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Sale and Clearance Items
Check inside this folder for 3 seperate albums of one of a kind joggers, beds and last years items.  
All items are drastically reduced.

Date(s): July 6, 2011. 1 - 3 of 3 Total. Shared
 Sale Items - Unisex Cut
1. Sale Items - Unisex Cut  

Just put a comment under the picture claiming the jogger in that picture you want.  I will then send you a listing on Artfire to make your purchase.  I have in the past been able to hold your items for an extended time period to allow you to save on shipping with purchase of multiple items but I am loosing my storage.  Please don't leave any joggers unpaid, for more then 3 weeks.  Thank you for your understanding. 

All Joggers with 4 legs in this album  are $15.99 unless noted on the picture. 

Joggers with 2 legs are 14.99

Joggers with vest are $21.99

The U stands for "unisex" cut and can be worn by both sexes, the F stands for Female cut and will only work for female's.

NOTE....PLEASE ....don't leave questions in the comment section under the picture, email me, I don't want to miss helping and I hardly ever look here unless someone is ready for shipment. 

2nd Note** Comments ONLY work in this sale album. For all other orders please email. 

Email: randijr@gmail.com

Shipping Charges
1 Jogger will ship 1st Class for $4.45
2 Joggers will ship 1st Class for $5.75
3-4 Joggers will ship Prority for  $9.75
Each additional Jogger $2.50  


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Sale Joggers Female Cut for Girls
2. Sale Joggers Female Cut for Girls  (2010)

Please note...if there is a comment under a picture it means its no longer available. All joggers in this album have more tummy coverage for the girls. Just put a comment under the picture claiming the size jogger you want and your first name. Send me an email and I will give you a total including shipping.

All 4 legged joggers are $14.99 unless otherwise marked.

Two Legged Shirts 13.99

Joggers with vest are $19.99

Vest is $9.99

Please Note** Comments ONLY work in this sale album. For all other orders please email me directly at randijr@gmail.com.

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3. Clearance Joggers 

I will add joggers here that are slow movers and will keep reducing the price over time till gone.
Thank you!

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