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Litters Planned for 2017
!!! We usually have 1-3 litters a years, an average of 8-10 puppies!!!!  Since we don't often have puppies, they are spoken for pretty quickly once they are born.  We encourage any serious puppy homes to make a reservation ASAP.  We are currently taking reservations for puppies from these litters - please CLICK HERE to email us at d2trk@msn.com if you are interested.  Thanx!

NO photos may be copied / used without the written permission of K2 Rat Terriers - Thank you. ALL photos are protected by copyright 2016.
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large minis / small standards

all pups will be PLL clear or carrier - we will have no PLL affected in this litter

1 puppy on hold for Lynn (small)

1 puppy on hold for Kitty (predominately white female, fully health tested parents, no line breeding)

1 puppy on hold for Sue - male show/performance extremely terrier

1 puppy on hold for Tara - mini female - chocolate tri

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