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Our Family cabin in the woods.
This is an album about our family cabin. It was out by the road, behind the newer home and was in pretty bad disrepair when dad got ownership from his Father. The cabin was the original house and when they decided they wanted a newer, bigger home, they just built in front of it. They left the cabin there and used it as a wash house first, then as a storage for coal. Dad decided he wanted to move it back into the woods and repair it for family get togethers and such. Dad and I worked to clear the small brush and junk trees from a section of woods. Let me be clear on this. Dad did most of the work himself. I helped when I could along with our longtime neighbor who put a good bit of time in as well. He was Dad and I's wood cutting partner early on as he had a truck. Other friends pitched in for a few things as well but the credit goes to Dad. He was retired and enjoyed the process so here are some pics along the way and the finished result. Some of the pics may not be the best quality but they are scans and all we have of it. This was over a span of a few years and you'll see the seasons change as progress was made.
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Enlarge photo 1
Here is the cabin as it was when Dad got the property. They had wood sided it at one time and he took what was left of it off.

Enlarge photo 2
It was sitting on rocks on the corners and had slipped off on the one end. Slowly rotting back into the ground. Looks like it is in quicksand doesn't it?

Enlarge photo 3
We have deeds back to 1830 but don't know how much further back it was. This was the original house for a rather large tract of ground. My grandfather got the place in 1937. It was a settlement with money lost in the 1929 stock market crash. Bank repaid 10 cents on the dollar in land value back to him.

Enlarge photo 4
Dad wanted to pull the logs out and keep the whole roof structure as one piece. Everyone tried to convince him not to but he had his mind set. We knew we'd have to get some new timbers for the ones rotted away but the farm has 40 acres of woods.

Enlarge photo 5
His plan was to jack the roof structure up and take each layer of logs out, one level at a time and slowly lower it down onto a trailer. Then move the roof back and jack it up in reverse order.

Enlarge photo 6
He started by cleaning out between the logs. They used small pieces of wood and a mud /mortar to fill it all  in. Some call the wood daubing and the filler material chinking.

Enlarge photo 7
Log were number and set in order for reassembly. Chains and cables used to tie the roof together and bottle jack and such used for raising and lowering. here it is almost ready to back the trailer under.

Enlarge photo 8
On the trailer and using a tractor to slowly pull it back to the woods.

Enlarge photo 9
Here you can see how the newer home was built in front of the old. We worked about 2 years prior to starting this to get the woods cleared out for the cabin. Dad and I sawed the unwanted trees and brush and dug the small stuff out by hand. We burned all the brush as we went.

Enlarge photo 10
Heading down the lane for it's new home.

Enlarge photo 11
A guy Dad graduated with, Ray Neitman, came over for another set of eyes while he took it back.

Enlarge photo 12
Hard to see everything with this wide load!

Enlarge photo 13
Made it to the woods. Dad, me and our former pastor, Jim Whorton, had poured a slab in the meantime for it's foundation and floor. No more slipping of the rocks or dirt floor now.

Enlarge photo 14
With the floor poured we started hand hewning the logs that needed replaced. Got some logs from the trees in the woods and started doing them. We did cheat some as we ran 2 strings on opposite side of the log. Nailed the laths on and stretch the strings. Then used a chainsaw to make relief cut close to the strings. Then popped the 4 to 6 inch chunks out with a mattock or adz. Then finished with an adz or broad axe.

Enlarge photo 15
Here's the original puzzle pieces waiting their turn.

Enlarge photo 16
Dad's in the backhoe and I'm setting the new bottom timbers.

Enlarge photo 17
They had a get together once we started and people are "inspecting" here.

Enlarge photo 18
That's my grandmother there in red, Dorothy House. You can see one of the logs that will be whittled down, behind her.If you look close you can see the chip pile around it.

Enlarge photo 19
Slowly but surely.

Enlarge photo 20
Starting to come up here. Camera stayed in Dad's truck too long and messed up the film so these pics are kind of low quality. Can't go back though!

Enlarge photo 21
We got one level of logs in place then backed the trailer in. Then started the jacking up and placing them in. This is the original Raisin' the roof!

Enlarge photo 22
Slowly getting there and another Winter has come.

Enlarge photo 23
Just a few more to go.

Enlarge photo 24
Dad wanted 2 doors in it and wants a laid chimney in the back for a fireplace and cook stove.

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