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Franklin is about 15 lbs. of gentlemanly grace and is around 8 yrs. old. He has excellent house manners and can live with other calm dogs or even as an only dog. For more info or to apply to adopt, please go to
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Playing with a visiting ACD puppy.

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"Why, yes, I am quite handsome. I'm highly intelligent, too. A doggie genius, really. I pick up on subtle human body language like an eerily brilliant wizard."

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Franklin loves to roll on the bed, especially when he's rolling around with a soft toy.

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Soft squeaky toys! Fun!

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"Hey! How 'bout a game of tug?"

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One of Franklin's jobs is that of rose-guarder. He checks the yard perimeter for rose-eating deer and tells them to leave immediately. He's the only dog in his foster home the deer take seriously.

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Franklin is a thinker. He can be a fun guy and also a serious observer. He is remarkably considerate and mature for a terrier.

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Franklin is a fun walking buddy. He has great skills on a harness.

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"A bow tie for my tuxedo. Okay. I'll play along if it makes you happy."

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A good perch to check on the next-door neighbors. Franklin watches without barking unless something unusual occurs.

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Exploring the trails is Franklin's favorite way to spend an afternoon.

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Franklin explores all around the water, but never in it. He likes to keep his dapper self dry!

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Frankie the clown!

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He's a sweet beauty.  I hope you find your forever home.  I am meeting Fetch from Va.  He is 8 yrs too.
laurie lazar, Tue, 22 Aug 2017 5:47PM
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