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Weapons of the world photo Albums
Albums containing photos of weapons & their accessories from all countries (other than the ComBloc countries) from approximately 1870-1972.
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1. Pending Work 
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AK47 & Variant rifles (7.62x39)
2. AK47 & Variant rifles (7.62x39) 
All the AK series rifles shown here are semi-auto rifles, all "clones" of military issue rifles of various countries (as close as possible, ie: the AMD65 has a legal 16" barrel etc)
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Argentine 1909 Mauser sniper (7.65x53)
3. Argentine 1909 Mauser sniper (7.65x53) 
Available for sale/trade                 1909 Argentine Mauser mfg by DWM, these guns were reportedly made in the 30's for the Argentine military, they were equiped with low turret mounts & Zeiss Zeilvier scopes (or models made by Nedesco?). They were originally blued w/exception of receiver & bolt which were left bright. Some of these were imported in the 90's w/o scopes & rings, these guns were rearsenaled & most featured blued receivers & sometimes bolts. Sarco also offered repro rings for these.
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Austro-Hungarian M95 Mannlicher (8x50r)
4. Austro-Hungarian M95 Mannlicher (8x50r) 
Available 3 Stutzens 1 original 8x50 infantry rifle                This was the standard issue rifle of the Austro-Hungarians in WW1, along w/the Bulgarians, originally chambered in 8x50 most were later reworked in the 30's for the 8x56 cartridge which would be indicated by a large S over the chambers.
All the rifles pictured here are in original 8x50 caliber & in WW1 configuration, there are 1 long rifle & 2 short rifles or Stutzen, 1 of the Short rifles is very interesting as it has a 1910 french coin inlet into the wrist on each side, most likely a "trench art" mod done by either a French or Austro-Hungarian soldier.
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Belgium 1889 Artillery carbine (7.65)
5. Belgium 1889 Artillery carbine (7.65) 
In 1889 Belgium adopted the 1889 Mauser rifle in 7.65cal, based on the earlier 1891 Argentine Mauser it utilized a barrel jacket similiar to the 1888 Gew rifle of Germany. The Mdl1889 was the standard Belgian rifle at the start of WW1. They were mfg in Belgium, England, by Birmingham & in the US by Hopkins & Allen. They were made in long rifle & various carbine configurations, the one illustrated here is a model 1889 Artillery carbine which was basically a carbine version of the standard infantry rifle. Carbine pictured ia a matching, original WW1 configuration carbine w/no mods.
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Brazil 1908 Mauser (7x57)
6. Brazil 1908 Mauser (7x57) 
Available for sale/trade
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British Enfield SMLE #'s 1 & 3* (.303)
7. British Enfield SMLE #'s 1 & 3* (.303) 
Available for sale/trade 4 No3's, 4 No3*'s available                           Illustrated & described are Short Magazine Lee Enfields (SMLE), #'s 1 (actually named ShtLe 1) developed in 1903 & issued in very limited numbers before changes were made which led to the later models, this particular rifle is a totally original configuration #1 with no mods, it reportedly was a presentation gun which came out of the WW Greener collection in the 70's, it has no military markings & is a 2 digit serial, it came w/the original 1903 bayonet & leather sling, there are 2 No3's which adopted in 1907, complete w/volley sights, mag cutoffs etc, an Ishapore No1 1p, a 1914 No3, & a No3* (*Improved) w/o volleys, cutoff etc, simplified production once WW1 was being fought, also shown are the proper bayonets, P03, early P07 (w/quillon) & later P07 (w/o quillon), also a barbed wire cutter, & an extremely rare 1916 20rd trench mag for the SMLE rifle.
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British WW1 Enfield P14 (.303)
8. British WW1 Enfield P14 (.303) 
3 WW1 configuration P14's, all blued, matching, complete w/volley sights.
The P13 Enfield was developed originally to replace the SMLE, it was going to use a .276cal round & use a Mauser mag style, the original rifles had multiple angled grasping grooves in the forend & are very rare, WW1 stopped the replacement plan & instead the Brits contracted w/Winchester & Remington to make this in 303cal, which was accomplished & adopted as the P14 (303cal), the original P13 bayonet lost it's quillon but was kept as the P13 bayonet, they were never used by the Brits in WW1 as they had managed to boost production of the SMLE by the time these were ready & delivered, most went into store. When the US entered the war they faced the same situation as the Brits early in the war, not enough rifles, this design was then redesigned for the US 30.06 & adopted as the US M1917 & actually equipped more US troops in WW1 than the 03 Springfield! Sgt. Alvin York, during the action for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor was actually armed w/an M1917 not an 03 Springfield!
