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Peter's Platters Woodturning
Images of my woodturning.
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"Welcome to Peters Platters"
1. "Welcome to Peters Platters" 

Welcome to the galleries of my woodturning. I specialise in bowls, dishes and platters made from mostly English timber. In the other galleries the pieces shown have been sold and are therefore only examples upon which to base a new design that might just fulfil your requirements.

This page displays the items that are presently "In Stock".

If you see something that might be just what you are seeking, please make contact as soon as possible!

It must always be remembered that every piece is unrepeatable in the grain shown since each piece differs slightly even from the same tree, the same plank.

Pieces are now in Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Germany, Florida, Texas, Illinois and many hundreds of homes in the United Kingdom.

Please note that P&P is NOT included !

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Gallery 2
2. Gallery 2 
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Gallery 3
3. Gallery 3 
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Gallery 4
4. Gallery 4 
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Gallery 5
5. Gallery 5 
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Gallery 9 House Names
6. Gallery 9 House Names 
House names in Kiln Dried English Oak.  All items shown are of course, sold, but act merely as examples.  From small acorns grow mighty Oaks, hopefully!
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Exhibition at Quay Arts Centre.
7. Exhibition at Quay Arts Centre. 
The first exhibition of "Wight Woodturners".
I was one of the founding members, my co-conspirator Stuart Mclellan and myself having now moved away.  
The club started in 2002.  
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Woodturning friends
8. Woodturning friends  
A gallery of some of my woodturning friends from around the world, and some of the pieces they produce.
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Woodturning Bits and Pieces
9. Woodturning Bits and Pieces 
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Show images
10. Show images 
Some images from the shows I have attended.
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