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Zhorbit is 1 12 year old, 17 lb female purebred rat terrier with beautiful chocolate tuxedo coloring.  For more information, email her foster mom.   

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This is Zhorbit.  She is looking for her forever home.

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She is a 12-year-old purebred rat terrier who weighs 17 lbs.

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Zhorbit gets along great with her foster brother, who is a somewhat submissive neutered male.

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She has proven that she can also get along just fine with a variety of dogs, big and small.

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This picture was taken at a dog event where she was off-leash in a fenced field with about 50 other dogs (most of them rat terriers).

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Zhorbit successfully completed a beginning obedience class.  Here she is demonstrating her pretty "Sit" as she waits patiently for her reward.

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Isn't her chocolate tuxedo coloring stunning?  She is a beautiful girl!

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That sun is bright!

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Check out those long legs!

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Here she is intently keeping an eye on a family member.  She bonds to her people and likes to be close by them at all times.

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Zhorbit loves her foster daddy, who was her mailman prior to coming into foster care.  She has known him since she was a little puppy.

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Zhorbit is afraid of some new things, but she has grown to enjoy summer rides on the pontoon boat.

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This is a video of Zhorbit riding on the boat (sorry you have to turn your head sideways - Z's mom is just learning how to take movies with her smartphone!).  Zhorbit's 'brother' has a high prey drive and is looking for squirrels.  She is helping him, but she doesn't really care much about critters.

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She's a little unsure of being picked up, but will allow it if done slowly and gently.  Belly rubs are a favorite too.

Enlarge photo 17
All this fresh air is making her tired!

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Zhorbit has just one tiny patch of white on her chest that you can barely see in this picture.  Her fur is short and thin (especially on her tummy) and she doesn't shed much at all.

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See the ducks in the water?  They have to be scared away!

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Zhorbit is looking for a household that will be patient as she works through some lingering fear issues and will love her unconditionally.  She'll give back so much in return!

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Enjoy this movie of Zhorbit in her Advanced Skills class.

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Sleepy girl.  She likes to rest on pillows.

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Jamboree 2015.

Enlarge photo 32
Jamboree 2015, agility course.

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Zhorbit has taken an "Agility Builds Confidence" class.  She's great at jumping!

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Over she goes!

Enlarge photo 35
Synchronized jumping!

Enlarge photo 36
Not fond of the little pesky puppy....

Enlarge photo 37
Such a beautiful dog.  :-)

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Is it time to eat yet?

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Silly girl!  It's a pleasure to see her relax.

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I adopted my first Ratty from NR in 2010.  I remember Zorbit was for adoption then with all her baggage.  And I remember she was adopted and returned.  Although she is still among the available dogs, I suspect she (and you) feel she has already found her furever home.  I so admire you who foster, the love and care these dogs find with you is so heartwarming.  You are a miracle worker.
Arlene Barnhart, Tue, 13 Nov 2018 9:43AM
She is a beauty. Love her brown coco color. I am that willing party to get her out of that shell she is in. I am putting her in my adoptable list.
Tammy Fitzpatrick | Rat Terrier Rescue, Fri, 28 Oct 2016 6:15PM
Zhorbit looks AWESOME! Wish TN was an option for her!
Mary, Mon, 2 Jun 2014 12:16PM
What a sweet girl!! I hope she finds the perfect place, she will be a blessing
Levi, Tue, 31 Dec 2013 2:45PM
What an impressive dog! I had a Jack Russell terrier who was such a love that passed away several years ago. Zhorbit, I am thinking of you.
Karen, Thu, 18 Apr 2013 10:18PM
What a beautiful girl. You guys have done a great job with her!  Thanks for taking such good care of her!
Terri, Thu, 4 Apr 2013 7:01AM
What a beautiful baby!  My rat terrier turns 6 on October 31st.  I've been told they (Rat Terriers) do incredibly well with another and have been looking for some time.  I so wish I could bring her into my home but of late my ex has not been consistent with child support and my daughters college tuition went up 5,000 this year.  Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your pics and story about this sweetie and hope she finds a forever home soon.  Good Luck and give this girl a belly rub from us.
Mina, Sat, 1 Oct 2011 8:07PM
what soulfull eyes you have.  I have adopted two rescue dogs over the last several months a chihuahua and rat terrier/chihuahua mix.  I would like to get another female and am interested in you.
john kraklau, Sun, 3 Jul 2011 12:34AM
Zorbit, what a beautiful girl you are.  I hope you find your furever home very soon, you will be so happy to have a forever family.
Barbara Gray, Wed, 30 Mar 2011 2:59AM
What an enchanting little girl !!!!
She is sweet but exotic looking.
Barbara Hill, Thu, 9 Sep 2010 10:54AM
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