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Waggin' Tails
What happens to the dogs when they are adopted?  Here are their stories, as told by their new families. All these happy Waggin' Tails were made possible by the volunteers and supporters of
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Enlarge photo 1
RUDY (aka Kelvin)
Photo: Taken at the park in WA

The following is from Rudy's loving mom, Peggy:  Rudy found his 'fur'ever home with me the day before Valentine's day.  Due to that and his reddish, ruddy color, I named him Rudy [i.e. Rudy Valentino]  The romantic actor has nothin' on the unconditional love that Rudy has for me and I for him!

He is such a good mannered boy and he loves to snuggle. My perfect little pal! We go for walks, take rides in the car and he loves the dog park where he's met quite a few new friends. My 9 pound buddy brings a smile to my face, fills my heart with joy and makes me laugh every single day. I love this little guy so much and I am so proud when people say how handsome and sweet he is!

A huge thank you to New Rattitude for their dedication and hard work.  The adoptions they bring about make for much happier lives for dogs and the humans who love them.

"I am looking at this page because I lost my Lil Buddie A week Ago. It Hurts So Much. I love Your story. I ..."
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Enlarge photo 2
Photo: Sarah, Ron and John Henry - MO

Trevor found his furever home last June with Ron Watson and his girlfriend, Sarah.  His new name is John Henry and Ron says he really is the perfect dog for them!  He’s a ball of energy that loves running and playing in the dog park but also loves to snuggle with them on the couch.  In other words…a classic rat terrier!  Ron also says he’s a very expressive little dog belting out a long “Mmmmmm” sound when he is uncomfortable and an eager little whine when he hears Sarah getting home from work.

Ron and Sarah are hoping to adopt another rat terrier when they move to a larger home.  They believe adding another rat terrier would not only give John Henry a companion but bring more love and entertainment to their family.

Enlarge photo 3
Photo: Shirley, Hunter, MATTIE

Story written by Shirley, Mattie’s new “Grandmother”
Pam's father & I were so happy that she was able to come to our house a few hours after she got Mattie!

We enjoyed meeting the beautiful girl! She was not shy, and she happily greeted us-just as though she'd known us forever!

Pam had grieved over the loss of her other dog, Polo, and Mattie was a much-needed addition to her family!

We're presently looking forward to having Pam and her "children"-Hunter And Mattie-- visit with us for Thanksgiving.  At that time Pam's sister & her family will get to meet this newest Family member!

Indeed, our dogs have always been our children-and now Mattie is a new granddogger!

Mattie now lives in Alabama and visits her Grandmother in Tennessee.

Enlarge photo 4
Photo: Mattie and her mom Pam

In June 2008, I had one Rat Terrier, Hunter, who was 13 years old, who whose playmate Polo had passed away earlier in the year. With Hunter being a “senior” now, I really wrestled for some time with the decision of getting another dog or not. When I saw Mattie on  PetFinder, something about her really touched me. Just the look in her eyes - I knew that she was a very special dog. Hunter and I drove to go visit Mattie at her foster home; I wanted to see how Hunter and Mattie interacted with one another. They got along fine, and after observing Hunter and Mattie together, I knew that Mattie would be a perfect fit for our home. Mattie is a good companion for Hunter.

I will forever be grateful to the shelter worker and to all the folks involved with New Rattitude for saving Mattie’s life. She is truly a wonderful dog who will always be a member of my family!
Mattie now lives in Huntsville, AL with Hunter – these two girls are my “kids”.

Enlarge photo 5
MURRY and Chelsea

Murray has been such a wonderful addition to my life.  He is such a loving, smart and quirky little dog.  I love seeing his excitement as he discovers the "dog luxuries" in life, like walking at the park, riding in the car and getting treats for being a good dog.  After being with me for only a few days, he came out of his shy dog shell and began showing me his big personality.  I always describe him to others as a lot of dog in a small package.  I can't imagine not having his wagging tail and silly smile around.

Thank you,
Chelsea Cartwright

Enlarge photo 6
Photo: Dan and Princess - WA

Princess was adopted by a wonderful couple and is now living a life that many dogs would envy.  When I asked Marge Langworthy if they had renamed her, she replied that they had not changed her name. In fact, “the name Princess seemed to fit and she certainly is our Little Princess.”  And she definitely seems to be treated like a princess!