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British No4 1(T) & kit (.303)
9. British No4 1(T) & kit (.303) 
Perfect & original No 4 1(T). Rifle is like new, wood, metal etc., completely matching, scope number is on stock wrist, has all proper marks & stamps for correct sniper contract, 1945 dated, no import markings, correct #3 scope, oddly this scope has crosshairs rather post reticule, Has the canvas WW2 era scope case which is matching & numbered to the gun, US made 1907 leather sling, new in wrap proper cleaning kit complete in tin, & green wooden transit case, this is the only thing that is not numbered to the rifle but they came together 12 yrs ago when I got them, the case even has the original leather handles present & serviceable not replaced by web as most of the 4 (T) cases I've seen. This is a pristine original gun not a rematched or put together gun.
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British 1915 (T38) Arisaka (6.5x50)
10. British 1915 (T38) Arisaka (6.5x50) 
One of the 150,000 (thanx TonyE for the correct info on numbers!)T30 & T38 rifles acquired by Britain to help supplement their rifle supply at the beginning of WW1, many of the Brit rifles were later supplied to Russia during WW1, in turn numbers of these rifles were captured by the Finns during their fight for independence from Russia in 1916-17.
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British L42A1 sniper rifle & kit (.303)
11. British L42A1 sniper rifle & kit (.303) 
All matching & original L42A1 sniper set. Mint condition all around, all proper markings & stampings, scope number on wrist, even the mag# matches. Set is complete w/rifle, scope, scope can, lens covers, green transit case has perfect web handles, IWR weapons sight mount, L42A1 nylon web sling (this sling was specifically made for these guns on the same style as the 4 (T) US slings) these are extremely rare, complete still in the wrap cleaning kit in tin (numbers on tin match the numbers listed in the parts list on these), also shown is the scout regiment telescope complete in it's original leather case, chamber stick & (reprint) of the L42 military manual. Mint, complete set, it took years to find some of the accessories!
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Canadian Ross 1905 Mk2 (.303)
12. Canadian Ross 1905 Mk2 (.303) 
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Dutch 1895 Mannlicher No3nm (6.5x53r)
13. Dutch 1895 Mannlicher No3nm (6.5x53r) 
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Egyptian FN49 Sniper (7.92x57)
14. Egyptian FN49 Sniper (7.92x57) 
Original Egyptian contract FN49 sniper rifle, all matching (by Egyptian characters), correct Czech produced Meopta scope (also numbered to the gun in Egyptian)
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Egyptian Hakim (7.92x57)
15. Egyptian Hakim (7.92x57) 
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Egyptian Rashid (7.62x39)
16. Egyptian Rashid (7.62x39) 
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Finnish Rifles
17. Finnish Rifles  
A few uncommon Finnish rifles, M38 Mosin & Carcano, M27 ersatz in a 91/30 stock,  SVT40, Ulanni, early Dragoon w/experimental front sight etc.
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Finnish L26 Lahti Saloranta (7.62x54r)
18. Finnish L26 Lahti Saloranta (7.62x54r) 
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Finnish M27Rv Cavalry (7.62x54r)
19. Finnish M27Rv Cavalry (7.62x54r) 
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Finnish M28-30 Civil Guard (7.62x54)
20. Finnish M28-30 Civil Guard (7.62x54)  (1/10/2014)
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Finnish M38 Carcano (7.35)
21. Finnish M38 Carcano (7.35) 
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Finnish M39 SKY (7.62x54r)
22. Finnish M39 SKY (7.62x54r) 
The Finn M39 was the ultimate developement in the Mosin series of battle rifles issued to their forces. One of the least common of the M39 series was the "SKY"(marked on the chamber), these were rifles built on a contract for the Finn Civil Guard. I believe this example is an unissued original WW2 configuration rifle, it's shown w/an original (not repro) M39 bayonet/scabbard, SKY marked M39 sling & large diameter SKY issue oil bottle.
