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Argentine 1909 Mauser sniper (7.65x53)
Available for sale/trade                 1909 Argentine Mauser mfg by DWM, these guns were reportedly made in the 30's for the Argentine military, they were equiped with low turret mounts & Zeiss Zeilvier scopes (or models made by Nedesco?). They were originally blued w/exception of receiver & bolt which were left bright. Some of these were imported in the 90's w/o scopes & rings, these guns were rearsenaled & most featured blued receivers & sometimes bolts. Sarco also offered repro rings for these.
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Enlarge photo 1

Mauser 1909 sniper right side

Enlarge photo 2

1909 sniper muzzle w/sight/mzzl guard
this pic shows the muzzle w/the brass/steel muzzle/sight guard in place. Also note the bayonet adaptor which was used on the 1909 Argentine Mausers to enable them to use the 1891 Mauser bayonets in inventory. This adaptor is pinned on & can be removed easily for use with the 1909 pattern bayonet

Enlarge photo 3

1909 sniper action/scope right

Enlarge photo 4

1909 Mauser left rail marking
web photo to illustrate generic markings

Enlarge photo 5

1909 Argentine Mauser Crest
web photo, used to depict national crest, this is not visible on the sniper variations as the front turret mount would cover it

Enlarge photo 6


Enlarge photo 7

top view of Zeiss Zelvier scope

Enlarge photo 8


Enlarge photo 9


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