the rear sight marked 6/3 & used the taller F marked FSB.

Enlarge photo 15

727 stock left side retracted.

Enlarge photo 16

727 left, stock extended

Enlarge photo 17

727 left stock retracted

Enlarge photo 18

727 parts
All original Colt parts w/exception of the NDS A1 lower.

Enlarge photo 19

727 buffer tube
Stock removed showing the 2 position tube mounted to the lower.

Enlarge photo 20

727 buffer tube
View of the 2 position tube showing the 2 holes in the relief cut on bottom of stock. This 2 position was used on all the carbine models up till the introduction of the 4 position tube on the M4 w/the exception of the 607 which utilized a completely different retracting system than all the later carbines ( see the album on the 607 for more details).

Enlarge photo 21

727 Colt A2 upper
The A2 upper used on the carbines was a standard rifle type, some used a shallow "ramp" cut others didn't.

Enlarge photo 22

727 left side upper

Enlarge photo 23

727 bolt marking
This replica uses an original Colt carrier group, C marked, w/ Colt MPC marked bolt.

Enlarge photo 24

727 Colt bolt/carrier group

Enlarge photo 25

727 top carrier group
Top view of bolt/carrier group showing staking pattern on carrier key.

Enlarge photo 26

Comparison of 727 vs M4 forends
Top: 727 using "slim" 6 hole HG's
Bottom: M4 using M4 "heavy" 7 hole HG's.

Enlarge photo 27

727/M4 stocks
Top: 727 w/"fiberlight" stock & 2 position tube
Bottom: M4 w/later stock & 4 position tube.
The "fiberlight" stock is the 4th type carbine retractable stock & was used on the 723 thru early M4's, the 2 position tube was used on the 609 (XM177) thru 727, the M4 used the 4 position tube. The stock on the M4 replica in the pic is the 5th type retractable stock & superceded the fiberlight in M4 production.

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