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Illegal Animal Seizures
It is becoming more and more apparent that "rescue" groups need more inventory and are "stealing" animals under the guise of animal "cruelty and neglect".

The main problem with this whole scenario is there are no "legal" definitions for "cruelty and neglect" nor is there any clear "regulations" for the care these "seized" animals receive.

Here is the "Companion Animal Protective Care Amendment" to prevent illegal seizures of animals and to protect those animals who are seized.

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Date(s): December 1, 2017. Album by CONCERNED CITIZEN. 1 - 3 of 3 Total. 0 Visits.
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companion animal protective care amendment.pdf
Here is lawful language that may be used on your state to prevent ILLEGAL seizures of animals because of the lack of BLACK and WHITE definitions for animal cruelty and neglect in licensed facilities. This also is designed to protect the animals involved with a LAWFUL seizure from being NEGLECTED or abused while handling.

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Ever wonder what is the truth behind "They don't feed or water", "They breed them to death" or "They live in tiny cages"? This is an informative booklet designed to give FACTS and FICTIONS behind the word PUPPY MILL.

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illegalseizuresummary 3.pdf

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