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Bark Shop Litter!
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<b>Radiant Rhonda</b>
1. Radiant Rhonda 
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<b>Tree Hugging Teena</b>
2. Tree Hugging Teena 
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<b> Moudy Maurice </b>
3. Moudy Maurice  
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<b>Cunning Colin</b>
4. Cunning Colin 
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<b>Furricane Floyd</b>
5. Furricane Floyd 

Congrats to the Jones's family. This boy now named Reggie will be headed to Iowa to an outstanding performance home.
We are excited to watch Reggie mature.
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<b>Bark Shop! </b>
6. Bark Shop!  
on 9.6.19 LV and Hunter gave us 7 healthy beautiful puppies.

5 Females
2 males


Breeder show M
Penny show F
Randy perf M
Jesse pet
Chad pet
Breeder res F
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