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1910 H767 Piedmont "Rip Van Winkle"
This complete set of circa 1910 Piedmont tobacco “Life of Rip Van Winkle” premiums are one of the rarest and most unusual of all 1910 nonsport tobacco-card sets. These are so rare they are virtually unknown in the nonsport card-collecting field, but were known by Jefferson Burdick, as he assigned them a catalog number in the American Card Catalog.

This exceptionally colorful premium set was issued to promote the Piedmont tobacco brand. Each card features an extremely colorful and detailed lithographic scene relating to the myth of Rip Van Winkle, with a package of Piedmont Smoking Tobacco superimposed in the foreground of the illustration. The back of each card features a brief synopsis of the legendary story.
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"The Catskill Mountains"

Enlarge photo 2
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"Rip's Home Life"

Enlarge photo 3
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"Rip at the Old Inn"

Enlarge photo 4
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"Rip Leaving Home"

Enlarge photo 5
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"Rip Meets a Gnome"

Enlarge photo 6
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"Rip Among the Gnomes"

Enlarge photo 7
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"Rip Falls Asleep"

Enlarge photo 8
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"Rip Wakes Up"

Enlarge photo 9
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"Rip Returns to the Village"

Enlarge photo 10
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"Rip Finds His Son and Daughter"

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