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Charlie is a 1 year old athletic boy with a lot of personality and love to give.  He enjoys snuggling and playing with his humans, training, and wrestling with the dog savvy cat in his foster home.  For more info or to apply to adopt, please go
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Enlarge photo 1
Hi! I'm Charlie. How you doing?
"Hello Charlie! Looking for a Rat Te..."
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Enlarge photo 2
I'm a very handsome young rat terrier boy.
"Yes you are a very handsome young ra..."
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Enlarge photo 3
Here I am hanging out in the yard at my foster home.  I have to have a leash or long line when I am out because I can jump the 4' fence like it's nothing!
"Fenced yard with a 6 ft woos fence"
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Enlarge photo 4
At 20lbs I am quite a looker.
"Love the short tail"
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Enlarge photo 5
I love to chase toys like frisbees or balls - but I'm still learning to bring them back each time.

Enlarge photo 6
Here I am checking out the toy box at my foster home. I like toys.

Enlarge photo 7
I get bored really easily so if I don't have a fun toy to play with I will try to find other things to do.  This cardboard looks like it might be fun!

Enlarge photo 8
On this day I decided to help my foster mom clean under the sink - looks pretty cleared out!

Enlarge photo 9
This is my foster sister Echo.
"Is you foster sister available too"
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Enlarge photo 10
She helps me learn new things.  Here we are practicing our sit commands.

Enlarge photo 11
This is our pal Tango.  He is good at sitting too!

Enlarge photo 12
When we are inside we all like to cuddle up and nap.

Enlarge photo 13
I especially like to cuddle up with my foster mom.  She's my favorite.
"Love to cuddle up with you too"
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Enlarge photo 14
Lap time is the best time.

Enlarge photo 15
We all like to snuggle in my foster home.  Do you like to snuggle?

Enlarge photo 16
Ahhhh!  See that cat in the background? That's my pal Derby.

Enlarge photo 17
We are best buds.

Enlarge photo 18
We nap together.

Enlarge photo 19
and just hang out. Sometimes we wrestle.

Enlarge photo 20
We even share toys sometimes.

Enlarge photo 21
He's almost as big as I am and we are the same age so we have fun.

Enlarge photo 22
Ok, time to get some snuggling done with my pals.  See ya!

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