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Finnish WW2 era handguns (9mm&7.65)
23. Finnish WW2 era handguns (9mm&7.65) 
A Finnish Browning GP35 Hi-Power set & a Finnish M23 Luger set
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French 1874 M80 Gras (11x59r)
24. French 1874 M80 Gras (11x59r) 
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French WW1 era 1886/83 Lebel (8x50r)
25. French WW1 era 1886/83 Lebel (8x50r)  
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French WW1 1890/92/16 Berthier (8x50r)
26. French WW1 1890/92/16 Berthier (8x50r) 
Available for sale/trade 1916 avaiable (2) 1890 & 1892 are gone                     Here are 3 models of WW1 era Berthier carbines, an 1890 cavalry, 1892 mosquetoon, & 1916 mosquetoon. All 3 are matching,in original configuration (including sling attachment locations) & cleaning rods, none have any of the myriad of mods done to these carbines over the years.
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French WW1 RSC1917 & 1918 rifles (8x50r)
27. French WW1 RSC1917 & 1918 rifles (8x50r) 
The first general issue semi-auto rifle adopted by a major power, the pics are of an RSC1917 (which used a 5 shot clip specifically for this rifle), there was a later version, 1917 Mosquetton which was the same rifle but shortened after experience in trench warfare, then the RSC1918 which followed the lead of the Mosquetoon but used a modified gas system & the standard 5 shot Berthier clip. Very few 1918's were made & fewer Mosquetoons. After WW1 most of the RSC1917's were modified by converting them to bolt actions, the gas "ports" or elbows were eliminated, they were updated to use the 20's ammo & marked "N" on the receiver, very few of the 1917's are found with a complete gas system.
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French MAS36 (7.5x54)
28. French MAS36 (7.5x54) 
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French MAS49 & 49/56 (7.5x54)
29. French MAS49 & 49/56 (7.5x54) 
As a follow on to the bolt MAS36 the French were working on a semi-auto rifle prior to WW2, the German invasion put a stop to it, at the time of liberation they went right back to work & adopted the MAS44 semi auto which was issued in very small numbers, in 1949 they deleted the integral bayonet & added a grenade launcher & put the MAS 49 into service, a modernized variant, the MAS49-56 was adopted in 1956. These rifles were chambered for the French 7.5MAS cartridge in service, some 49/56's were reportedly tried in .308 NATO (to standardize) but were never issued in that calibre. Some 49/56's were sold here in 308 but as far as I know these were rechambered guns for commercial sale.
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German WW1 era Gew & Kar88 (7.92x57)
30. German WW1 era Gew & Kar88 (7.92x57) 
Both Turk Gew88's available for sale/trade
others gone
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German WW1 Gew & KarAZ 98's (7.92x57)
31. German WW1 Gew & KarAZ 98's (7.92x57) 
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Italian WW1 1891 Carcano TS (6.5x52)
32. Italian WW1 1891 Carcano TS (6.5x52)  
An original configuration WW1 1891 mannlicher carcano 1891TS carbine, this variant was issued to specialized troops & has an odd bayonet system, rather than the bayonet mounting along the axis of the barrel (parallel) it mounts from the side!, horizontally, the slot on the bayonet runs from side to side in the hilt, you fit the muzzle ring first with the bayonet to the side of the barrel then swing the bayonet around the axis of the barrel & lock it from the side, very few are found w/the original front band most being modfied to a standard bayonet lug. This particular rifle is original including the correct style bayonet for the rifle & the original sling swivel locations at the bottom of the rifle.
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Italian Vetterli 1870 (10.4x47r&6.5x52)
33. Italian Vetterli 1870 (10.4x47r&6.5x52) 
all available for sale/trade
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Portugese 1886 Kropatcheks (8x60r)
34. Portugese 1886 Kropatcheks (8x60r) 
Available for sale/trade 1 rifle, 2 short rifles, carbine gone                      The 1886 Kropatcheks were an 8mm black powder, tube magazine repeater adopted by Portugal & there were three variants, the long rifle, short rifle, and cavalry carbine, all 3 are illustrated along w/the bayonet for these rifles
all available fs/t
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Swedish M1941 Mauser snipers (6.5x55)
35. Swedish M1941 Mauser snipers (6.5x55) 
These are examples of the Swede M41 sniper w/AGA44 (Swedish made) scope, this gun is all matching, including the mount & base to the gun although these are usually mismatched to the gun but matching to each other, it is not import marked & came out of an old collection. The M41b is a pristine example of a Samco import, when they first went on sale, it is a Mauser Oberndorf mfg & is 100% matching.