The ironic part of the story of Princess is that Marge was the one who wanted another doggy companion after the death of their little terrier mix, Tina.  Dan was not quite as excited about the idea, but went along with it.  However, Marge says that Princess has become “Dan’s dog!”  She even helps him read his newspaper each day.  Marge knows Princess loves her, too, and she likes watching the very special relationship between Dan and Princess.

Enlarge photo 7
Photo: Spock - WA

When Spock was adopted by Amy and Nickey Underwood they loved his name so much he got to keep it! Now he's best buddies with Griffin, their Schnauzer/border collie mix, they go for a 5 mile run every other day! And he also loves to snuggle with Amy and Nickey.

The Underwoods say that Spock gets along well with all the dogs and people he meets. And he has a very cute habit of meeting them at the door with a squeaky toy!

Enlarge photo 8
Photo: Annie and Lisa

Beautiful Annie has had a slight name change.  She is now Roxanne/Roxy.  Lisa said Roxy has adjusted rather quickly and gets along with everyone.  She is a rather alpha girl so she can be a little snippy when first meeting other dogs, but then they get along just fine.  

Lisa said that Roxanne is the most people-loving lap dog that she has ever had.  Roxy is wonderful with all the people and children she has met, even with toddlers.  

Lisa said that Roxy is an absolute attention hog and has to be in the middle of every situation so she won't miss out on anything.  They just adore her.

Enlarge photo 9
Daisy is doing just fine.  I love my little ratty girl.  I did not change her name, although nicknames are abundant.  Daisy had her 1-year visit to the veterinarian one week ago.  There were no medical issues to discuss.  I like the attached picture because it shows what good physical shape Daisy is in from our frequent walks.
Debra Hanson

Enlarge photo 10

Nika Booth is sitting on my lap as I type this.  She is pawing at my left hand, trying to get me to focus on petting her.  It brings tears to my eyes to tell you how much my family loves this dog.  She is simply a great pooch.  She bonded immediately with our new lab pup and they are now absolute best friends.  They play, lay around and keep each other entertained throughout the day.  

Nike loves the country.  While we do put them both on a line when we let them hang around outside, we let them run off leash, off line regularly and neither has ever left the property.  We still keep a watchful eye, mostly because of the tendency of two of them to get distracted together and wander off.  Not on my watch.  She gets walked twice a day.  In cold weather, she insists on going as well, we put her winter coat on and load her in the backpack.  We are heading out in a few minutes, it's cold and windy, she wil...

Enlarge photo 11

Foxy is doing great!  I did not change her name, I thought she looked just like a fox and that the name was appropriate!

She is such a sweetheart and loves attention!  It took a while for Bella to warm up to her but I honestly think Foxy has taken the top dog position!  Thanks for checking in, and please do let everyone know how well she is doing!

(PS I also added a picture of Foxy going full speed in the snow we had in February!)

Mrs. Adams

Enlarge photo 12

From Bramble's Mom Krista -

Hi there!  Yes, Bramble is still Bramble.  We liked the name & it fits him.  He is all grown up but is smaller than we expected (which is quite o.k.!)  He's adorable, playful, LOVES kids & is so gentle with them.  Our 2 year old & 10 year old love him right back.  He is also protective of them & we appreciate that.  He has done very well with his training & is just what we were looking for in a dog for our family.   

He's not a big fan of the rain but loves to play fetch.  He also knows when it's time to get the kids from school & wants to ride with me to pick them up.  
He's a great fit for our family & us for him.  Thanks for checking in.

Enlarge photo 13
Photo:  Jillian and Bob

Jillian's Dad said -

We are so in love with Jillian (now Gia )!!!!!
She is such a joy & plays well with our other Rattie,Rocco.
She is full of energy,loves to cuddle and play keep away with Rocco.
We are sooo happy we took a chance on her!!Thanks for checking w us-we wish we could've adopted 1 of her pups, too!!

Enlarge photo 14

We renamed Cirrus to Yoshi -- which he seemed to take to quite easily. We have loved welcoming Yoshi into our family. It feels like we've had him for much longer than 9-10 months. :)
We've had many visitors with toddlers and have been very pleased with his tolerance for them. If he's feeling overly "loved," he just goes to his crate or asks to go outside.

We've established some good walking habits with him and are very glad for nicer weather so the walks can be a bit longer. His leash behavior is very impressive. He is SO friendly when he's out on walks. When we're home, he barks and growls at anyone who passes by or is just in the vicinity. But, when we're walking, he happily greets all others -- people and dogs -- with a wagging tail, excited whining, and happy "kisses" for the little kids.
He's learned some great obedience commands as well as some great tricks. Our guests are always impressed with not only ...

