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rock garden may 25 2010
Date(s): May 25, 2010. Album by Jim Hatchett. 1 - 14 of 14 Total. 306 Visits.
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Your new pictures made my day.  Do you find that occasionally Arenaria hookeri will form a tight dome over time?  Others seem fletter but still tight and as you say, bullet-proof - even in the hot and humid northeast. Thanks for sharing your photographs.
anne spiegel, Wed, 26 May 2010 3:45AM
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Enlarge photo 1
Lewesia columbiana, wallowa mountians form. just about peak bloom

Enlarge photo 2
some sort of local onion, I do like the color and very reliable in bloom and multiplies well.

Enlarge photo 3
Arenaria hookeri V desertorum normally very tight growing but gets straggly when blooming. Almost bullet proof though.

Enlarge photo 4
Erigeron linearis, local form. becomes fairly tight after blooming

Enlarge photo 5
Lewesia columbiana columbiana this plant is somewhat larger in all ways than either  rupicola or wallowensis

Enlarge photo 6
Talinum spinescens just getting started with bloom. This is a very long lived plant that looks kinda cool even when not in flower, one of my favorites. really very pretty when covered with it's fine pink blooms. you may notice the ants in flower they appear to be a pollinator.

Enlarge photo 7
Penstemon sp, i have no idea of the species, just have not gotten around to keying it out. whatever it is, it took a few years from seed --this is the first blooming of this plant.

Enlarge photo 8
Clematis hirsutisima, another non vineing NA clematis I grow a few different species but missed the blooming of them this year. very hardy but does seed around a bit if you are not careful.

Enlarge photo 9
Aster scopulorum, my favorite aster, stays compact with age, this plant is probably 11 years old. Grows abundantly in southern Idaho.

Enlarge photo 10
Penstemon davidsonii. oversized flower for this plant. very thick leathery leaves.

Enlarge photo 11
Daphne sp. I have completely forgotten the species of this plant though maybe retusa? pollinated by vespid wasps which also feed on the fruit and facilitate its seedlings popping up rather abundantly amongst the rocks.

Enlarge photo 12
Another Penstemon whose species name I have forgotten. Another hardy plant, this one is 10+ years old at least. It tends to move slowly around the rock garden, thriving when it finds the right spot and dieing out where it is not to its liking.

Enlarge photo 13
Telesonix jamesii growing in a piece of featherstone, a local stone that comes from volcanic ash deposits. it seems that T. jamesii blooms prolificly every other year and grows more vegitativly on the off years--obviously an off year.

Enlarge photo 14

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