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US 1903 Springfield (30.06)
36. US 1903 Springfield (30.06) 
The 1903 Springfield rifle was developed after US experience in the Spanish-American war of 1898 when the US Krag rifle was found wanting against the Spanish 1893 model Mauser. The 03 was initially developed in cal 30.03 & utilized a rod bayonet permanently attached to the rifle, Pres. T. Roosevelt personally ordered the rod bayonet be changed & the rifle was modified to use a knife type bayonet in 1905, in 1906 a newer cartridge, the 30.06 was standardized. Most 03's in 30.03 were modified to use the 06 cartridge & very few in 30.03 remain. The 03 Springfield was essentially an unlicensed version of the 1898 Mauser action.
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US WW1 AEF 1907 Winchester SL (.351)
37. US WW1 AEF 1907 Winchester SL (.351)  
Rifle available for sale/trade                     
The French army reportedly obtained a number of these rifles early in the war to equip air crews due to the inability of the early aircraft to carry armament, aircraft armament evolved so quickly they weren't needed by the time they arrived, they were seconded to the French army whose trench parties found them very handy in the trenches due to their short length, light weight, & relatively powerful cartridge, this partcular rifle has British period proofs (info offered by forum members of Tuco's collectors forum, thanks guys!) further info indicates that the Brits also used some of these in WW1 & WW2!, rifle has many wood repairs which are identical to arsenal repair work found on many WW1 era French rifles & a 10rd magazine made in France marked "ET is Dupeyron". The soldier was from Paterson NJ, & the medals include a WW1 Victory medal w/bars, a NJ victory medal, a Paterson service medal, a Purple Heart & a Silver Star all in a period, home made case which includes a French Croix De Guerre cord denoting an award of that medal which is not in the case (never was) but would be consistent with the awarding of decorations given American troops in France in WW1. The Victory Medal has bars that I believe denote service in the 82nd Div, & it has 3 small stars on the ribbon. At the time of WW1 there were really no US valor awards other than the Medal of Honor, US troops were awarded decorations in the same manner as the French & Brits based on their criteria, they would be awarded those countries medals at times they were "Mentioned in Dispatches" the US awarded small stars to be placed on the Victory Medal ribbons in lieu of American awards. After the war the Purple Heart & Silver Star were instituted in about 1929 & made retroactive to soldiers whose awards in WW1 warranted them, most received the medals & never returned the ribbon stars (which they were really supposed to do).
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US M1917 Enfield (30.06)
38. US M1917 Enfield (30.06) 
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US XM21 sniper (308NATO, M118 match)
39. US XM21 sniper (308NATO, M118 match) 
The XM21 was a sniper rifle developed from the M14 during the VietNam war. It was what seems to be the first "true" sniper rifle fielded by the US Army, ie: it was a rifle developed/assembled specifically as a snipers rifle rather than an expediant of mounting a scope on a standard production rifle. The rifle shown is a replica, based on a pre-ban Springfield Armory M1A national Match rifle. It is a work in progress & will be updated as it progesses. The AR TEL scope was developed from the Redfield 3x9 commercial scope w/mods done by the Army, early scopes were actually commercial production modified scopes, once the standard had been set Redfield produced the actual military contract AR TEL scopes which are the scopes used in Viet Nam. There are pics of the rifle w/an original AR TEL set & also pics of the commercial Redfields in 2 variations, 1 mkd Redfield 3x9, the other mkd Redfield 1" tube, both versions were modified & used early in developement, the 2 commercial redfields shown are NOT modified to AR TEL standards I got them early in the build as a "cosmetic" match to the VN era before I acquired the original set.
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US Colt/Armalite AR15/M16 (5.56)
40. US Colt/Armalite AR15/M16 (5.56) 
This folder is dedicated to the US Colt/Armalite AR15/M16 & also includes an album on it's attempted successor the Armalite AR18/180, main focus is on "retro" variants, up to the end of the VietNam war. Please note that ALL rifles in the albums are semi-auto only but are as close, cosmetically, as possible to the original military variants, there are albums on the Model 601/M16, Model 603 XM16E1/M16A1, Model 604, Model 629 XM177E2, M16A2 & current M4. Also an album with pics of the parts differences between all the variants to help other "retro" builders. Hopefully this album will supplement the excellent info on these rifles available to collectors/shooters on RetroBlackRifle.com & the fantastic site (& members) of the retro Forum on AR15.com, these sites & knowledgeable members of them enabled me to get as far as I did with my builds!, many thanks to you all!
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