Enlarge photo 15

Thank-you so much for what new rattitude and other rescues do to help these wonderful dogs. Kip is doing great, I hope to plan a play date with Diane soon now that the weather is nicer. We moved from a 2 bed room apartment to a 4 bedroom townhouse 1 mile away. I was worried about the adjustment with Kip but there was none. He loves it and we had no problems with an adjustment. It is a trilevel so there is plenty of room to roam. He has a big yard with the river at one end, he loves to be able to run without the leash. He has made friends with the little dog that lives on the other side of the house (Gizmo). Thank-you so much again for what you do!
                                                                   The Baxters' and Kippers

Enlarge photo 16

We absolutely love our new ratitude dog Isabel (Jamie).  We call her
Izzy for short, and she loves her rat terrier sister Lucy.  She is
sweet as can be and is very very playful.  She loves to go for runs
and play with friends at the dog park.  In the evenings, she is quite
the little cuddle bug.  She has been a great addition to our family.

Matt and Jennifer Robinson

Enlarge photo 17

Forecast was renamed *Frank*, a name close to my heart. Frank has learned that he can sneak into my bed in the morning before I make it up and that is where he is right now! He is one lean, happy and energetic dog. He is a star swimmer and ball retriever and is slated to run his first flyball event the first week of May. The pic on the left shows Frank sporting his swimsuit that he wore to keep dry and warm when swimming in winter.
I think that we are both as happy as can be!

Enlarge photo 18

"Albert" is doing fine.  He and my other dog Jack are best of friends and he even enjoys the company of the cat.  All three sleep with me nightly, all get their morning and evening treats and all have full run of all furniture in the house.  He loves the dog door and is completely house broken now.   

I have attached a picture of him when I was horse back riding.  My two dogs and four other dogs and four of us humans went for the day.  He had a BALL!  He must have ran a good 20 miles  (we humans and horses went about ten) and boy did my two "city" dogs sleep well that night.  He is happy, I'm happy and my other animals are happy so it has worked out just fine.  
Thanks, Ranita

Enlarge photo 19

Everything is going great! Gala has become an integral part of our
family. It is hard to describe how important she is to all of us. She's
grown to about 25 pounds, loves playing with the girls, sleeping in
their beds and hanging out with me at work (home office)
Thanks for a great dog!


Enlarge photo 20
Photo:  Buddy Love and Lana

Hi, Buddy Love is still his name and fits him well.   He is full of love and is my husband's buddy during the day. As he is retired.  They walk for two hours every morning.  I take him bike riding in the evening sometimes.  He is a very good dog with very little problems if any (likes to chew on his bed).  He had a couple of accidents in the house but that was it.
The grandchildren love him also.  They are very good with him and we supervise very closely.  He is their only dog.   Buddy Love contributes alot to our lives, we love him very much.

Sincerely, Lana Sullivan

Enlarge photo 21
Photo: Casey and the Rivera's

Casey (that is still her name) is doing absolutely fabulous!  She goes running nearly every day, usually about 2 miles but sometimes further.  She also has been going to work with us.  She seemed to adjust very quickly and we love her.  
Casey went cross country skiing with us.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would pass these along to KellyLea and tell her that we are all doing wonderfully!

Enlarge photo 22

RR is doing great and is nicely settled into her new home.

This little girl has had quite a tough life between the puppy mill and having over $1200 worth of dental surgery and the loss of 16 teeth. They had to pretty much rebuild her jaw with a bone graft and she cannot have any type of dried foods. Sharon assured me, however, that RR is doing very well and is quite the trouper about the whole ordeal. (Down the road it looks like she’ll maybe need one more tooth removed.) Sharon also talked about how it was “worth it” as she is such a well-deserving dog. These Ratties are tough buggers sometimes!
RR does have some separation anxiety from time to time. Again, it isn’t an “issue,” just more of a behavioral observation.  

With the wet weather there in Washington, Sharon tries to get the dogs out, but if it’s too cold and rainy, well, they aren’t thrilled to go. (Living in Minnesota, I can appreciate that.) They have no problems with accidents ...

Enlarge photo 23

Wow, it's been about two month that we've had Abby.  In many ways it seems like we've always had her.  It's so fun to see her twinkling eyes.  She's such a happy little girl and makes Hank such a happy boy.  Having someone to play with has made him much calmer.  All three dogs sleep under covers and Hank is the first to pop out in the morning.  He goes over to Tricia's side to wait for Abby to emerge.  Once she does he rushes in to give her a "hug".

