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Finnish M39 SKY (7.62x54r)
The Finn M39 was the ultimate developement in the Mosin series of battle rifles issued to their forces. One of the least common of the M39 series was the "SKY"(marked on the chamber), these were rifles built on a contract for the Finn Civil Guard. I believe this example is an unissued original WW2 configuration rifle, it's shown w/an original (not repro) M39 bayonet/scabbard, SKY marked M39 sling & large diameter SKY issue oil bottle.
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Enlarge photo 1

M39 SKY issue set right view
The rifle has matching numbers on the chamber, bolt & mag floorplate, no numbers on the buttplate, dated 1942, has the original WW2 era stock, round joints in forend, 2 pc buttstock & an untouched SKY cartouche

Enlarge photo 2

M39 SKY buttstock cartouche
A good view of the cartouche '42, which matches the rifle date & the 2 pc construction of the buttstock.

Enlarge photo 3

Detail of cartouche

Enlarge photo 4

Action right side

Enlarge photo 5

Sling, SKY marking
Sling is greenish web w/leather end tab

Enlarge photo 6

Muzzle w/bayonet & scabbard
Rifle is shown w/smooth brass M39 muzzle protector, rifle also has correct M39 cleaning rod

Enlarge photo 7

M39 muzzle crown

Enlarge photo 8

Action left side

Enlarge photo 9

Rear sight

Enlarge photo 10

Chamber marking
I believe this rifle was never issued as it has no Civil Guard mkgs (or any indication of them being "cleaned off"), there are no line outs on bolt/mag, & it has 2 SA stamps on left chamber, was probably never issued, put in store marked SA after the war & sat until sold here, has import serial (same as original #) on left of chamber & small import mark CIA under barrel.

Enlarge photo 11

Serial on bolt knob

Enlarge photo 12

Serial on mag plate

Enlarge photo 13

View of 2 pc wartime toe

Enlarge photo 14

Left buttstock

Enlarge photo 15

Left side view of set

Enlarge photo 16

M39 bayonet marking
This bayonet is an original set, it was purchased from Eric Nagant, grandson of Leon Nagant.

Enlarge photo 17

SKY marking on bayonet

Enlarge photo 18

M39 SKY bayonet/scabbard & oiler

Enlarge photo 19

Left side

Enlarge photo 20

Oiler marking

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