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Clausing 8520 Milling Machine
Mods and use of the machine
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Enlarge photo 1
Riser for adding 4" of height to machine. Top view showing "shelfs" along sides, needed to support the clamp plate that keeps the turret head from turning.

Enlarge photo 2
Bottom view of riser, 4" tall. made from 6x6x.188 square tube. Bolt pattern is 5" OC l/r, 5 1/8 fore and aft. Maybe 1/4" wall would work?

Enlarge photo 3
Partially assembled.

Enlarge photo 4
View shows that clamp plate.

Enlarge photo 5
Power Feed using wheel chair motor. Notice the lever to our right, that engages/disengages an internal freewheel system.

Enlarge photo 6
Pully and belt on screw shaft. You can see the mod to the housing- ID bored out for pully, and lower edges milled away for belt room.

Screw thrust is handled by the left end, so there is more room for mods to the right end.

Enlarge photo 7
Micro swithch mounted to wheel chair motor. Actuated by a roll pin through engage/disengage shaft.

Enlarge photo 8
Switch cover milled out of 1" thick UHMWP. Lever to disengage motor is shown in 'engaged' position. I plan on replacing the lever with a bright knob.

Enlarge photo 9
Finito. Enclosure on pedestal is for the ac -> DC power supply. Hand cut louvers

Enlarge photo 10
Oops, I forgot to leave tabs to screw the cover onto the swithc/PWD enclosure, so black tape will do for now.

Enlarge photo 11
Speed knob, L/Right switch, and on/off for the AC line incoming.

Enlarge photo 12
Final operating speeds are from about 1 inch per minute to 10 ipm for rapid traverse, controlled with the speed knob.

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