She went on a trip to Texas with us and was the perfect traveler.  She liked playing in the big yard there at the farm.

She's pretty good when we trim her nails.  She learned to sit and wait on her food (only a few seconds right now :-) ) and she's getting better.  On a trip to the vet she went over to another dog and made friends with her.  She's good on walks but she and Hank are still learning to not bark at other d...

Enlarge photo 24

We changed our girl’s name from Joy to Luba. She is doing great! She also answers to Girlie Girl!
She loves walks around the park near our home. She has two special buddies she now looks for on the way – Bristol and Killian – a couple of male Irish Setters. She’s always excited to see them, but can’t help but give them a little growl if they get a little too personal.
She’s been through two sessions of PetSmart obedience training and was teacher’s pet in both. She’s house broken and uses a doggie door to go outside when she needs to.
She eats Kirkland dog food with pumpkin mixed in. She loves it! We don’t give her much beyond that except milk bones because it tends to constipate her.
Here’s a picture of her bird watching with us. I think it’s calendar-worthy myself! I sent this to Noreen right after we took it!
Maureen Feaster

Enlarge photo 25

“Lexi” is doing great. She had a couple bouts of some mysterious illness; stumped the vet but she has made a complete recovery.
She has a spunky personality and the picture shows how she really feels about having her picture taken…lol. He is doing great and gets along with everyone. She and my Chihuahua walk on tandem leash 3 miles a day with me and Lexi LOVES to ride in the car.

Enlarge photo 26

I would like to say that adopting Angie has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. My wife and I have often wondered just what Angie must have gone through in her short life to make her so afraid, but now we know she will have a family that loves her for the rest of her days. We are so thankful that NR rescued this gentle little soul, and we were given the chance to give her a forever home. It wouldn't be the same around here with out her. We all love her VERY much!

Thank you for the work you do to save these little lives.

Kevin & Cassies Wence

Enlarge photo 27
Photo: Stella and Nadine

Hi--Stella is doing great! We don't know what we did without her. She had us trained before we knew what happened.

Chuck and Nadine Carbert

Enlarge photo 28

Yes, still have LuLu.  We kept her name the same.  She came from Kim and Donovan, with whom we've stayed in close contact following her adoption.  Nathan and I became NR foster parents in February, thanks to encouragement from Kim and Donovan, and our first foster dog (Milo from IN) will arrive this week!  We send Kim photo emails every so often to update LuLu’s progress.  She has adjusted well to our Iowa winters and now we are into spring.  She enjoys walks through our new seeding fields and going for fourwheeler rides.  We have kept her on her diet as prescribed by Kim and in January she was down to just over 13 pounds – a little more to go, but it is coming.  She is doing well and gets along with her Rattie sister Suzie, who is also adopted (from a MN shelter), and hanging out with Dora, our huge Lab X, who was dumped at our farm several years ago. Our house cat, Orange, does not care for her so much, so they ignore each ...

Enlarge photo 29

Priscilla is now called BeBe.  She is doing fabulous.  We adore her.  I've attached a couple of pictures of her and her brother Briz.  She has gotten much healthier since we got her. She put on a little weight and has toned up. Her and her brother play together every day while mom and dad are at work.  When we get home we walk them or run them outside in the grass then we all sleep together in our king size bed.  She is tenacious and happy and is given the princess treatment daily.  We let the dogs own us not the other way around!
We are very happy with her and she has made our family complete.

Enlarge photo 30

Hampton is doing great! I recently moved into a house in Decatur and he's absolutely loving having more space to run about. He's really come out of his shell since I've had him. He loves going for long walks and (knock on wood) is the pinnacle of good health. He and Winston (my little Boston Terrier) get along wonderfully. They really have an amazing relationship with one another. They play together often and snuggle up with one another when they're done. Very cute. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my little baby.


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I just like the valuable info you provide on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check once more right here regularly. I'm rather certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!
Marilyn, Sat, 10 Nov 2012 4:03AM
Mattie is a very lucky girl to have Pam for her new Mom!   Pam cares for her "babies" better than many people care for their human babies.   Glad that Mattie joined our family.
Cousin Connie
Connie King, Mon, 26 Jan 2009 3:05PM
Our extended family enjoyed having Mattie, Hunter, & Pam visit for Christams.  We took lots of pictures for an album, and all enjoyed our "granddoggers"!
Shirley A. DeLozier, Mon, 26 Jan 2009 11:22AM
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