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Austro-Hungarian M95 Mannlicher (8x50r)
Available 3 Stutzens 1 original 8x50 infantry rifle                This was the standard issue rifle of the Austro-Hungarians in WW1, along w/the Bulgarians, originally chambered in 8x50 most were later reworked in the 30's for the 8x56 cartridge which would be indicated by a large S over the chambers.
All the rifles pictured here are in original 8x50 caliber & in WW1 configuration, there are 1 long rifle & 2 short rifles or Stutzen, 1 of the Short rifles is very interesting as it has a 1910 french coin inlet into the wrist on each side, most likely a "trench art" mod done by either a French or Austro-Hungarian soldier.
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Enlarge photo 1

M95 rifle right view

Enlarge photo 2

M95 rifle w/standard rifle bayonet

Enlarge photo 3

M95 rifle butt right side

Enlarge photo 4

M95 rifle action right

Enlarge photo 5

M95 rifle action open
The M95 is a straight pull bolt action, the bolt is not rotated to operate but pulled straight back

Enlarge photo 6

M95 rifle forend right

Enlarge photo 7

1895 rifle muzzle w/bayonet
This is a standard enlisted bayonet for the rifle, the original WW1 era bayonets had green scabbards, after WW1 the scabbards were refinished in black

Enlarge photo 8

1895 Gendarmerie bayonet
Rare variant of an M85 bayonet, it has an M95 type hilt w/a straight quadrangular blade, reportedly for use of the Gendarmerie troops, I believe they were normally issued w/short rifles.

Enlarge photo 9

1895 standard bayonet on muzzle left side

Enlarge photo 10

1895 NCO bayonet on M95 rifle
This is an M95 Nco type bayonet, note the "hooked" quillon & the swivel on the pommel.

Enlarge photo 11

1895 NCO bayonet closeup

Enlarge photo 12

M95 rifle muzzle left

Enlarge photo 13

M95 rifle action left

Enlarge photo 14

M95 rifle rear sight
The rifle rear sight is longer than the Stutzen sight, when looking at Stutzens check the rear sight as a lot of rifles were cut down to Stutzen standard but retained the rifle sight.

Enlarge photo 15

M95 action top left

Enlarge photo 16

M95 butt left

Enlarge photo 17

M95 rifle left view

Enlarge photo 18

M95 Stutzen (short rifle) right
The short rifles were the same action & stock as the rifles, but w/a shorter forend & barrel, the swivel arrangements were also different, the rifle had both swivels on the bottom, Stutzen usually had a swivel both on the top & the bottom at front & rear, there were a number of different swivel styles & there are some w/2,3 & 4 locations. The Stutzen were issued to "special" troops, artillery, engineers, fortification etc, the M95 cavalry carbine is a bit different, it is the same size (length etc) as the Stutzen but has different fittings, swivels only on the side of the wrist & the middle band, no bayonet lug & no stacking hook, original cavalry carbines are extremely rare as most were fitted w/Stutzen fittings starting late in the war & thereafter

Enlarge photo 19

Stutzen w/Gendarmerie Bayonet

Enlarge photo 20

Stutzen action right
note size of rear sight compared to rifle

Enlarge photo 21

1895 Stutzen bayonet
Same as the standard M95 bayonet but note the aditional sight blade on the top of the muzzle ring to correct the sight picture when using the Stutzen w/bayonet fitted

Enlarge photo 22

Stutzen bayonet left side

Enlarge photo 23

Stutzen bayonet detail

Enlarge photo 24

Stutzen forend left side

Enlarge photo 25

Stutzen rear sight

Enlarge photo 26

Stutzen w/bayonet left

Enlarge photo 27

Stutzen left

Enlarge photo 28

Stutzen w/French 1910 coin inlet in wrist

Enlarge photo 29

Stutzen French Coin right wrist

Enlarge photo 30

Stutzen w/coin inlet left wrist

Enlarge photo 31

Stutzen W-Coin left

Enlarge photo 32


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